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Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome to our Year 2 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 2 staff:

Miss Brown – Class Teacher

Mrs Sinclair – Teaching Assistant

Friday 18th September 2020

Happy Friday! One last push before the weekend, you can do it Year 2!

Let’s finish our Maths for the week with some quick arithmetic. Remember, if you need to use any concrete resources or sticks and dots to help you, then go for it!

As we’ve been thinking about characters and adjectives this week, I’d like you to follow the link below and explore characters that little bit more. Please familiarise yourself with this website as I plan to use it a lot more next week. It has amazing resources to benefit from!


Our final lesson of the day is Art. Last week, we explored Colin Thompson’s illustrations in his book ‘Castles’. We thought about how creative and imaginative his drawings were, but we don’t know that much about him, do we? This afternoon, could you complete some artist research on Colin Thompson? You could find facts such as: where he comes from, how old he is, has he published more books? I would love to hear some super interesting facts on PM!

Have a great day Year 2 and an even better weekend! Catch up with you on Monday. Miss Brown x

Thursday 17th September 2020

Morning guys! Wow, it was lovely to see how many of you were working hard yesterday! It’s great to see you really getting stuck into our new topic too. I loved the dragon that Guy made! I have really enjoyed reading the information texts and postcards you have completed on PM too – great job!

A super postcard, Tilly!
Fabulous facts, Lily!
Brilliant effort, Elizabeth!

Now then, let’s get started with todays jobs! I love this brainteaser, see how tricky it is just to say the colour!

For Maths today, we are continuing our work on place value – this time, looking at the part whole model. Please watch the video below before completing the task. I have also attached the answers should you need them.

For English, let’s work on our adjectives in a different context. I would like you to complete the activity below using a different range of adjectives, different to that of a dragon!

Something a bit different for this afternoon…the next lesson in our PSHE: Thinking Positive module, is all about choices. Through the Powerpoint, can you discuss the difference between a good choice and bad choice? Have you ever made a bad choice and regretted it? Why is it important to make good choices?

Have a good day lovelies! After a hard-working day yesterday, I can’t wait to see what you produce today! Miss Brown 🙂

Please find attached a letter from Mrs Pizl 🙂

Wednesday 16th September 2020

Morning Year 2!

Are your brains ready to get going again?

Our Maths today is a continuation of representing numbers to 100. Have a look at the various number lines below, and estimate where you think the given numbers would go. BUT, pay attention to the number at the end of the number line, don’t let that trick you!

Using the bank of adjectives you created yesterday for the dragon, I would like you to have a go putting a character description together about him. I have attached a template below where you can just add your adjectives, however, I would love it if you could experiment with your own sentences after!

For a bit of extra reading today, there’s a George and the Dragon comprehension you could complete. It’s a short extract from the story so focus on reading super speedy and fluent.

Finally, today would have been our computing session in the suite. If you have access to PM, have a look at the 2Do ‘Jumping Monkey.’ In the dialogue box, have a try at giving the monkey some codes to follow to help him catch the banana!

Keep going Year 2, we’re half way through the week already! You can do this!! Miss Brown x

Tuesday 15th September 2020

Hi guys! Huge well done to those of you who worked super hard yesterday, let’s see if we can keep that up today. Well done to my Sumdog Superstars: Matthew, Lily, Guy, Tilly, Jack and Annabelle! A special well done to Elizabeth who had 100% accuracy – great job Miss Dibb! 

A little brainteaser to get you going…how many triangles can you count?

Today’s Maths is all about representing numbers up to 100. Watch the video below to give you a bit of support and then find the activity below. 

Our English task today is focusing on adjectives. Remember an adjective is a word that describes a noun. For example, instead of just saying ‘the butterfly,’ you could say ‘the BEAUTIFUL, MULTICOLOURED butterfly!’ See how much better that sounds? So thinking about the dragon from our story, can you sort the adjectives I have given you into appearance or personality. You might want to challenge yourself by thinking of your own. Think about making your adjectives as exciting and juicy as possible!!

Continuing our work on materials in Science, I would like you to have a go at classifying (grouping) some everyday objects according to the material they are made from. Have a look at the items on the activity below, can you say if they’re made of plastic, glass, wood etc.? Maybe even explore your own too!  

Remember if you have any questions, head over to our blog! Have a good day, Miss Brown ☀️🌈

Monday 13th September 2020

Good morning Year 2! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, I’m sure you were exhausted after your first full week in Year 2, I know I certainly was! I do hope you are all safe and well too.

Since we can’t be together, I will be posting daily updates on here to keep us on track with our lessons. First of all, can I just remind you that you have access to Sumdog and Purple Mash. Work on your quick mental maths skills on Sumdog and then on PM you will find that I have set you ‘2Dos’ which are related to our new topic.

In Maths today we will be focusing on reading and writing numbers, right up to 100 if you’re up for it! Find below an activity where you will be asked to write a given number as a numeral, written word and show a representation. We are aiming to be spelling the written words correctly, so do check with an adult to help you improve that.

For an extra challenge…use your knowledge of comparing numbers (greater or less than signs), to solve this problem! Who will be the first to show me on PM? Hmm!

For English, I would like you to continue something that we started on Friday. I would like you to remind yourselves of the difference between a question mark and exclamation mark, and where or how we use them. Have a go at the worksheet below – deciding what punctuation a given sentence will need.

You have all been given a new home reader now so please enjoy that with a grown up. For an additional English job, why don’t you have a look at this weeks non-negotiables. Remember these are the spellings that I have picked up from your writing that we need to fix!

For something a bit different…as we have started our castles topic, ‘Dungeons and Dragons’, you could begin by researching the features of a castle. After doing so, compare the features to that of your own home. What is different? Why? Are there any features that are similar or the same?

Like last year, we do have a Class Blog over on PM, where you can keep me up to date and show me all of your brilliant work! Please make sure to post on the ‘NEW Y2 Blog’.

Stay safe and keep up the good work for your grown ups. Speak to you tomorrow lovelies, Miss Brown 🙂

11th September 2020

What a great first week we have had in Year 2! It has been so lovely to see the children and see their smiles get bigger and bigger each day, as they’ve grown in confidence already!

We have kick started the year with our first topic – ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. We can’t wait to see what we will learn and explore during this topic. Already, we have begun reading ‘George and the Dragon.’ We made some creative and imaginative predictions about the story, and some were very accurate!!

In maths, we have started exploring place value, while also recapping weight and mass from last year. All in which made a very busy week indeed!

This week each child has been given a letter about our first homework project. Please ensure they are driven by the children and are completed by the deadline.

Have a lovely weekend, I can’t wait to see what next week brings!