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Year 3 – Archived Sept 2021

letter to parents

Welcome to Year 3!

Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 3 staff:

Miss Torgersen – Teacher

Miss Brown – Teaching Assistant

PE day: Tuesday – Please come into school already dressed in your PE kit.

Friday 28th May

We’ve had a wonderful week this week in Year 3! We have written some amazing newspaper reports about the Roman invasion of Britain and worked very hard on our multiplying and dividing in Maths.

On Thursday, we had History Day and in Year 3, our significant person to look at was Boudicca. We explored some artefacts, discussed what we could learn from sources, and decided whether Boudicca was a significant person. Take a look at the photos below to see what we got up to:

The Headteacher’s Award has gone to Zack this week for his super newspaper report. Well done Zack!

Have a great half term, Year 3. See you soon!

Friday 21st May

Another great week in Year 3 this week! In Maths, we have been using our times tables knowledge to help us with multiplication and division facts and we are beginning to look at newspaper reports in English. In Science, we have learned about food groups and how to have a healthy, balanced diet.

We have had lots of fun in our topic lessons, especially when we re-enacted the Roman invasion of Britain on the field!

Well done to Freddie for the Headteacher’s Award this week and to everybody for all of their hard work!

Friday 14th May

We have had a great week in Year 3 this week! We have written some super instructions on ‘How to become a Roman soldier’ and have worked really hard with our addition and subtraction work in Maths.

In Science, we have learned about muscles in the human body and we tried some activities out on the yard to see which muscles we were using. We are also loving our French lessons and are even trying to use our new French vocabulary around school!

Well done James for this week’s Headteacher’s Award and well done everyone in Year 3 for another super week!

Thursday 17th December

What a lovely final week we have had before the Christmas holidays! Today, we had a lovely session from Relax Kids and Year 3 really enjoyed it! See photos below.

We have written explanations for ‘How to be a good elf’. They were AMAZING and all the children put lots of effort into it. Our handwriting lessons are clearly also having a BIG impact. Well done Year 3!

There are some science Christmas activities posted below if you would like to have a go at some of them over the holidays πŸ™‚

I wish you all a magical Christmas and I will see you all in the New Year. Have lots of fun and stay safe. Miss Harrison x

Monday 14th December

Congratulations to Millie for being selected as part of the furthering musical talent programme. She has been given Β£150 to spend on musical resources of her choice! Great news!

Friday 11th December

As we are unable to have a Christmas fair this year, the children have made a Christmas craft, which you may like to purchase. Year 3 have made fabulous wooden snowmen tree decorations. You can purchase your child’s craft for Β£2.00. See photos below.

What a magical week we have had in Year 3…making Christmas cards, calendars, crafts, singing a Christmas song, a trip to Winter Wonderland to see Santa AND a Christmas party! Photos and videos are attached below.

Friday 4th December

We have worked super hard this week before all the Christmas fun next week! In Maths, we have been learning how to multiply/ divide by 3, 4 and 8. We are getting much quicker at working them out mentally too! I have set the children a challenge this week. Improve your status on Times Tables Rockstars and receive a MERIT!

In English, we have started to explore an explanation text – ‘How to be a good elf’. Today, the children have explored paragraphs (human paragraphs) and their understanding was REALLY good! I was so impressed. See photos below.

In French, we have been learning how to greet someone, ask what their name is and respond with our name. We are really enjoying our French lessons.

Friday 27th November

What a busy week! This week, we have started our multiplication and division topic in Maths. The children are now pretty good at their 2s, 5s and 10s (KS1 times tables) and are beginning to learn their 3s, 4s and 8s (Year 3 times tabels). It’s REALLY important that your child accesses Times Table Rockstars at home as often as possible. To improve their rock status, they must use the Studio link.

In English, we have started to explore how speech is punctuated and we have had a go at using inverted commas.

In RE, we have been learning about Hinduism. We have used a world map to explore Hinduism around the world and we have been learning about a their place of worship. Next week. we are looking at the special festival of Dawili.

Remember…homework and spellings are now set on Showbie. It is really important that both you and your child become confident with using this APP/ programme. There is a part user guide attached below should you need it. I LOVE that lots of you have already sent in your homework this week. AMAZING!



