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Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome to our Year 5 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 5 staff:

Miss Scriven – Teacher (Monday and Tuesday)

Mrs Olver – Teacher (Wednesday – Friday)

Mrs Hughes – Teaching Assistant


Well the sun is shining and it looks like summer has finally arrived! Year 5 have been finishing their Victorian topic and we have loved every minute. This week, the children have been looking at Victorian inventions and how they have shaped our lives today. In groups, the children were given a Victorian invention and asked to create a pitch to promote their product on Dragons Den. The dragons, who took their role very seriously,  were given their pot of cash and asked to invest in their favourite invention. We have also create Victorian style posters to sell our inventions to the public. 

We have also started work this week on our exciting KS2 summer performance Sherlock and Cinders: The game is afoot! Children have been given their roles and rehearsals have already begun for the orchestra and choir. 

Congratulations this week to:

Ethan for an excellent Dragon’s Den pitch.

Isla Terry for winning this weeks core value: Considerate.


Another busy week for year 5! This week we have written some amazing Victorian stories for our class book ‘Street Child’.  The children have been using dialogue to show the reader their range of characters and tell very exciting escape stories. 

In art this week, year 5 have been looking at the Cubist and Surrealist artist Paul Klee and attempting their very own design. The children had the opportunity to practice mixing watercolours and developing various shades. 

Congratulations this week to:

Lydia for winning the headteacher’s award for fabulous fronted adverbials.

Declan for winning the core value vote for unique.


Well it has been well being week here at Fatfield Academy. Year 5 have been participating in workshops looking at balance diets, the amount of hidden sugars in some of our food and the effects it has on the body. We discovered that there were 18 large teaspoons of sugar in one can of  cola and a chocolate bar! 

We were also very lucky to have a visit from a yoga instructor this week. The children were shown how to keep fit and flexible and how to relax the mind and body. Even the teacher were given a well deserved yoga session after the children went home. 

As our Victorian topic was coming to an end, we were very excited to put on our year 5 class play this week. The children dressed in Victorian clothes and show the rest of the school and parents how difficult life was for children in the Victorian era. We decided that as much as we complain about having to go to school, we’d much rather it was in this day and age. 

Congratulations to:

Matthew for winning the head teacher’s award with a fabulous balanced discussion.

Raj for winning the core value vote: respectful



A very exciting week in year 5. We have continued our Victorian topic by creating newspaper reports on famous Victorians, looking at what they achieved and how we still use many of the inventions and laws today. On Friday went on our fantastic trip to Beamish open-air museum. The children had no idea they were to become detectives for the day and solve a real life Victorian murder case. The children were met by a police officer and shown the crime scene. They then needed to interview people in the Victorian town to establish who the victim and murderer were. It stayed bright and sunny and we all had a brilliant time!

Congratulation to:

Molly for winning the head teachers award for being helpful.

Libby for winning the core value: Responsible. 



What a busy half term we have had in year 5! We have packed so much into such a short space of time. This week we have had a visit from two financial advisers from Santander to talk to the class about being responsible with money. We have looked at saving accounts and identified the difference between item of necessity and luxury when making a purchase. The children had the opportunity to design their own bank logos. They were all fantastic but only two were finally chosen and will be displayed at the Sunderland Santander branch on their community board. Well done Taiven and Charley.

We have continued out Victorian topic in year 5, looking at famous people from the era such as Dr Barnardo and Alexander Graham bell and produced super posters and newspaper reports. We have written fantastic formal discussions on whether the workhouses should be closed and made our very own gruel for the class to try. It was an acquired taste. We even celebrated Queen Victoria’s 200th birthday today!!

Congratulations to:

Lily for the headteacher’s award for super effort in English.

Libby for winning the class vote for being the most responsible pupil. 


Another busy week in year 5! This week we have started our new English topic; instructions. The children will be writing a set of detailed instructions on how to make a woodland shelter, which links into our class book ‘Running Wild’. On Wednesday the child had a fabulous day analysing and evaluating instructions for the game snakes and ladders.

