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Year 2 – Archived Sept 2021

Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome to our Year 2 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 2 staff:

Miss Brown – Class Teacher

Mrs Sinclair – Teaching Assistant

Friday 2nd July

Happy Rainbow Day! What a week it has been! We started the week by writing some fantastic three and four part narratives. We worked hard to add in as much detail as we could using adjectives and adverbs. We have also started our last writing project, based on instructions.

Within maths, we have been consolidating multiplication and division, while also solving more complex two-step problems.

As we come to the end of our seaside topic, we are in the middle of using our new found knowledge to create an informative leaflet, based on St. Ives.

Congratulations to Jake and Bethany for receiving our Head Teacher’s Award this week! Jake wrote an excellent narrative and Bethany has been working super hard on improving her handwriting!

A HUGE well done to our super silver merit medalists – amazing work!!

Next week, we have a super busy week, full of exciting events and fun! Have a lovely weekend Year 2! Miss Brown x

Friday 25th June

What a week! We have been working so hard in all areas. In maths, we have moved onto consolidating multiplication and division ready for Year 3. We have challenged ourselves by completing trickier problems too.

In English, we have reached the half way point of ‘The Famous Five.’ There has been some exciting moments that have made us gasp and laugh! In our writing, we have been working on adding detail through the use of verbs and adverbs. We have also practised writing in the past tense, in preparation for writing our narrative next week.

Healthy lifestyles have been the focus of our science lessons recently. This week we have been thinking about the different food groups and how each of them benefit us. We have also thought about exercise and how this can contribute to a healthy lifestyle too.

Congratulations to Lela and Maddison for receiving our Head Teacher’s Award this week! Lela has impressed me with her super effort with writing. Maddison has been a superstar with multiplication this week. Great job, girls!

Have a great weekend Year 2! See you on Monday, Miss Brown 🙂

Please find information below regarding an exciting football summer camp! (I wonder if Salah will be there?! :D)

Friday 18th June

Happy Friday!

Well, we are absolutely loving ‘The Famous Five: Five on a Treasure Island.’ We have been gripped at the end of every page! This week we considered the character of George. We thought about her characteristics and how she has changed over time. We have also been very busy writing this week! We have wrote a postcard, which is a new writing style to us! We wrote from the perspective of one of the characters in our story.

Continuing our seaside topic, we closed closely at a seaside resort: Poole Harbour. We thought about where it is, what you can do there and what the weather is like. We also learnt new vocabulary related to the seaside and used this in our written work.

Congratulations to Charlie for receiving our Head Teacher’s Award last week (this was given out early this week so didn’t want to spoil the surprise last Friday!!).

This week, congratulations to Arthur and Noah for receiving our Head Teacher’s Award! Noah has worked tirelessly to achieve in our writing after school club – super work! Arthur has completed some fantastic work in maths. Well done to you both.

Also, a HUGE well done to our super silver merit medalists – amazing work!!

Have a fabulous weekend Year 2! Miss Brown x

Friday 11th June

Welcome back to the second half of the summer term! I hope you had a wonderful break with your families!

We have kick started our brand new topic, ‘SEASIDE SENSATION!’ Which is very fitting for this time of year. We were introduced to our new class text, Enid Blyton’s ‘The Famous Five: Five on a Treasure Island.’ We made some fantastic predictions about what events would happen in this longer text. Thinking particularly about the seaside setting, we explored our senses and thought about what we might see, feel, touch, taste and smell while at the seaside. Following this, we created some excellent setting description. We aimed to make our reader feel like they were really there!!

Have a fabulous weekend Year 2! Miss Brown x

Friday 28th May

What a fantastic week we’ve had! We had a wonderful ‘PIRATE DAY’ on Wednesday to celebrate the end of our topic. We loved taking on the role of pirates, creating telescopes, eyepatches and writing messages in a bottle. At the beginning of the day, we were put into crews where we took part in challenges, thought of a cool crew name and also designed a meaningful flag that represented us! We were so into our roles that every landlubber we passed throughout the day, we shouted ‘WALK THE PLANK!’

On Thursday, we were gripped by ‘History Day.’ Before our significant figure was revealed, we investigated a basket full of artefacts and clues. We made some great predictions before guessing that this person must have been in the medical industry. It was then revealed that our key figure was Mary Seacole. Not only did we enjoy hearing about her magnificent life and the impact she made on life today, but we also had in-depth conversations about the subject of race. We made some great, evidential points and discussed this issue very maturely!

There are lots of pictures attached below for you to have a good look at.