Friday 20th November 2020

This week, Year 3 have been working really hard! We have completed our Assessment Week and all of the children have really shown how much they have learned since returning to school in September – little superstars!

We have written our own stories (The Tunnel) in English – some of these will be shared next week once the children have written them up for display.

From next week, spellings and homework will now be set on Showbie. Usernames and passwords have been sent home. There is no work set as yet; however, please log in to check that you are able to access the site/ APP.

In PE, we had a healthy living session, which they all really enjoyed.

Friday 13th November 2020

A lovely week in Year 3 this week. We have been practising our addition and subtraction in Maths; reading ‘The Tunnel’ in English; learning more about magnets in Science; and designing mechanical posters in Design and Technology. The children have been little superstars! See photos below. I have also attached some photos of some of the childrens’ clay mammoths that they have been making in art as part of their sculpture topic…

Please Note: The Youth Sport Trust have taken the step to deliver a free virtual after school club as part of a national response to the second lockdown. The 30-minute club will take place at 5pm each weekday and be led by a different member of the YST’s athlete mentor network, starting on Thursday 12 November with world no.1 female inline skater and 10-time British Champion Jenna Downing. The After School Sport Club will then run for five weeks until December 18 and children and young people can take part live by visiting our YouTube channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/YouthSportTrust

This weeks’ spellings: centre, century, certain, circle, complete, consider, continue, important

Friday 6th November 2020

What a crazy week! We have been learning so much! After working so hard to learn last weeks’ tricky spellings, the children did amazing on their spelling test today. Next weeks’ spellings: disappoint, disagree, disobey, misbehave, mislead, misspell, inactive, incorrect, illegal, illegible

We have been doing LOTS of science experiments this week in the school Science Room. We have started our new science topic – forces and magnets. See some photos below.

In Maths, we have completed our addition and are now moving onto subtraction, which we are finding a little tricky at the moment but i’m sure by the end of next week, we will have aced it!

Friday 23rd October 2020

Year 3 have had LOTS of fun this week!

In History, we have been investigating Stone Age poo to find out about what Stone Age people ate. SOME of us loved it πŸ™‚

We have also been creating lovely Christmas cards to send off to be printed. These will be available to purchase in different forms in the near future. See some examples below.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Year 3 will be starting PE again after half-term (You will have received a letter about what to wear etc). Our PE day is Wednesday. Your child must come to school in their PE kit on this day.

This weeks’ spellings are: myth, gym, Egypt, pyramid, mystery, young, touch, double, trouble, country

We have had lots of fun for Halloween Day. We all got dressed up and did some Halloween activities in the morning and then we watched a scary movie in the afternoon and had some treats πŸ™‚ See pictures below.

Friday 16th October 2020

This week has been exhausting! We have been learning how to mentally subtract/ add a 3 digit and 1 digit number; how to add/ subtract a multiple of 10 to/ from a 3 digit number; and how to add/ subtract a multiple of 100 to/ from a 3 digit number.

In English, the children have written THE BEST diary entries as Stone Age Boy! I was so impressed!

This weeks’ spellings: would, could, should, they, because, children, people, father, water, beautiful

In PHSE, we talked about how it’s okay to miss our parents when we are at school and that after so long off with our families, this is completely normal. We thought of ways to help us cope. Each of us has a poem above our pegs and our adults carry one with them. This helps us to remember that our adults are always thinking of us, even when they aren’t physically with us and vice versa. See pictures below.

Friday 9th October 2020

Year 3 have been little superstars this week! I am SO impressed with all of their reading. They are all trying so hard and are so keen to please.

In Maths, we have moved onto addition and subtraction. We have completed some pretty tricky problems and hopefully, our confidence continues to grow in this area.

In English, we have written diary entries about our school day and next week, we are planning on writing one about ‘A Day in the Stone Age’

We have been learning about money in PHSE and what bank accounts/ credit cards/ cheques are for. We played games to help us remember them.

This weeks’ spellings: April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

The children have brought in AMAZING home-learning projects. We haven’t had a chance to present all of them yet but we will definitely make time. Here are just a few examples of them below.

Friday 2nd October 2020

It was so lovely to welcome the children back on Wednesday! We have had a lovely few days and as always, the children have come to school with positive can-do attitudes towards their learning πŸ™‚ Well done Year 3!

