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Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to our Year 6 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 6 staff:

Miss V Harrison – Teacher

Miss Grotz – Teaching Assistant

Friday 14th June 2019

Head Teacher’s Award: Adam
Core Value Award: Lilly

This week, Year 6 have continued to WOW me with their amazing writing and their determination to continue working extremely hard.

We have taken part in lots of exciting things this week like: Yoga, LAF and Smoothie Bike. We have been learning about why it is important to lead a healthy life-style and to make the right choices when it comes to our health. See pictures below:

Friday 7th June 2019

Head Teacher’s Award: Jamie
Core Value Award: Ella

Recently, Year 6 have been working super hard towards their SATs and they really have amazed me with their resilience and determination to want to do their best. 

This week, we have been writing a narrative based on the video game Temple Run and their stories have been a pleasure to read. They have wowed me with their ideas and their consistent use of varied punctuation. 

For their end of year BIG trip, the children have decided that they would like to go to Lightwater Valley. They are developing fundraising activities for the school Summer Fair in order to raise money towards transport and admin costs into the park….



Another busy day full of amazing activities. We completed abseiling, nightline (all of the teachers soaked us), nature walk and team games. On the night we had a camp fire where we sang songs, told jokes and riddles followed by a delicious, warm hot chocolate.

Before we leave, we will be going into the woods to do some problem solving and environmental art. Followed by lunch and then we depart back to Fatfield!  

We have all had the best time ever and we will see you all tomorrow …. 

Miss Pickup will send a text when we are leaving to school and if we are running late we will keep school updated. 


What another fantastic day! We had the BEST night sleep as we were all so tired. We have had the pleasure of the 3G swing, zip wire, buggy build, fencing, bottle rockets and crate stack. Mrs Pizl and Miss Scriven joined us for tea. It was Italian night for dinner and now we are partying it up at our disco! 

Here are some more amazing memories that we have made… 


Blog by the Year 6 girls:

What an adventurous day we have had! Here are some of the things that we have been up to today: leap of faith, shelter building, Jacob’s ladder, fire lighting, laser quest, obstacle course and fencing.

We also visited the shop and bought a few souvenirs. Tonight, we played ‘hot spots’ which is a huge game of twister.

It is 9.30pm and we are all tucked up in bed ready for a good nights sleep. We are looking forward to all the adventures that await for us tomorrow!


We have settled nicely into our dorms and having lots of fun! As soon as we got here, we had to make our beds and our teachers had a right laugh! Some of us got stuck inside the duvets. After that, we went to play some games on the grass with our host Kieran! We went into the hall to do some climbing – it was great fun! 

There is a large lunch menu with lots of choice. At 9PM we played mini olympics and had hot chocolate.  Here are some photos so far…

Friday 8th March 2019

Head Teacher’s Award: Warren
Core Value Award: Nathan
Mathlete of the Week: Holly

Well done to all of you!

We have celebrated World Book Day this week, and the children have produced some AMAZING narrative endings. Chris Bostock came into school to tell us a story. He left the story on a cliffhanger and it was our task to write the ending for it. Our writing is up on display around school.

We have also been doing some revision for SATs this week. The children should all be very proud of themselves because they have all made great improvements from the last lot of assessments, which just proves how hard they have all been working this year. Well done Year 6!

Friday 1st February 2019

Head Teacher’s Award: Darcey
Core Value Award: Holly
Mathlete of the Week: Holly

Well done to all of you!

This week, we have been consolidating our understanding of fractions in maths; writing amazing non-linear narratives in English and making trenches in DT. Check out some of our pictures…

In PE, we have been continuing with gymnastics. This week, we got the apparatus out to practice our sequences/ balances on. We all did really well and some of us really impress Miss Harrison by conquering our fear of heights.

Friday 25th January 2019

Head Teacher’s Award: Holly
Core Value Award: Sam
Mathlete of the Week: Pear Wa
Well done to all of you!

This week, 4 of the Year 6 girls attended the swimming gala and really made the school proud with their efforts and maturity.

In English, we learned how to use a semi-colon in a descriptive list and compared fractions in maths.

Friday 11 January 2019

Head Teacher’s Award:
Core Value Award: Violet
Mathlete of the Week: Adam
Well done to all of you!

Welcome back after Christmas! It sounds like all of the children have had a lovely time!

We are excited to continue with our World War One topic this term. This topic has brought out great enthusiasm in the children, which has been lovely to see!

This week, we have received our leaver’s hoodies and we are all very excited to be wearing them.

Friday 7th December 2018

Head Teacher’s Award: Amrit
Core Value Award: Jamie
Mathlete of the Week: Holly
Well done to all of you!