This week we have also had a visit from the NSPCC to talk to the children about keeping themselves safe and recognising various forms of abuse. The children found this very informative.

Congratulation to:

Summer for winning the headteacher’s award

Matthew for winning the class vote


Can’t believe it’s February already! This week, year 5 have been continuing their work on Fairtrade and we have been looking at the Brazil nut, which we found is not a nut or from Brazil! The children explored where these are grown and how they are harvested. We discovered that the Brazil nut tree can grow up to 50m and has a circumference of 16.5m. We decided to measure this on the playground and used string to calculate the width of the trunk. We could not believe the size of these trees. We continued our work by writing some fantastic persuasive letters to Tesco to encourage them to sell more Fairtrade products in their stores.

Congratulations to:

George for winning the headteacher’s award for an excellent letter.

Lily for winning the core value ‘proud’.


This week has been another jam packed week for year 5 . The children have continued with their Rainforest topic and have been looking into Fairtrade and why it is so important for people in countries, which provide essentials such as fruit, coffee but in particular…CHOCOLATE to be paid a living  wage! The children were asked to guess how much profit from the sale of a banana went to each provider in the chain, from banana picker to your local supermarket. They were horrified to find that the majority of the money went to the rich and very little went to the poor pickers and harvesters.

On Thursday we had a special visit from Samson. The cat mascot from the Stadium of Light, who came to visit us during assembly to promote family learning in the area.

Congratulations to:

Jack for winning the headteacher’s award

Taiven for winning the core value vote: Unique


Welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. This week we started our new topic ‘I’m an Amazonian get me out of here!’ and started transforming our classroom. In this topic we will be looking at the Amazon river, its surroundings and exploring some of the wonderful creatures that live there. In English, we have started our class book ‘The Great Kapok Tree’, which is a dilemma story about the forest. We will be looking at the effects of deforestation and writing persuasive letters to logging companies voicing our concerns.

On Thursday, we also had a special visit from our attendance mascot in assembly as our 100% attendance certificates were handed out.

Congratulations to:

Head teacher’s award: Nathan

Core value: Lily


Christmas is approaching fast and everyone is starting to get very excited for the big day. Year 5 have been finishing off their ‘destination space’ topic and have produced some amazing cosmonaut passports and have written their own space suspense stories. This week we have been super excited excited for the Autumn term trip to the Centre for Life. The children took part in a destination space workshop, looked at air pressure and worked out how much wee an astronaut’s spacesuit could hold. Uurghh! We loved travelling through space at the planetarium and tried to lift objects with a robotic arm. The trip was finished off with a chance to go ice skating (not space related but extremely fun). We had the best day ever!

Congratulation to:

Neve for winning the head teacher’s award for a fantastic attitude towards her work.

George for winning the core value ‘Proud’.


The countdown to Christmas is on! This week year 5 have been really busy preparing for the Christmas Fair. We have made some amazing pine cone pets and some delicious festive jam. The children really enjoyed the learning how to sterilize jars, prepare the fruit and make a jam from scratch. We had a sneaky taste before we put it into the jars and it was really tasty.

Some of the children this week have also been out of school to visit Durham cathedral with the choir and our play leaders visited Biddick Sports Academy to take part in the change for life training. Showing the children how to stay fit and healthy with a balanced diet and regular exercise. The children had a fabulous time.

Congratulations this week to:

Declan for winning the headteacher’s award

Mia for winning the core value.


Lots going on this week in year 5! This week has been Anti-Bullying week and we have had lots of class discussions and lessons on the different types of bullying and how we should treat one another with kindness and respect. The children had the opportunity to work together and create a fantastic display for main entrance of the school.

We also had Children in Need this week! Both children and staff came to school in their pajamas to raise as much money as they could for the charity. During assembly, the children were thrilled to received a lovely visit form Pudsey bear himself.

We have also continued with our space topic this week understanding why we have night and day and why we need timezone. Thank you to the lovely Raj for making us some star shaped cookies for the class to enjoy.

