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Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome to our Year 5 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 5 staff:

Mrs Young – Class Teacher

Miss Quinn – Teaching Assistant


Thank you to everyone for dressing up in PJs for children in need and donating money. We really do appreciate it! We all went in the hall to complete the Joe Wicks 5 minute workout as a whole school.

In English, we have been looking at relative clauses and embedding them into our work. We have used the computer suite to find out many facts about the planets. In maths, we have begun to look at multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000.

Science this week was THE BEST! We identified the moon phases using oreos and after we were allowed to eat them. It was a tasty lesson.

It has been anti-bullying week and we wore odd socks on Tuesday. ICEcats have been in to discuss the importance of keeping safe.


This week we have been thinking about statistics looking at a variety of tables and how to read and interpret information from them. During English, we have been looking at our new text which is called ‘George’s secret key to the universe’ because our new topic is all about SPACE.

On Monday, we looked at different fruits to represent the different planets and gain an understanding of size comparisons. Can you believe Jupiter is like the size of a watermelon in comparison to Earth which is the size of a cherry tomato?! Below are pictures whereby we were given clues to try and match with the name of the planet and the fruit. It was sooo much fun!!

In Art, we have been inspired by Peter Thorpe and we analysed his art work to see which design was our favourite to recreate ourselves. In French this week, we have been thinking about feelings… Mrs Young said, “Je suis Fatigue!”

Our trip has been booked for the life centre on the 22nd November. We will be attending a fascinating workshop all around space and we are also ice skating!!

REMINDER: ENSURE ALL CHILDREN ARE READING THEIR BOOKS AND PLEASE ACCESS TIMETABLE ROCKSTARS AT HOME! All children have had logins sent home any issues please let me know!

The headteacher award went to Isabella for always coming to school with a big smile on her face!

The core value this week went to Caiden for being respectful.


Final week of the first half term… where has this term gone?

With Halloween approaching, we had a disco and participated in lots on fun games. Some of our fancy dress costumes petrified Mrs Young and Miss Quinn. On Friday, we had a non-uniform day to celebrate our success with Elmer and raise more money for St Oswalds. A huge thank you to all parents for the continued support you provide for Fatfield Academy.

In maths, we have been estimating and approximating answers of calculations using our rounding knowledge from place value. During English, we have been using expanded noun phrases to make our writing more descriptive. We also looked at similes and we had some cracking ones!

All money has now been handed in for London and everyone in Year 5 will be attending this trip in the Spring Term which we are all looking forward to.

The head teacher award went to Kaine for an amazing attitude in Maths.

The core value award is responsible and it went to Noah.


Another busy week ahead as we approach half term. During maths, we have been looking at inverse operations and solving problems. In English, we spent the week writing and Mrs Young was so impressed at how far we’ve come already since the start of term.

In science, we undertook an investigation looking at forces and how unsupported objects fall towards the Earth because of the force of gravity acting between the Earth and the falling object. During art, we have been starting to make our Ancient Greek vases and we will be decorating them next week – so look out for a photo!!

Mrs Young’s little puppy called Cooper came to visit some of us in drama club… he was so cute. He even had some lessons in our classroom!!

Our head teacher award went to Ava Spencer for a fantastic narrative.

The core value was unique and it went to Eva.


In maths, we have undertook the challenge of column subtraction using intelligent practice to develop a strong understanding. We solved various problems including missing numbers and find the errors, explaining and correcting it. During English, we have been preparing our lead up to writing the Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. We have been looking at ing starters, show not tell and changing the atmosphere of a text. As a class, we planned out our five part narrative in preparation for next week.

During topic, we have been researching all the different god and goddesses discussing facts about all 12 of the gods. In RE, we completed storyboards or comic stripes about St Cuthbert. We played a class game of end ball and we have been developing our communication skills whilst playing a sport. In science, we are beginning to look at forces and how unsupported objects fall towards the earth.

The head teacher award went to Reece L for a consistent attitude across all areas of the curriculum.

The core value was proud and this was awarded to Sonny Davis.

A huge well done to everyone who completed cycling proficiency! Just a remember to parents who received a letter for Athletics on Tuesday. Please make sure letters are back by Tuesday morning.


During maths, we have been looking at column addition. WOW – my socks have been blown off! Year 5 are fantastic at this method! We have been solving problems within is and have a clear understanding now.

In English, we have been writing newspaper reports from Percy Jackson and the lightning thief capturing the moment of when the car flipped off the roads and a mighty minotaur captured his mother and Grover.

During the afternoons, we have been practising the skill of throwing the ball and playing endball. In history, we have been using our comparison skills to compare Ancient Greek democracy compared to today. Women could not vote! During RE, we have been researching saints and looking at St George in further detail.

Thank you for all the homework projects so far.. they are ace!

This week, our head teacher award went to Maisie Hughes for a fantastic comparative piece looking at democracy now comparing it to Ancient Greek times. Our core value was supportive and it was awarded to Jacob Bell!


What a fantastic start to Year 5! We have had a few busy weeks and enjoying the new challenges.

In maths, we have been developing a further understanding of place value and looking at numbers to a million. We have been comparing, rounding and ordering numbers.

During English, we have been exploring our new text, which is Percy Jackson and the lightning thief, that links beautifully to our topic (The Ancient Greeks). We have been writing diary entries and taking on role as Percy who has a very adventurous life.

In science, we have been undertaking science investigation and looking at air resistance creating parachutes to test. We have compared Ancient Greece to nowadays. Can you believe they had to share a toilet and bath with the whole town?!

Well done to Ruby for receiving the core value vote from her peers for always being RESPECTFUL.

The head teacher award went to Megan Oliver for having an amazing attitude towards her maths. She has fully embedded her problem solving skills within place value.

Science investigation

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