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Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome to our Year 2 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 2 staff: Miss Brown and Mrs Sinclair

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6th December 2019

On Monday, we had an unexpected surprise when we were introduced to our class elf, Buddy! He brought us a fantastic new class novel, ‘The Christmasaurus’ and has been playing tricks on us ever since!

In English, we have developed our knowledge of narratives and have begun planning another, based around ‘Katie in London.’ We have progressed onto exploring money in Maths, which we are beginning to really understand and enjoy!

We had an amazing time at the theatre on Wednesday when we went to see ‘Cinderella’ the pantomime! We are definitely getting into the festive spirit now!

Our performance of ‘Prickly Hay’ is getting closer and closer – so we have been working harder and harder! We can’t wait to amaze you all! Please remember your costume if you have been asked to bring one in – please do let us know if you are having any problems!

Head Teacher’s Award:

Core Value:

29th November 2019

Linked to our class text ‘Katie in London’, we wrote an even better non-chronological report all about lions! We researched some great facts before putting it together.

In Maths, we have concluded our addition and subtraction block by focusing on number bonds to 100. We have used different resources and problems to do this.

We are really looking forward to our Christmas production, ‘Prickly Hay’ and have already begun practicing! Please remember we need your child’s costumes and reply slip for tickets as soon as possible. As well as this, we have been working on Christmas crafts to sell at the Christmas Fair next Friday! We can’t wait to see you there!

Head Teacher’s Award: Zack, for a fantastic improvement in his writing!

Core Value (Proud): Freddie, well done!

15th November 2019

We have kick started our new topic by studying our new class text ‘Katie in London.’ We have thoroughly enjoyed it and it has really inspired our writing! Through the use of verbs and adverbs we have been able to develop and extend our sentences. We have begun exploring non-chronological reports, with the aim to create our own next week!

In Maths, we have been problem solving this week with addition and one digit numbers. We’ve learnt about bar models and how to crack pictorial codes!

In History, we have explored deeper into the Gunpowder Plot. We learnt how it concluded and how the plotters were caught. We studied Thomas Percy closer and created Wanted! posters.

Head Teacher’s Award: Fletcher, for outstanding reading!

Core Value (Supportive): Scarlett C!

8th November 2019

Welcome to the second half of the Autumn term! We have begun this half term with an introduction to our fabulous new topic: ‘BRIGHT LIGHTS BIG CITY!’

In English, we have started reading our new class text ‘Katie in London.’ We predicted what we think might happen in the story, as well as predicting what the central character, Katie, might be feeling throughout the story. In preparation for our writing next week, in the style of a non-chronological report, we have been looking at the difference between a fact and an opinion.

Subtraction has been the focus in Maths this week. We have developed our knowledge of the column method and used the concept of ‘borrowing’ to help.

Relating to our London themed topic, and as it happened to be Bonfire Night on Tuesday, we have studied the Gunpowder Plot too. We have learnt when it happened, why it happened and who the plotters were. This has been very interesting!

We have started our first Art project by working on a watercolour wash and developing a sketch of the London skyline.

Head Teacher’s Award: Georgia, for great achievement in maths!

Core Value (Respectful): Louisa!

25th October 2019

What a truly enjoyable week we have had – a lovely way to end our first half term! We had an AMAZING day at Lumley Castle. The Chamberlain showed us some fantastic features of the castle as well as telling us some interesting (and spooky) stories! Not only did we have the best time but the Chamberlain, as well as members of the public, commented on our impeccable behaviour! Miss Brown and Mrs Sinclair were bursting with pride again!

We enjoyed a Spooktacular day on Thursday, dressing up as scary characters and taking part in fun activities. On Friday, we had a great day supporting St. Oswald’s Hospice – thank you for your kind donations!

We hope you have a restful and enjoyable break with your children. We look forward to coming back next half term, refreshed and ready for some more adventures in Year 2!

Head Teacher’s Award: How could Miss Brown choose?! The whole class were awarded with Head Teacher’s Award for their outstanding behaviour on our trip!

Core Value (Responsible): Emily!

18th October 2019

What another busy week we have had in Year 2! We hope you were all very proud of our Harvest Festival Performance on Wednesday – Miss Brown and Mrs Sinclair certainly were! Thank you very much for your support with the donations to our local food bank. 

Believe it or not, we’ve also had time to complete lots of other activities too! In English, we have concluded our work on ‘George and the Dragon’ by writing a detailed book review. We are going to try and do another one at home, relating to our favourite book at home! We have also been working a little harder on contractions as we are finding this a bit tricky! 

In Maths, we are really beginning to understand using the column method for addition. We think lots of our parents might be able to remember this method from school! We have also been trying to prove Miss Brown wrong my finding her errors, in addition sums, and fixing them for her! 

Wow, what a week – we can’t wait for next! Our class visit on Wednesday, Halloween Day on Thursday and non-uniform day to support St. Oswald’s Hospice on Friday! My goodness, we will be exhausted come half term! 

Head Teacher’s Award: Oliver, for a super performance in our play!

Core Value (Unique): Aston!

Friday 11th October:

This week we have been exploring newspaper reports- looking at their features and analysing them. We then created our own, reporting on a dragon that was on the loose in our school! There are definitely some future journalists in Year 2! We also looked at creating WOW sentences by using superlative adjectives!

In Maths, we continued our work on addition and subtraction, so that we thoroughly understand it!

In our foundation subjects, we explored atlases, the life of Saint Bede and investigated macadamisation – wow, what a long word!

We have been working so hard on our Harvest Festival performance so that we amaze you next week! Please be sure to attend, Wednesday 16th at 9:15am.

Head Teacher’s Award: Corey, for a superb newspaper report!

Core Value: Zack, for being proud of both himself and friends!

Friday 4th October:

In English this week we have focused on first and third person, suffixes and expanded noun phrases. We have also completed super diary entries from the perspective of the dragon in our story! We used our new skills brilliantly within our writing.

We have been working on addition in Maths, using place value counters to help us. As well as this, we have recapped and consolidated our knowledge of fact families!

In order to make our classroom even better we have been working on some creative pieces, such as fantastic, magnetic coat of arms!

You should all have had a letter now about our Harvest Festival assembly (exciting!!) and our class visit (even more exciting!!) – please speak to a member of staff if you have any questions!

Head Teacher’s Award: Millie, for fantastic investigation skills in Science!

Core Value (Supportive): Skye!

Friday 27th September:

Our time in Year 2 has started with a few busy weeks but we have settled in brilliantly! Miss Brown and Mrs Sinclair are so proud of the work we have done already!

In English this week, we have continued our work on ‘George and the Dragon.’ After retelling the story last week, we transformed it this week! We had some fantastic ideas and used the skills that we have learnt already. We have been recapping and learning all about adjectives, commas in a list, sentence types and more!

In Maths, we have been working really hard to secure our knowledge of place value. We have been exploring what the part whole model is and representing ones and tens in different ways. We have also been counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s and solved some tricky problems relating to this! We are getting really speedy when completing arithmetic questions, too!

Well done for all the fantastic homework projects that have been brought in! Thank you parents for supporting us with this.

Head Teacher’s Award: Scarlett S, for a fantastic effort to improve her handwriting!

Core Value (Respectful): Amelia!