Congratulation to:

Charlie for receiving the headteacher’s award for independent writing.

Libby for winning the core value unique, voted for by the class.


This week in year 5 we have been continuing our topic ‘Destination Space’. The children received a mysterious NASA space package including: photographs, a book from Chris Hadfield (astronaut), rocks from the Moon and a cast of the footprint from the Moon’s surface. The children were delighted to read his letter and we will be replying to him soon. We have also been learning about the size of the Earth, Sun and Moon in relation to each other. We found that the Moon (which is the smallest) has a diameter of 3,474 km. The children were unsure how big this was so we took the trundle wheels outside to measure how far 1 km was. We gave up after 300 meters as we realised it was going to take far too long.

The children also had an opportunity this week to make poppies for remembrance Sunday. Each child made their very own poppy and added it to our school display to commemorate the 100 years since the end of the First World War.

Congratulations to:

George for winning the head teacher’s award for 100% effort in English.

Ethan for winning the class core value vote for respectful.


Wow, what a first week back we have had!  On Wednesday we held our first ‘Halloween Day’ at Fatfield Academy. Year 5 had a fabulous time, watching a spooky film (in the dark), creating pumpkin pictures, making delicious mummy biscuits and playing Halloween games in the hall. The children all looked amazing in their costumes and even the grumpy teachers dressed up for a day of terrifying fun.

This week year 5 have also started their new exciting topic of ‘Earth and Space’ and we are all excited to discover new facts and start our journey through the solar system.

Congratulations to:

Lydia for winning the headteacher’s award for excellent effort in Maths.

Emily for winning the core value vote, respectful.


This week in year 5 we have been continuing our topic ‘The Ancient Greeks’. For their homework projects, several children have brought in some delicious Greek food for us all to try. Nathan brought some tasty meatballs and pitta, Emily made some almond and lemon Sparta biscuits and Lydia made homemade tzatziki with a whole bulb of garlic in it and the classroom still stinks! In English we have been focusing on character and setting descriptions and have started writing our own Greek inspired stories. We nearly had a new class member this week with the arrival of ‘Harry’ the hedgehog but we decided just to feed him and let him go back to sleep.

Congratulations to:

Nathan for winning the headteachers award for adding suspense and tension into his written work.

Emily for being voted the most responsible class member in our core vote.

A super week, well done year 5.

Friday 5.10.18

During topic this week, the children have been learning about the battle of Marathon and why we still have a 26 mile race called a marathon today. We discussed the tactics the Greeks used to beat the Persian army and acted out these formations in the hall. We have written in-depth recounts of the battle using some of the skills we have been learning in English. In DT we have finally finished designing our Trojan horse inspired money box, and have started to construct this using either wood or clay. Lots of fun.

Congratulations to:

Taiven for receiving the head teachers award for being a fantastic role model to some of our younger children.

Jack for being voted the most unique class member.

Friday 28.9.18

Such a busy week in year 5. The children have been bringing their Greek inspired projects into school and they are fabulous. Such a talented bunch! We have had swords, shields, helmets, baklava (sweet Greek dessert pastry) and a labyrinth. We have continued with our one mile daily run, written a newspaper report in English and conducted experiments to test friction in science. To complete the week we raised over £400 for our Macmillan coffee morning. Phew!

Friday 21.9.18

Another fantastic week in year 5! We have been really lucky to have Bikeability in school this week. The children have been out and about on their bikes, learning road safety and how to signal correctly when on the roads. We have also continued with our class topic ‘The Ancient Greeks’, learning about English words with Greek origins, looking at ancient Greek weapons and planning and designing our Trojan horse money boxes in Design and Technology. This week also saw the start of our ‘mile a day’ challenge, where the children were asked to either run or walk for one mile. This was much more difficult than the children expected.

Congratulations to:

Charlotte for receiving the head teachers award for 100% effort in her work.

Isla for receiving the class vote as the most supportive pupil.

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