Congratulations to Matthew, for receiving our Head Teacher’s Award this week! Matthew is a wonderful role model and is a super helper within our class – great job and thank you!

I hope you all have a wonderful, restful break with your families! Relax and enjoy before our last half term in Year 2 starts! (Tissues at the ready already…) Speak soon, Miss Brown.

Friday 21st May

Happy Friday! What a week it has been! In English, we have continued our work on non-chron reports, only this week transforming and creating a report based on parrots! We have been intrigued about them throughout our topic, so figured it would be fitting! We thoroughly enjoyed collecting the facts that we would use in our report.

This week, we have also concluded our work on addition and subtraction, as we get ready to progress onto shape next week.

In geography, we have moved onto looking at the exotic island of St. Lucia! We have located it on the world map and discussed what islands and seas are nearby. We also compared this island, to a city that we are familiar with from a previous topic, which is London.

Congratulations to Sophia for receiving our Head Teacher’s Award this week! Sophia wrote a fantastic non-chron report this week – great job!

Have a lovely weekend, see you on Monday! Miss Brown 🙂

Friday 14th May

Wow, what a week! We have been on fire with our writing this week. We have been focusing on writing non-chron reports, based on pirates. After collecting and organising some super interesting facts, we set to work writing. Not only did we use some great facts in our report, but we organised our reports very well too. As well as this, we also started reading a new pirate-themed text, called ‘The Troll.’ We compared and contrasted how we thought this story would differ to ‘Molly Roger’s Pirate Girl.’ As ‘The Troll’ is quite familiar to a traditional tale that we know, we took part in some drama too. We worked in groups, gave out character roles and recalled key phrases from the story. All of our performances were such a pleasure to watch! So much so that everyone got a merit!! In maths, we have been consolidating our addition and subtraction skills through lots of problem solving!

In history, we took on the role of Captain Cook and completed a fabulous hot seating task. We thought of super intriguing questions that we would love to know the answer to, if we had had the opportunity to ask Cook himself! While in science, we have been engrossed in the growing of our cress! We have recorded our results along the way, as well as also discussing the effects of greenhouses.

In history, we took on the role of Captain Cook and completed a fabulous hot seating task. We thought of super intriguing questions that we would love to know the answer to, if we had had the opportunity to ask Cook himself! While in science, we have been engrossed in the growing of our cress! We have recorded our results along the way, as well as also discussing the effects of greenhouses.

Congratulations to Liam who received our Head Teacher’s Award this week. Liam has showed a great dedication to read at home recently, well done!

Have a lovely weekend cherubs! Miss Brown 🙂

Please find attached information about ‘WALK THIS MAY’, which begins next week. Do let me know if you walk!

7th May 2021

Happy Friday! We have had a wonderful week continuing and exploring our own ideas within our narrative writing. In maths, we have furthered our knowledge of addition and subtraction. We have focused a little more on ‘finding the difference’ as this was quite a tricky concept to grasp at first!

We have loved studying Captain James Cook in our history lessons. We thought about the specific, intriguing events in his lifetime and put this knowledge onto timelines. Within science, we have continued our work on ‘plants’. This week, we thought about the plants you can eat vs. the plants that you can’t eat. This led to an interesting debate!

You should all have had a letter now about our Year 2 PIRATE DAY! This will be on 26th May and whether you would like your child to dress as a pirate or wear casual clothes, either is fine! We are super excited!!!

Congratulations to Roman who received our Head Teacher’s Award this week, for a super effort towards his work! Great job, Roman!

Have a lovely weekend Year 2! Miss Brown 😃

30th April 2021

Welcome back to our class blog! This will be updated on a weekly basis to let you know about what we’ve been getting up to.

This half term, our topic is ‘A Pirate’s Life for Me!” We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about famous figures like Captain James Cook. It was interesting to learn that he was from a town in Yorkshire. Some of us were amazed that he lived quite local! We have also studied ‘Molly Rogers Pirate Girl’ in English. We think Molly is an exciting character and is certainly very brave. Using this text as inspiration, we have wrote some brilliant narratives, using excellent adjectives and a range of conjunctions. Handwriting has been a big focus this half term too. We are trying to perfect our letter formation, as well as joins.

In maths we have been busy recapping and learning addition and subtraction skills ready for next year! We have also been working very hard on spotting tricky problems and solving them.

Remember, weekly homework and spellings are on Showbie for your child to complete.

Have a lovely LONG weekend and I will see you on Tuesday! Miss Brown 🙂

QUICK NOTICE: Our PE kit day continues to be a Monday, starting with the first Monday back in the New Year!

