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Welcome to Year 3!

Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 3 staff:

Miss Johnson – Teacher

Mr Wilkie – Teaching Assistant/ Sport Apprentice (Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri)

Mrs Hails – Teaching Assistant (Wed/Thurs)



Another brilliant week in Year 3!

In English, we have been learning how to use grammatical features such as expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and subordinating conjunctions to improve our sentences. We have also started to explore our new text ‘The Tin Forest’ and have been looking closely at new vocabulary. In maths, Year 3 have moved on to using the formal written method to add and subtract two 3 digit numbers. This week, we have also completed a science experiment to investigate the force of friction on different surfaces; made our wonderful Christmas crafts for the Christmas fair; and had another great music lesson practising the ukulele.

Homework this week is based on the work we have been doing in maths – this is due in on Wednesday.

Head Teacher’s Award – Amelia

Core Value of the Week – Liam

Mathlete of the Week – Jack



Wow! What a wonderful week we have had in Year 3!

In English, we have written some amazing explanations on how to make a bronze axe for our Bronze Age survival guide. Not only did our writing include lots of conjunctions, fronted adverbials and prepositions, but we also tried to include additional features such as key facts, ‘Did you know?’ boxes and even a glossary or two. In maths, Year 3 have honestly blown me away with how confidently they are using the formal written method for addition and subtraction with 2 and 3 digit numbers. Next week, we will be using problem-solving to test our mathematical understanding and moving on to addition and subtraction with 3 digit numbers!

Also this week: we have used drama to perform different actions to show a pushing or pulling force in science; designed our very own Bronze Age bell beaker; started to learn how to touch type in computing; and enjoyed a fun-filled session from Hoopstarz!

Head Teacher’s Award – Brogan

Core Value of the Week – Bailey

Mathlete of the Week – Amelia



Year 3 have been total superstars this week – well done to everyone who has worked their socks off!

In English, we have built up to our Big Write: writing a care guide for a prehistoric pet. Our explanations were full of fronted adverbials, conjunctions and prepositions AND so many people were joining their writing beautifully. I am so proud of how hard people have been working to improve their sentence and grammar work. In maths, Year 3 have been impressing me once again and have shown brilliant place value skills in our addition and subtraction work – this time working with 2 digits and 3 digit numbers. We are continuing to learn the ukulele in music, have made the clay heads for our prehistoric spears and have started to learn how to say our age in French.

This week, we had lots of different events too! On Tuesday, we got to see a pantomime in the school hall – it was so funny and we all enjoyed it. On Thursday, Miss Johnson ( our new teacher) came in and it was great to meet her again. She helped out with our history task to find out who the possessions could belong to and saw how brilliant we all are at maths, reading and writing. On Friday, we celebrated Children in Need and came dressed in our pyjamas and cuddly dressing gowns.

Spellings focus on prefixes and homework is PHSCE to help Miss Johnson get to know everyone.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank pupils, parents and carers in Year Three for being an absolutely fabulous class. I have enjoyed every minute of my time in Year 3 and I couldn’t be prouder of the progress the children have made and the effort they have put into everything they have done. I can’t wait to pop in and see how everyone is doing.

Big hugs to all my crazy superstars – keep working hard!

Miss Scriven x





Everyone in Year 3 has been working their socks off this week. We have seen better handwriting, better presentation, better quality of work and some excellent reading to top it all off.

In English, we have been finding out exactly how you would wash a woolly mammoth – with the help of our own resident woolly mammoth, WOOLLY. We have been creating extended sentences for explanations using prepositions and formal conjunctions. Next week, we will be writing a care guide for a prehistoric animal so it will all come in VERY handy. In maths, we have mastered mental and formal methods for adding and taking away ones from three digit numbers and we have presented our work beautifully when problem solving. Also this week: we have counted past twelve in French; continued making our prehistoric weapons in art; written adverts to convince people that ‘bronze is best’; sang amazing songs with a singing coach in music; emptied Miss Scriven’s bin in the search for archaeological clues; found treasure on a brilliant spreadsheet in computing; and made beautiful poppies for Remembrance Day. Phew!

Homework is maths and is based on the ‘four times tables’. Spellings are Y3 common words.

