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Year 2 – Archived

Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome to our Year 2 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 2 staff:

Miss K Pickup – Teacher

Mrs Sinclair – Teaching Assistant


Another busy week! It was Mr McEvoys last week in school this week and we are all so sad to see him go. We wish him the best of luck in the future. We all made him a wonderful card with our fingerprints on for him to remember us. 

On Friday we went on the BEST trip ever!!!!!! We went to Adventure Valley and the rain did not stop us. We went around and looked all the different animals and we got to hold snakes, bearded dragon and ghekos. Then, we stroked the guinea pigs, rabbits and rats. After that, we had lunch and then we went on the soft play. Even Miss Pickup and Mrs Sinclair joined us. We even went on a tractor ride around the park. When the weather finally changed we went outside to feed some more animals and went on the biggest Helter Skelter and all the teachers went on.

In maths, we have been concentrating on 10 more and 10 less than. Some of us were working on 100 more and 100 less. In english, we all had to step into Mr Grinling’s character and write a diary entry from his point of view. 

We had health and well being week and had a LAF workshop whereby we discussed the importance of healthy eating. On Thursday, we went into the hall to do some yoga… IT WAS GREAT!!

Below are photos of the trip. 


In maths, we have been revisiting time. When we are at home.. test us to see what we know! If children have a watch please ensure they are wearing it to support them with time. 

Our new quality text is Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch – it is Miss Pickups favourite book. We have been doing lots of predictions to try find out what the book is about. 

In topic, we have been looking at Grace Darling and we had a timeline whereby we had to place facts of whether we thought she was a good person or a bad person. We then had to use the clues to back up what we thought. 

We had an exciting Tuesday and we went to Rickleton Primary School for OAA (Outdoor Adventurous Activities). Photos have been attached below. 

This week, we won attendance award! Year 2 has a fantastic attendance and we regularly win extra play time which is soooooooo much fun!!

This week our core value award went to Addison for being supportive.

This week our head teacher award went to Brandon for settling in so well to Fatfield Academy. You have been a pleasure this week! 


What a week we have had in Year 2 this week!! Miss Pickup is so proud of us all for working so hard over the past couple of weeks. For a reward, we all went to Fatfield Park. It was so much fun even Miss Pickup and Mrs Sinclair went down the slide.

Whilst at the park, Tony the ice-cream man came and we had the most delicious ice-creams in the shining sun. We spent a couple of hours there and had a fantastic day!!

In English, we have been writing non-chronological reports all about pirates. Did you know that they thought wearing an earring would help their eyesight? We have learnt so many facts about pirates and they are so interesting. In maths, we have been learning how to work out a fraction of a number and we are all a maths genius now.

Ahoy Matey is our new topic and we have been learning about famous pirates and labelling parts of a pirate ship. In art, we have been making collages using different materials to make a pirate. We have experimented using lots of different materials. During PE this week, we have been practising ready for sports day – we cannot wait!


This week our core value award went to Amelia for being responsible.

This week our head teacher award went to Grace for an amazing non-chron report!

Friday 11th January 2019

Welcome back! Happy new year! We hope you enjoyed your Christmas and had a well deserved rest after all your hard work last term. We have not stopped since being back and our new topic this term is ‘POLAR PITSTOP’. On Monday, we watched a snippet of frozen planet and it is amazing.During Geography, we researched on a map to see where the Arctic and the Antarctica were located. In science, we have been comparing animals in the different polar regions.

In English, our new book is all about a snowflake mistake. We are beginning to look at features of instructions in order for us to make our own snowflakes. In maths, we have been adding and subtracting 2 two digit numbers and Miss Pickup has been so proud of us all week.

The core value this week is respectful and this was awarded to..

The Head Teacher’s Award was awarded to…

Our Mathlete of the week is Emily, Zack and Isaac. Well done you superstars!

Friday 23rd November 2018

On Tuesday, we had Hoopstarz in school to deliver a session. It was absolutely fantastic! The children thoroughly enjoyed it and Miss Pickup learnt how to hoola hoop. We had to complete lots of activities in rhythm with the music. We have been rehearsing all week to get ready for our christmas performance. All letters are now out for the children and they have their parts.

Friday 16th November 2018

We have had another fun packed week. We have had anti-bullying week and created a display which will be put in the corridors. During anti bullying week we discussed the importance of speaking to an adult and how to be kind to our friends. We discussed the meaning of bullying and the children have a clearer understanding of this term. Then, we had children in need and raised money for such a good cause. We all dressed up in our PJs and completed lots of activities on the afternoon. Pictures are attached below. In english, we wrote a diary entry from the dragon’s perspective and have a clear understanding of how to use first person and past tense. In maths, we have been looking at partitioning in different ways.

We also picked the parts for the christmas performance which is SO exciting! Letters will be going out with you child’s part this week. As soon as children get their parts, please could you get your child to practise these at home on a regular occurrence.

Your homework this week is over a two week deadline. I would like a quality piece of homework and I have provided a template for the children to complete.

The core value this week was unique and this was awarded to Emily.

The Head Teacher’s Award was awarded to Lexi for a fantastic diary entry. She has worked extremely hard to receive this!

The mathlete of the week goes to Phoebe!

Well done to those children receiving their bronze award’s.

Friday 9th November 2018 

The highlight of our week was definitely our trip. It was AMAZING! Miss Pickup even said it was the best trip she has ever been on! We had so many fun activities throughout the day and Jen was our tour guide. She gave us lots of interesting facts about Durham Castle and we even got to design our own castles. These will be getting finished off and we are allowed to bring them home. We can’t wait to share them with you.

We have been busy in maths and English this week. In maths, we have been looking at comparison signs and we are all a genius when using the more than and less than signs. Miss Pickup was so proud of us! In english, we have been looking at our book in more detail and we found out that the dragon was actually scared of George. George is a mouse!!! Can you believe it!?

Due to being on a trip, there were no awards giving out for Y2 during assembly. I have attached photos below of our splendid trip! We had a few tired children on the way back (hehe)….

Friday 2nd Novemeber 2018 

Welcome back! We are all fully refreshed after a fantastic week off. Miss Pickup has read through the homework diaries and you have all been so busy! Well done to the children who have completed their homework. This week, we had SPOOKtacular halloween and we all scared Miss Pickup with our amazing costumes. Our disco was so fun and we even had lots of sweets for a TREAT! The police came in this week to talk to us about the halloween and how to keep oursleves safe. During maths, we have been representing numbers to 100 in different ways. Our english book has now changed and we have been predicting using the front cover and blurb to what we think is going to happen. The new book is called George and the dragon. We are trying to find out who George is. In art, we finished our ‘Shard’ photos and they are absolutely amazing. Below are some children’s work attached.


The core value this week was respectful and this went to Zack G.

The Head Teacher’s Award was given to Josh for working really hard and improving his handwriting massively.

The mathlete of the week goes to Emily!

Well done to Hannah for achieving the first bronze award in Year Two.


Friday 19th October 2018

What a fantastic week we have had! Our Class Harvest Play was absolutely amazing. Miss Pickup was so proud of us. We are so grateful for the turn out of parents/carers. It was so lovely to see you all! I have attached some pictures from the play. There was so much food donated to the food bank which is such a great cause. In english, we have been starting to look at coordinating conjunctions to help extend our sentences and improve them. In maths, we have been focusing on place value and counting objects or to 100. We have been doing our mile walk every day and it is keeping us very fit!

The core value this week was supportive and this went to …

The Head Teacher’s Award was given to Amelia for stepping in for her sister at the performance and doing a fantastic job!

The mathlete of the week goes to ….

Friday 12th October 2018

In english, we have been writing our own non-chronological reports about the London Eye. We went on the computers to undertake research and we found out lots of facts together. In maths, we have been adding and subtracting multiples of 10 to a 2 digit number. At first, we were using base 10 or place value counters but now we can all use sticks and dots. Others have been looking at number bonds to 10. Most afternoons we have been rehearsing for our performance on Thursday. We are all so excited!! During PE, we have been learning how to play a mini cricket game and this week the balls got smaller. We had to try and hit a tennis ball. In assembly, we managed to get 100% attendance therefore we got 15 minutes extra play (however the weather has been so hard Miss Pickup let us watch 15 mins of Alvin and the Chipmunks).

The core value this week was responsible and this was awarded to Jamie.

The Head Teacher’s Award was given to Esmae for an amazing non-chron report on the London Eye with lots of detailed facts.

The mathlete of the week goes to Phoebe!

Friday 5th October 2018

We have been so busy this week! Miss Pickup gave our parts out for the Harvest Festival play which will be on Thursday 18th October at 10am at St George’s Church. We have been learning our lines and singing the songs in preparation. When we were doing our mile walk which we complete every afternoon, we spotted a tiny hedgehod. It was so cute! Miss Quinn came out to save the day and put it in it’s hedgehog home which is located in the Forest. We gave it some fresh food and water. It was starving!! In maths, we have been doing our number bonds to 10, 20 and/or 100. During english, we have been  looking into non-chronological reports. As a class, we identified that our new book is non-fiction and full of facts. In PE, we have been doing mini cricket which is so fun!

The core value this week was unqiue and this was awarded to Harry.

The Head Teacher’s Award was given to Connor for his hard effort in completing tasks on time and to his best ability.

The mathlete of the week goes to Isaac!

Friday 28th September 2018

During computing this week, we sent a class email to a Queen and she replied! We had to find out some research in order to reply to her. In science, we undertook an investigation. We have been exploring materials and we wanted to investigate ice. We put it in a variety of places and decided why it melted in certain places. Throughout our english lessons, we have been working really hard to improve our sentences by adding adjectives. In maths, we have been looking at length and mass. Did you know there is 100cm in a 1m? What a lovely turn out at the Macmillan coffee morning for such a great cause. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the cakes! Due to the coffee morning taking place on Friday, there was no celebration assembly.

The mathlete of the week goes to Hannah!

Friday 21st September 2018

This week, we have been learning all about Paddington and his visit to St Paul’s. We found out that St Paul’s was ruined in the Great Fire of London in 1666. In maths, we have been counting in our 2s and 10s. Everyday Miss Pickup gets us to shout them out in order for us to remember them. Miss Pickup wants us to learn them at home so we become a maths genius! In science, we undertook an investigation and tested out different materials to see if they were changeable. During topic, we have been putting the Great Fire of London in order to see when the events occurred. In art, we are continuing to draw our beautiful pictures of the shard.

The core value this week was supportive and this was awarded to Charlie.

The Head Teacher’s Award was given to Taryn for amazing problem solving skills in maths.

The mathlete of the week goes to Charlie!

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