18th December 2020

Well, Year 2…here we are at the end of the Autumn term! What a hard-working, fun and memorable term we have had! I am super proud of each and every one of you. You have worked your socks off and achieved things that you should be very, very proud of.

We concluded our RE topic of Christmas this week. We explored the Christmas story, discussed why light is so significant throughout Christmas and even made our own Christingles, after thinking about the important meaning of them. I loved seeing Noah’s Christingle lit up at home!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our last week. The theatre came to us on Tuesday as we watched the pantomime, ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes.’ We had some giggles creating and performing a mini-play for Miss Scriven (who is sadly leaving us). Finally, we brought our DT topic to an end by finalising and evaluating the fabulous bunting we made!

Our final Head Teacher’s Award of 2020 was given to Robbie! I have been super impressed with Robbie’s positive attitude and dedication towards his learning – keep it up, well done!

Mrs Sinclair and I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas break with your families. Enjoy every minute…we can’t wait to hear all about it! Roll on 2021, hopefully it’s the best year yet! Lots of love, Miss Brown 🙂

If you have a spare five minutes, why not try this! Some of the experiments sound super fun! I would love to see some examples.

Hello all, please find attached a picture of the wonderful Christmas tree baubles we have been making. If you would like to purchase your child’s, we are asking for a contribution of £1. Thank you!

11th December 2020

What a week! Where do we even begin? We are well and truly in the Christmas spirit after the most amazing, magical week! We started the week by working hard on some brilliant crafts for our grown ups at home. On Wednesday, I think everyone would agree, that we had the BEST DAY EVER! We were completely surprised that our forest had been transformed into a gorgeous Winter Wonderland! We couldn’t believe our very eyes at the magic that appeared before us…Mrs Claus’ kitchen, the elves workshop, Mary, Joseph & Jesus and of course, SANTA CLAUS!

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, we then had a fantastic time at our party! Lots of fun, games, craziness and giggles! A super day all round! Have a look at some of the magic below…

Have a great weekend, Year 2! I can’t wait to see what next week brings! Remember, we will now break up on the Thursday (instead of the Friday)…thank goodness, I think we need an extra nights sleep before the big man comes, especially after this week! Miss Brown x

A special performance for you all to enjoy…

3rd December 2020

Wow, can you believe that it’s December already?! Well, what a start we have had! We were super excited that an elf came to visit us! It must have been a bumpy ride from the North Pole and she forgot her name! As a class, we decided that our elf would be called Elsie! She has been up to lots of mischief already!

In English, we have worked our socks off on our narratives. Together, we worked on a brilliant storyline! We included some excellent features, such as: inverted commas, expanded noun phrases and a range of conjunctions.

We have concluded our work on money this week. We really have the hang of counting in pounds and pence. As well as thinking about finding the difference, a total and working out change.

Big congratulations to Leo who achieved our Head Teacher’s Award this week! Leo has shown great dedication and a fabulous attitude towards our maths booster sessions! Well done Leo 🙂

Again, your homework and spellings are on Showbie. Huge well done to those of you that accessed this last week! I was very impressed with your work, but also how tech-savvy you are! I have sent homework books home but these are not to come back to school, I thought they would be handy to have around the house to make any notes etc. Please note as well, it is more purposeful if the children are commenting/messaging via Showbie so it is their voice and experiences that are shared.  

You will have received a text message but just to remind you there will be no PE kit day next week due to Christmas parties (ours is Wednesday!).

Have a great weekend, Year 2! DT and Christmas crafts week, next week – wahoo!! One week closer!!! 🎄🎅🏽💫


Please find attached information about our annual book fair!!!

Friday 27th November 2020

What a great Science Week we have had! Science has been the focus of our afternoons, with lots of experimenting and learning fun facts! We continued to explore the suitability of materials. Linked to our topic, we experimented to see which material would be the most suitable for the Queen’s Palace. We had to ensure that the material would be strong and sturdy enough to stand through all weathers. After making our predictions, we set to work, designing and creating palaces made out of wood, plastic, tin foil and paper.

In order to see if our Palaces could stand in all weather, after building them we then measured the height of them. We then poured 100ml of water over each Palace, which represented the rain. We then directed a hairdryer at each Palace for 10 seconds, which represented the wind. We then measured the height each Palace again. The results were very interesting – ask your children for more info! 

In English we have been thinking about direct speech and applying it in our writing. We have been working hard on narratives and telling our story of ‘Katie and the Lost Coat.’ We wrote some brilliant stories, that included the rule of three.