Due to problems with the website this week, I have sent spellings home on small pieces of paper. Here is a copy of them if needed: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, January, February, March

In Maths, we have completed our place value block and are moving onto addition and subtraction next week. The children have amazed me with how much Maths home-learning they have got through and truly understand πŸ™‚

In history, we have continued our Stone Age topic and have been researching homes. The children produced some fabulous outcomes, which I will post below.

Luke’s Writing
Louisa’s Writing

Penny was the first one to bring in her Stone Age project and share it with her class. Good job Penny! It was fabulous πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing the rest πŸ™‚

Tuesday 29th September 2020

Hi Year 3, I am sorry that these resources are late today. Please see Maths and English below. Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!

If you’re finding this tricky, try this instead.

A link to today’s English lessons are below. Some can be done at another point if wanted. I just wanted to give you access to the end of the unit πŸ™‚




Monday 28th September 2020

Hi guys, hope you’ve all had the best weekend! Today’s lessons are attached below. Can’t wait to see you all on Wednesday πŸ™‚

If you are finding this tricky, try this one instead….

A link to our afternoon Maths lesson is below…

Below are the links to today’s English lessons πŸ™‚



For today’s spelling lesson, practise this weeks’ spellings in shaving foam. An example of this is below.

Today’s History lesson is to create/ write an advert in order to sell a roundhouse. Find sheet attached below.

Friday 25th September 2020

Hi my lovelies, hope you are all getting on with your work okay. Can’t wait until you’re all back! Today’s home learning is below and I also have more fabulous examples of work to share with you all today. See below:

Millie’s Design
Leo’s Maths
Penny’s Cave Painting
Millie’s Rainbow Spellings
Luke’s Maths
Louisa’s Stone Age clothing design
Scarlett’s scribble spellings

HOMEWORK PROJECT πŸ™‚ Link is below.

Next weeks’ spellings are: forget, forgetting, forgotten, begin, beginning, beginner, gardening, gardener, prefer, preferred

Today’s Maths Lesson is below.

If you’re finding this tricky, try this instead…

Below are the links to today’s English lessons…



The link to this afternoon’s catch-up Maths lesson is below. Hope you all understand time just that little bit more πŸ™‚

Today, we were supposed to complete our weekly spelling test. Obviously, we can’t do that in school; however, you could lead your own at home. Get an adult to test you and why not have a go at testing an adult too?

Our topic lesson today is researching a Stone Age beast. I have attached some questions below and a website that you could use to find the answers. Once you’re finished, you could have a go at creating a poster all about the beast with pictures too! Get a little creative.

Thursday 24th September 2020

What an amazing effort from Oliver! See below.

Luke’s Cone Cave Person
Leo’s storyboard

Today’s work is attached below. It has been lovely to hear from some of you over the past few days.

If you are finding this tricky, have a go at this one instead πŸ™‚

Our afternoon Maths lesson is attached below πŸ™‚ Hope you’re all becoming more confident with telling the time.

I have also found these Home Learning Booklets for Place Value. Have a go. It includes everything we have learned about since coming back in September πŸ™‚

Here is a link to today’s English lesson πŸ™‚ Let me know if you need any help. We will keep going over these things in class too so don’t panic.


Practise this weeks’ spellings through ‘scribble spellings’ I look forward to seeing some examples of these πŸ™‚ An example of scribble spellings is below.

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Hi Year 3, I received some wonderful examples of home-learning yesterday! Some examples of this fantastic work are below. Keep up the hard work guys! Today’s tasks are also attached below πŸ™‚

Leo’s Stone Age clothing design
Leo’s Writing
Oliver’s Maths
Oliver’s Spellings
Oliver’s Cave Drawing
Scarlett’s Cave Drawing

Luke has also been extremely busy these past few days…completing reading comprehensions, maths worksheets, reading books and spellings! Well done Luke! You are doing amazing πŸ™‚

If you’re finding this tricky, try this instead…

A link to today’s English lesson is below.


Here is our afternoon catch-up Maths lesson πŸ™‚ It’s SO important to learn how to tell the time and lots of you struggle with this…since you’re always asking me when lunch time is haha. Once you’ve got your head around it…it’s easy. Keep practising at home until you understand.

In Year 3, there is the expectation that all children join their handwriting (I will teach you how to do this so don’t worry) but first, we need to check that you are all starting and finishing your letters in the right place. I have attached some handwriting sheets below…once you have completed them, practise on normal lined paper to perfect it πŸ™‚

Practise this weeks’ spellings in your fanciest, swirliest writing!

PE CHALLENGE: How many star jumps can you do in one minute? Can you beat your personal best?

Tuesday 22nd September 2020

Hi guys, here are today’s tasks. Remember to email/ Purple Mash some examples of your work. Hope you’re all ready to work hard. Miss Harrison πŸ™‚

If you are finding this tricky, have a go at this one instead.

Below is the link for today’s English lesson.


If you’re feeling particularly hard-working today, try this KS1 reading SAT paper. It’s only paper 1 and the answers are attached below.

Art Lesson: Have a go at creating your own Cave drawing/ painting. We have already begun to look at these in school too. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

Practise this weeks’ spellings in a rainbow. Make each word a different colour πŸ™‚ Sheet attached below.

Monday 21st September 2020

Hi Year 3,

What a strange day without all your little smiling faces. Hopefully, you’ve all had a lovely day at home and are well-rested ready to work hard tomorrow. Each day, I will post new activities to the class page on the website for you to have a go at. It’s important that you really try at home to cover the work that is being set. Paper copies of most activities are available at the school office. Don’t do it all at once; it’s to last until you come back so don’t panic. I will also upload the Maths and English videos to go alongside the worksheets daily. Remember, you all have access to Purple Mash (where activities will be set daily), Sumdog and TT Rockstars. Please share your work by emailing either the work/ a photo of it to fatfield.academy@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk or you can send it on our blog on Purple Mash. Looking forward to hearing from each of you.

A letter from Mrs Pizl is attached below.

If you’re finding this sheet a little tricky, try this one instead πŸ™‚

Why not have a go at designing and advertising a Stone Age outfit?


For English, follow the link above for your first lesson in writing a recount. Good luck!

There are spelling and grammar activities to be completed on Purple Mash, alongside a Stone Age topic scrapbook-page. Be as creative as you can be πŸ™‚

Friday 18th September 2020

What another fabulous week in Year 3! You have all been amazing!

Reminder: Reading books need to come into school each day as children will be expected to read to adult in school. We endeavour to change them as often as possible; however, as I’m sure you appreciate with the current situation, this is not always possible.

In Maths, we have been learning about the place value of 3 digit numbers. The children have solved some pretty tricky problems and some of them have even written one for me to solve! See some photos below.

Leo’s Work
Fletcher’s Work

In Science, we have been learning about light sources and we did a science experiment in the dark! Ask us about it at home.

Times Table Rockstars logins have been sent home. Please encourage your child to use this as often as possible alongside their weekly homework. I have had a couple of questions about this this week as the questions have been too difficult for the children. Your child needs to play a ‘Gig’ first. This will then automatically set them times table suitable for them when they play in the ‘Garage’ or ‘Arena’. Hope this helps!

This week’s spellings are: flies, tries, replies, copy, copying, copier, copied, happy, happier, happiest

Have a lovely weekend Year 3! You deserve it!

Friday 11th September 2020

Wow! Year 3, you have AMAZED me this week! Your adults must be so so proud of you! You have been unbelievably mature this week and with your hard-working attitudes/ smiling faces, nobody would have thought that you’ve had so long away from school. I am so lucky to be your teacher this year πŸ™‚

We have spent time this week creating our ‘Class promises’, which has created a lovely display in our classroom and we have discussed our worries/ butterflies in our tummies for the year ahead. It was so lovely to hear that some of the children didn’t have a worry so they helped a friend solve theirs’ πŸ™‚

For now, weekly spellings will be displayed on our class blog, rather than spelling books/ small sheets. Here is a list of this week’s spellings: they, with, your, said, come, some, friend, school, house, love

These are non-negotiable spellings that I have noticed some children have been spelling incorrectly in their writing this week. The children will practise them daily in school and at home with their adults. These spellings will be tested on Friday next week.