This week, we have been working hard to master different division strategies in Maths; this has involved developing our resilience and perseverance.

In PE, we have been practising our hockey skills and have been developing tactics in order to control the puck. There was a lot of us in the hall and we were all able to work safely and sensibly to achieve this skill.

In topic, we have been creating our own ‘Horrible Histories Comic Strip’ in line with Terry Deary’s style. Some of them are very entertaining!

We also went on a trip to Victoria Tunnel, which was amazing! See photos below:

Friday 16th November 2018

Head Teacher’s Award: Rohan
Core Value Award: Jamie
Mathlete of the Week: Lewis
Well done to all of you!

Today, children have dressed up in spots/ pyjamas in order to raise money Children in Need. They all look great and have gone to lots of effort!

This week, we have been working on writing a formal non-chronological report in English; we have worked really hard to build up our skills and Miss Harrison is very impressed with our final piece of writing.

In topic, we have been using the BBC Schools website to research The Great War. We have found out some really interesting information to add to our English report.

In Maths, we have been refining our column addition/ subtraction skills in order to build on these skills next week…

Year 6 have also enjoyed watching a pantomime – ‘The Wizard of Oz’ They all came back into class singing 🙂

Friday 9th November 2018

Head Teacher’s Award: Caleb
Core Value Award: Aidan
Mathlete of the Week: Alisha
Well done to all of you!

This week, we have begun our World War One topic. We are all really excited about this topic! We have generated questions, researched how the war started, investigated recruitment posters and visited the Bridge in Fatfield to see the poppies and cenotaph. We each chose a local soldier, who lost their life during WW1 and made a poppy for them, which is now displayed in school.

Friday 2nd November 2018

Head Teacher’s Award: Violet
Core Value Award: Natasha
Mathlete of the Week: Darcey
Well done to all of you!

We have been celebrating Halloween this week with our Halloween Day. We all came in dressed up and all looked super scary! We did: Halloween maths and competitions. We also had a mini Halloween party!

We have started investigating circuits in Science and we are beginning to understand how to draw our own…

Year 6 have also been busy practising some SAT style questions. It has been a tough week but we have worked extremely hard and we are looking forward to future challenges.

Friday 19th October 2018

Head Teacher’s Award: Jamie
Core Value Award: Violet
Mathlete of the Week: Millie
Well done to all of you!

This week, we have been working on rounding numbers to 10,000,000. We found this tricky to begin with but now we are experts! We have completed some we really challenging problems and some of us have even had a go at writing their own! In English, we have been developing characterization through speech. I have to say that all of the children have worked really hard on this and have really impressed me!

As a class, we have achieved 36 Mathletics certificates this week! You are all brilliant!

In Science, we completed a micro-organism experiment as part of our Darwin topic. We were trying to find out if wheat produced more Carbon Dioxide with the more sugar it had. We found this to be true and recorded our results in a table and line graph. Please see some pictures from our experiment below:

Year 6 have also won the attendance award this week and therefore, will receive extra playtime on Monday. Keep it up!

Friday 12th October 2018

Head Teacher’s Award: Lily
Core Value Award: Jenna
Mathlete of the Week: Sam
Well done to all of you!

In Maths, we have been investigating angles of a straight line and triangle. We have also been using a protractor to draw different types of triangles, which was challenging but we were very proud of ourselves when we did it!

During P.E, we have been practicing our Tag Rugby skills and each week we are improving. See some pictures below:

Friday 5th October 2018

Head Teacher’s Award: Delta
Core Value Award: Alisha
Mathlete of the Week: Sam
Well done to all of you!

This week, Year 6 have been writing newspaper reports in English, learning prime numbers and problem solving with them in Maths and using maps in Geography. We also found some time to give Jeoffrey a bath! See below:

Friday 28th September 2018

Mathlete of the Week : Charlotte

Great work!

This week, we have been doing some amazing journal entries! Year 6 really have risen to the challenges of this year group and are making everyone so proud of them. See some example of these below:

In Maths, we have been recapping multiples, factors and will be learning about prime numbers next week.

We have been classifying animals in Science and we are now moving on to classifying plants using a classification key.

Keep up the good work Year 6!

Friday 21st September 2018

Head Teacher’s Award: Sophie

Core Value Award: Holly

Mathlete of the Week: Holly

Well done to all of you!

So far, we have all settled into Year 6 really well. We have established our class rules and we have transformed our classroom so that it reflects our topic of ‘Darwin’s Discovery Channel’.

We have completed homework projects to get our topic started and they are amazing! We have been really creative! Some of us baked tortoise cakes, some created canvas pictures, some did a PowerPoint presentation, some did big posters and much more!

See some pictures below: