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Year 5 – Archived Sept 2021

Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome to our Year 5 page. Here you will find important information about our class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 5 staff:

Miss Harrison – Class Teacher

Miss Brown – Teaching Assistant

Miss Burney – Teaching Assistant

Friday 28th May 2021

What a lovely week Year 5 have had! We have completed our text – Matilda – in Guided Reading. The children have really enjoyed it and the children have provided some really high-quality outcomes, which is great!

We had a Victorian Day on Thursday, where we studied Queen Victoria. We completed timelines, studied her life, played games and dressed up. See photos below.

Friday 21st May 2021

Year 5 have been working really hard this week. In Maths, we have been practising multiplying/ dividing whole numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. In English, we have been writing instructions for different audiences.

In Music, we have been exploring old-school hip-hop – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Friday 14th May 2021

This week, we have been really busy in Year 5.

Reading Plus awards this week: Brandon, Shay, Isaac, Niamh, Joseph, Flynn, Jack, Bailey, Greer, Cora – well done!

Head teacher award: Niamh – for excellent progress on Reading Plus

In Science, we explored separating mixtures and reviewed our understanding of materials and their properties. See photos below.

In Maths, we have been doing lots of work around decimals – their place value, adding/ subtracting them and scaling them within context. It was pretty tricky but we were really resilient.

Friday 7th May 2021

It has been absolutely lovely to get to know Year 5 over the past few months. What a fun, lovely and exhausting class they are! 🙂

Reading Plus awards this week: Gracie, Lauren, Lexi, Lewis G, Harry – well done guys!

Head teacher award: Bailey – for making amazing progress on Reading Plus!

Reminders – PE is on a Wednesday – please ensure that your child comes to school with something suitable for both indoor and outdoor PE. Weekly homework and spellings can be accessed through Showbie. Children will also have a home-reader, which should be read as often as possible; they also have access to Reading Plus; and Times Tables Rockstars as additional homework. Doing each of things for a short period of time each week, will really accelerate your child’s progress.

This week, we have completed LOTS of Food Technology – ‘Global food’. Year 5 tasted food from around the globe: pak choi, chillies, salami, coconut, mango plus much more! At first, some of us were reluctant but as the week went on, we all tasted food that we weren’t sure of and sometimes, we were surprised that we really liked the taste. We cooked a Mexican dish (quesadillas, guacamole and salsa) and a Chinese dish (spring rolls). See photos below…

I look forward to the rest of the exciting activities we have planned for the rest of the year 🙂 Miss Harrison

Below are details for the bookfair:


Good morning Year 5,

Home learning is well underway now. I am keeping a register of what activities are completed by the children. Please ensure your child is accessing all the work set as it is very important. If your child is struggling, please contact via your child’s Showbie account or email the school which will be forwarded to me.

A huge well done to those children that have been accessing Showbie regularly and completing the tasks. I am very proud of you – give yourself a pat on the back!

A special mention to Lexi for receiving an award on reading plus. Here is your certificate:

Keep shining Year 5 – miss you all. Take care and stay safe!

Mrs Young



Here is a little clip to get you all into the Christmas Spirit. A huge well done to our solo singers – Greer, Amelia, Sophie and Joseph.

Yaer 5 Christmas Song – Merry Christmas Everyone!

We have had a FULL week of fun and our Christmas spirit has been lifted! We have made Christmas Cards, Calendars and Christmas Crafts. These will be going home today for you all to see exactly what we’ve been up to.

Our forest converted into a Winter Wonderland – here are some photos whilst we were in having the times of our lives and we even got to meet SANTA. Thanks for all the secret Santas – the kids were so HAPPY! Here are some photos from our visit:

If you can either send a letter home or put it on your blog. Write something like:

As we are unable to have a Christmas fayre this year the children have made a Christmas craft which you may like to purchase. Year 5 have made decoupage bottles. You can purchase your child’s craft for £2. Here is a picture of our craft:

Have a lovely weekend Year 5!



Well what a busy week!

Incase you did not receive the letter. I am expecting my first baby in April which is such exciting news (the children are currently having a debate about what to call her!!)

In maths, we have been multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. Within English, we have been starting to plan and write a Sci-Fi story.

We made moon phases in science with OREOS!!!!! Mrs Young even let us eat some of them it was such a delicious lesson. Here are some pictures:

Here are some of our final pieces for DT. Prepare to be blown away:

A huge well done to Isaac for the headteacher’s award. His writing is beyond amazing and he is super creative.

Well done to Grace, Liam and Isaac for their reading plus awards.


Here is a parent guide to understand our new programme, SHOWBIE:

Please let me know if you are having any issues accessing it or you have still not received your child’s log in details as ALL children should have unless they were absent.


Thank you to all the children that have completed their homework on SHOWBIE. You are all doing a fantastic job. I know from listening to the children in Showbie Lessons that they are loving are new, creative program.

Yesterday and today, we have dropped down all subjects and completed two full days of DT. We are in the process of designing and making automata animals. Here are some pictures:

We explored different automata animals.
We made our own mechanical systems making our own cam.

In PE, we had coaches in again and this week, we were playing dodgeball with a twist of bowling. It was SO much fun!

In PSHE, we had to think about our school and write a song for it. Here it is:

(Ask us to sing it when we get home!)

A massive well done to Brandon for achieving Headteacher’s Award for a huge improvement in his behaviour at school. You really are shining brightly! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Young



PE again next week will be on Tuesday. PLEASE come in your kit!


We have now got an amazing new online resource called SHOWBIE. We have spent yesterday afternoon in the computer suite training the children how to use it. ALL homework will now be set on Showbie alongside spellings. It will not be displayed on here! The children will hopefully show you how to use the program. You should have received your child’s log ins today alongside a letter which will support yourself as a parent how to use it. We are trialling it out this month so please do contact myself if you are having any issues with it.

We had a PE coach in this week and played some fab games! It was so much fun and we are looking forward to seeing them again next week.

A huge well done to Jacob this week for Headteacher’s Award for always trying his best.

Well done to Lexi, Grace, Aiden, Amelia, Flynn, Katie, Hana, Charlie and Brogan for achieving an award on Reading Plus.

Here is an overview of what we will be covering in Autumn 2!


Hi guys,

REMINDER: PE IS ON TUESDAY THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. It will then return to a Friday. We have a coach coming in to work with our children.

What a fun few science lessons we have had! We completed our Jamie Bond mission and the best surface to catch the baddies was the gravel. We have now moved onto our space topic which we are all so EXCITED about! This week we had to use fruit sizes to explore the comparison of sizes. Can you believe Jupiter is like the size of a watermelon and Earth is the size of a cherry tomato? Once we matched our clues, we put them in order from the sun. Here is a little picture:

In maths, we have been exploring multiplication and division. We have been looking at prime numbers, factors and common factors. Our arithmetic is also much stronger and we are scoring high scores!

In guided reading, we have started reading our new text called Varjak Paw.

In English, we have started to write our non-chronological report of Pandora. Here is the youtube video that we have been using as our multi-modal text:

PS Ask us some interesting facts about our Sci-Fi planet!

A HUGE well done to Lexi for achieving the headteacher’s award.

Well done to Cora, Brogan and Charlie for receiving your reading plus certificate!

Here are Year 5’s spellings:

Group 1
Group 2

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Young x


Welcome back!

Group 1 Spellings:

Group 2:

Thank you for all your replies in regards to parent’s evening I have managed to fit you all in for the time slot that you requested. Please remember I am calling the number you provided and calls must be answered within that time slot. I am looking forward to celebrating all your child’s achievements.

In English, we have been exploring our new multi-modal text called Pandora which is a fascinating Sci-fi clip. During the week, we have been looking at using brackets for parenthesis and comparing Earth Vs Pandora using technical vocabulary that we researched on the computers.

In maths, we have been continuing statistics throughout the week. We complete pre and post assessments and our overall scores have significantly increased which Mrs Young is so proud of. We have been reading two way tables and interpreting data from timetables.

During science, we had a ‘Jamie Bond’ secret mission because the baddies got away. We have been exploring friction and investigating the best type of footwear for Jamie to wear next time.

A HUGE well done to Lexi, Keira, Hana, Lewis, Jack and Harry for receiving their bronze award for 10 merits. You superstars!

Liam received headteacher’s award for 100% effort in all areas of the curriculum.



HAPPY HALF TERM! Where has this half term gone?

I hope you have the most wonderful week off and I hope you enjoyed our Halloween day. We all looked fabulous! Here is a picture of us all:

We are making our paper pumpkins. I hope you are using them to decorate the house!

I would like to say a HUGE well done to Year 5, you have settled in amazingly and have truly worked your socks off! Please keep up your dedication and motivation.

This week, we finished our 5 part narratives and some of us have written a 7 page story!!!! Mrs Young is delighted to mark 31 of these (maybe regretting how much I told you guys to write – just kidding). They were absolutely amazing and it was so lovely to see so much excitement for writing!

In maths, we have started to interpret and draw line graphs. We picked this skill up quite quickly enabling us to problem solve and reason within this.

In history, we compared modern day democracy in comparison to Ancient Greek times. Can you believe women had no rights and they could not vote?! Thank goodness that does not happen now.

Here are your weekly spellings:

Group 1:

Group 2:

A huge well done to Sophie for her phenomenal narrative. It was extremely imaginative and creative.

REMEMBER: After half term, PE will be starting up again and children MUST come in their PE kits for the full day. I will let you all know on Monday what day our PE session will occur.

Take care and enjoy the rest,

Mrs Young x


Here are the weekly spellings:

Group 1:

Group 2:

We have had a lovely week in Year 5!

We completed our Christmas Cards and you guys will be able to purchase these in a couple of weeks! They are AMAZING and we can’t wait for you to see them.

PSHE was interesting and we discussed stereotypes of jobs. We all agreed that as long as you have the skills and attributes then anyone is suitable for any job!

In maths, we have been looking at inverse operations and estimation when adding and subtracting.

Our Guided Reading book is nearly coming to an end which is called tom’s midnight garden. We are excited to find out whether Tom returns home and if he stays in contact with Hatty. Does Tom just have a mystery, made-up friend?

Yesterday afternoon, we undertook a science investigation to test water resistance using boats. At first, we tested different boat shapes including a curved front, flat front and triangular front. To make it fair, we tested it floating across the water three times. We used a fan to help it get from one side of the water tray to the other. We found out that the triangular front was the quickest and we believe that this is because the water is pushed away from the boat making it easier for the boat to glide across the water. This creates smaller water resistance for the boat.

My star of the week is going to Harry for embracing new challenges within Maths. Keep up your hard work!

Mrs Young x


Hi Year 5!

Here are your weekly spellings:

The rest of you that normally get them handed to you these are yours:

A huge well done to Jack and Hana for receiving Headteacher’s Award for a fantastic attitude in Art.

This week, on Thursday we completed art all day because we have been creating Ancient Greek sculptures using oasis. Here are some of our amazing final pieces:

We practise carving shapes, lines, patterns and produced our final designs! It was quite messy!

In maths, we have moved onto column addition and subtraction. We have started to problem solve and reason within this using mathematical language. In English, we have been writing superb diary entries and we took on role as Percy Jackson or Annabeth.

In science, we undertook an investigation for air resistance. We tried 3 types of materials for parachutes and tested them on the school playground.

Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Young x


Well another week complete and it is October already. I cannot believe it. We did our vote for head boy and head girl this week and we would like to congratulate the new candidates.

A huge well done to those children practising their spellings every night. For those who are not receiving the best marks. Please practise more at home! Here are the weekly spellings for the week:

Well done to many receiving merits within English for the fantastic Newspaper Reports that Year 5 completed this week. Here are some examples that really made me smile:

In English, we have been using fronted adverbials for time (when), place (where) and manner (how) to describe pictures from scenes of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. We have been looking at replacing nouns for pronouns to ensure our writing is more cohesive and writing in past tense which will support us next week to write a diary entry.

We got a delivery from the James Dyson Foundation whereby they gave us a package. In this package, there was a new bladeless fan and background information of James Dyson. We have been challenged to create our own creation of something in the classroom. Here are a few ideas:

Within maths, we have been recognising the place value of digits up to a million and using our reasoning skills to problem solve within this. Here are my maths superstars for this week:

A huge well done to Lewis for achieving the headteacher’s award this week for settling into our school so beautifully and having such a positive attitude.

Keep shining brightly Year 5!

Mrs Young


Hi everyone,

Here are the weekly spellings for the week:

Year 5 spellings

If your child has different spellings in their spelling book, please practise those.

In maths, we have continued looking at place value and this week we have specifically been looking at rounding, ordering and comparing. Here are some children’s work that have blown my socks off for this week:

Amazing work Grace!
You are becoming an excellent problem solver Amelia!

In English, we have been looking at using apostrophe for possession. We explored the use of expanded noun phrases and Mrs Young was so happy when she read through our work. Today, we have started writing a newspaper report about the ferocious beast that is on the loose and killed Percy Jackson’s mother. Here are my superstars for English this week:

In history, we looked at reliable primary and secondary resources linking to the Ancient Greeks. During PSHE this week, we discussed job opportunities and it was interesting to hear what all of the children wanted to be when they grow up.

Mrs Young x


Sorry for the delay of the blog… we have had a few technical issues.

I have been blown away this week by my Year 5 superstars! I have even handed out a few merits for some children that have been working extremely hard. Well done!!

In English, we have been focusing on show not tell a character’s emotions, relative clauses and prepositional phrases. We loved watching part of Percy Jackson and the lightning thief which is the text we are focusing on for this half term. Within maths, we have been focusing on place value of digits up to a million! We are now becoming maths wizards at this. Mrs Young is extremely proud.

We undertook a science measuring experiment and we were looking at measuring in KG (Kilograms) and N (Newtons). Did you know Isaac Newton had a huge impact on our science today? We have been learning all about gravity and air resistance. In PSHE, we have been thinking about how to face new challenges positively by collecting information, looking for help, making responsible choices and taking action.

Here are some pieces of work that Mrs Young is extremely proud of…..

Well done Liam! Super prepositional phrases!

Weekly spellings will now be displayed on the school website to reduce any cross contamination. If your child has been sent home some spellings, they need to focus on the spellings that are sent home!

Mrs Young x


What a busy first full week back! Thank you all for your cooperation during these difficult times. We are doing everything possible to keep the children safe.

This week, we have been looking at Michelangelo as an artist and looking at all of the sculptures that he had made for inspiration.

Within topic, we have started to look at the Ancient Greeks and we are extremely fascinated already. In chronological order, we put different historical events onto a timeline. In the computer suite, we started to search some of the Ancient Greek gods.

Well done to all of you for a great first week back! Your motivation and determination has been inspiring to see. Keep up your hard work 🙂

Mrs Young x