Congratulations to:

Head Teacher’s Award: Flynn Moffett

Core Value of the Week: Jacob

Mathlete of the Week: Hana


Welcome back to a SPOOKY week at Fatfield.

This week we have found out how to count to twelve in French, what a soil profile is in science and have started a new tennis topic in PE. In English, we have been building up the skills needed to write an alternative ending to our Stone Age Boy stories in the past tense and have found out about subordinate conjunctions and clauses. In maths, we have worked hard to use a formal written method to add 3 digit numbers after lots of practice with practical apparatus. We were able to spot errors in calculations and find missing numbers. We have finished our cave drawings in art and have started making our own Stone Age weapons in DT.

We had a very exciting day on Wednesday and came to school dressed for Hallowee

n. We enjoyed a Halloween party in the hall, watched the Worst Witch and played some silly Halloween games like Spooky Bingo.

Finally, it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye and good luck to Sienna this week. We wish her all the best for her new school and will miss her very much.

Homework is linked to Metals and is due on Wednesday. Spellings all have prefixes.

Congratulations to:

Head Teacher’s Award: Brandon

Core Value of the Week:

Mathlete of the Week: Amelia  (also received a GOLD Mathletics certificate – what a superstar!)


Wow! We are at the end of the first half term in Y3 already. Autumn is flying by.

This week, we have written amazing stories in English using brilliant features such as fronted adverbials and prepositions. In maths, we have used apparatus to help us to add three digit numbers to ones – even when you have to do a tricky exchange in the ones column. We come to the end of our Jewish topic in RE and finished off by finding out about Moses. We played a maths game on a game board that represented Moses being found floating down river by the princess of Egypt.

Two other really exciting things have happened this week. On Wednesday, our parents came in to see our brilliant work and it was lovely to show off how hard we have been working. On Friday, we had a Stone Age day in Y3. We got dressed up as Stone Age people, ate a Stone Age lunch, made sedimentary and igneous rocks out of chocolate and watched a sneaky bit of The Croods in the afternoon before eating marshmallows in front of our class campfire.

Homework is a half-term choice. You only need to do one option on the homework sheet but, if you fancy doing a little bit more on a rainy day, there are lots of lovely ideas to keep you busy. Stay safe everyone and remember our Halloween Day is in the first week back.

Congratulations to:

Head Teacher’s Award: Olivia

Core Value of the Week: Hana

Mathlete of the Week: Amelia



Wow – another busy week in Y3. Miss Scriven is SO proud of all of our hard work.

The final homework projects have come in for our Stone Age topics and they are all looking brilliant in our art area display. This week, we continued to look at the Stone Age and compared the Old, Middle and New Stone Ages in history. In science, we found out how fossils in stones are made and sorted information into the correct order. In English, we have started looking at stories using our ‘Stone Age Boy’ text and have written brilliant plans for our own stories next week.

In maths, we finished Data Handling and have started to look at using mental calculations when dealing with 3 digit numbers. In music, we had a brilliant lesson on the ukulele and  in RE, we continued looking at stories found in the Old Testament. This week we studied Jonah and the Whale and Miss Scriven taught us a song to remember what happened. We wrote letters pretending we were inside the whale’s tummy. Finishing off the week, we practised dribbling, push passes, turns and shooting in hockey.

Homework is linked to our completed Data Handling topic this week.

Please remember these important dates this week:

Wednesday 2.00pm – Invitation Afternoon

Friday (all day) – Y3 Stone Age Day.

Congratulations to:

Head Teacher’s Award: Cora

Core Value of the Week: Sam

Mathlete of the Week: Jack



Rocks, rocks everywhere as far as the eye can see!

In RE this week, we encountered the rocks that David used to defeat Goliath. We played a game that involved using five ‘David’ pebbles to knock one large ‘Goliath’ stone out of a square drawn on the floor. After, we wrote brilliant instructions to inform other people how you would play the game. Following up on this story found in the Torah, we wrote a police eyewitness report using our skills from studying recounts in English. In maths, we finished looking at perimeter and started looking at data handling. We have been using pictograms to find out how many stone age books have been read, what was the best stone age burger and some of us did pictograms of our favourite superheroes! We continued our quest through our English text, Stone Age Boy, with brilliant newspaper recounts of the moment he went missing. Continuing our rock theme, we completed a science experiment to find out which type of rock would make the best grindstone for a stone age quern. We tested marble, granite, chalk and limestone and used actual wheat to grind for our experiment. We continue to hone our hockey skills in PE and we are making wonderful music with ukuleles in music.

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful stone age projects that have come into school. Homework this week is to design a stone age tool or weapon – this is due in on Wednesday. Letters have gone out this week to inform everyone about our Stone Age day on Friday 19th October – remember the date!

Congratulations to:

Head Teacher’s Award: Sienna

Core Value of the Week: Shay

Mathlete of the Week: Aidan



This week, Y3 have completed their first science experiment using their knowledge of rocks. We tested the properties of chalk, granite, marble and slate. After putting on our science safety goggles, we tested whether the rocks were permeable (sucked up water), if they floated and if they could scratch easily. Miss Scriven is amazed at all the rocks we already know! In English, we explored newspaper reports and we will be writing one of our own next week based on the ‘Stone Age Boy’ text we are reading. In maths, we were introduced to perimeter and went outside to the golf course to find out what this meant. We were all really good at find the perimeter of 2D shapes after we found out what this meant. In other news, instead of African drums, we tried out ukuleles this week! We sounded AMAZING! In French, we continue to practice our greetings; in RE, we found out about the Torah; and in computing, we are practising entering data into our spreadsheets. Lastly, we also discovered that we are much quicker at walking our ‘Afternoon Mile’ than we were last week.

What a busy week it has been! Check out our science investigation below.

Congratulations to:

Mathlete of the Week: Jack


This week, Year Three have been powering on to learn lots of new things about the Stone Age. We’ve found out all about Stone Age houses in history lessons and we now know about different types of rock in science – including igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. In maths, we have been solving problems involving counting in 100s, 50s and 4s. To help with this, we have also been learning how to find our 4x tables. At the end of the week, we started learning a cool song about our 4x tables and went on a ‘mini-mammoth maths march’ around the school holding onto each other’s tails (tag rugby belts) like mammoths singing at the tops of our voices – we improved our knowledge so much! In English, we have done our first ‘big write’ on the ‘Stone Age Boy’ and showed how brilliant we were at adding fronted adverbials to our sentences. The rest of the week has been full of cave painting in art, learning how to say our name in French, drumming in music and learning how to use spreadsheets in computing. We have also started walking a mile a day in the afternoon between our lessons to keep fit and healthy.

Although homework is our Stone Age Project (and isn’t due in for another two weeks) I have sent a ‘4x tables fortune teller’ home to help with learning our 4x tables – this doesn’t need handing back in. In spelling, we will cover ‘ing’ suffix rules. Anyone who forgot their spelling book has a copy of the new spellings stapled to their fortune teller homework so they can stick it in their books at home.

Congratulations to:

Head Teacher’s Award: Isaac

Core Value of the Week: Amelia

Mathlete of the Week: Flynn

Our amazing ‘Cave of Hands’ in our classroom.

A sneaky peak at our ‘African Drumming’ lessons.



What a brilliant start to the term we have had in Y3. Everyone has settled beautifully and we are all getting used to our new routines in Key Stage 2.

Already, we have started turning our classroom into the Stone Age. We have made cave people; created a ‘Cave on Hands’ based on the staggeringly beautiful ‘Cuevas de las Manos’ found in Argentina; completed our key questions for our new topic in the shape of rocks and stones; and have a ‘real’ woolly mammoth in our maths area! In maths, we have been counting, adding and taking away 10s and 100s with numbers up to one thousand and have started to learn the four times tables using mammoth legs! In English, we have been reading ‘Stone Age Boy’, found out about fronted adverbials that show time and have written a letter recounting Stone Age Boy’s first few days in the Stone Age. We’ve also started learning how to play the African drums, discovered how to say hello and goodbye in French, explored the story of Abraham and Sarah in RE and honed our hockey skills in PE. We definitely all deserve a rest this weekend.

Making Cave People

We made sure our Stone Age people were nice and warm with animal skins.

Homework is our Topic Project (due in 3 wks) and spellings are revising adding ‘ed’ to create words in the past tense. Please remember it is very important to remember water bottles and reading folders every day.

Congratulations to:

Head Teacher’s Award: Hana

Core Value of the Week: Harry

Mathlete of the Week: Jack