We have concluded our work on addition and subtraction in Maths, and progressed onto looking at money. Just in time for the Christmas season and writing our Christmas lists! 😉

Huge congratulations to Elizabeth who received our Head Teacher’s Award this week! Well done Elizabeth for you super achievement in Maths! Your impeccable behaviour and 100% effort is a delight to see! 

As you are aware, homework and spellings are now given via Showbie! Please have a go at accessing this over the weekend and let me know if there are any problems ASAP. If you’ve got to the homework that’s based on speech marks, then you’re on the right track!! 

Have a lovely weekend Year 2, Miss Brown 🙂

Monday 23rd November 2020

Hi all,

Please find attached a Parent’s Guide to Showbie. As stated on Friday, from this week all spellings and homework will be on this app. There is nothing uploaded yet, but please do familiarise yourself with getting logged on etc. Any questions, please just ask!

Thanks, Miss Brown 🙂

Friday 20th November 2020

We have been on fire this week! Not only have we completed some practise tests but we have worked incredibly hard in other areas too!

In English, we have continued our work on non-chron reports. Using our ‘Katie in London’ text as inspiration, we wrote a non-chron report based on lions. Not the Trafalgar Square kind but the real kind!!

We have progressed onto subtraction in Maths this week. Within subtraction, we have been thinking about ‘exchanging’ (when we cross tens). We found this quite tricky at first, but with the support of concrete resources, we quickly began to understand it! This week we have REALLY been focusing on our presentation this week. Our ability in Maths is great but we have been paying special attention to ensure that our presentation is just as good!

Huge congratulations to Jack who won our Headteacher’s Award this week! Jack has incorporated some amazingly creative ideas into his writing! Great job, Jack!

This weeks spelling are: faster, fastest, kinder, kindest, harder, hardest, older, oldest, quicker, quickest

This week will be the last week that paper copies of homework and spellings will be sent home. From next week, we are really excited to be introducing ‘Showbie’ for homework and home learning purposes. More information to come on that very soon!

Have a great weekend, Year 2! I can’t wait to begin SCIENCE WEEK next week! Miss Brown x

Monday 16th November 2020

Please find attached a copy of this half terms Parent Booklet. You will find lots of exciting information about what’s to come! Enjoy 🙂

Also, some of you might be interested in this news:

The Youth Sport Trust have taken the step to deliver a free virtual after school club as part of a national response to the second lockdown. The 30-minute club will take place at 5pm each weekday and be led by a different member of the YST’s athlete mentor network, starting on Thursday 12 November with world no.1 female inline skater and 10-time British Champion Jenna Downing. The After School Sport Club will then run for five weeks until December 18 and children and young people can take part live by visiting our YouTube channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/YouthSportTrust

Friday 13th November

What a lovely Friday we have had, wearing our pyjamas to fundraise for Children in Need! We are thoroughly enjoying having our PE lessons back too! Next week our PE day will change to a MONDAY (week beg. 16/11/20).

Here we are supporting Joe Wicks as he finished his 24hour PE challenge!

In English this week, we have turned our attention to non-chron reports. We learnt about the features needed in a non-chron report and analysed them carefully in an example we were given. As our report was based on the London Eye, we collected some really interesting facts in the computer suite, before getting to work on it! We thought carefully about an intriguing heading. We also thought carefully about appropriate subheadings that really related to the facts we were writing. Overall, we wrote some fantastic reports that we are very proud of!

Addition has continued to be the main focus within our Maths lessons. We have progressed onto using place value counters, while also consolidating using sticks and dots to support us. In Catch-up Maths, we have developed our knowledge of time, focusing on o’clock and half past.

We have really enjoyed the Geography element of our London topic. That reminds me…how fantastic is the topic title that we decided on…’I Spy with The London Eye!’ Back to Geography – we have really enjoyed exploring deeper into facts about the UK, its countries and capital cities. We worked brilliantly in partners to use an atlas in order to locate various cities within England too.

Huge congratulations to George who won our Headteacher’s Award this week. George wrote an excellent newspaper report last week so this was thoroughly deserved! Well done George!

This weeks spelling are: hunting, hunter, hunted, buzzer, buzzing, buzzed, jumper, jumping, jumped.

See you on Monday, have a great weekend! Miss Brown 🙂

Friday 6th November 2020

Wow, where did that first week go?! We blinked and we missed it!! We have been on fire this week, working our socks off to ensure that all of our missed learning is caught up.

In our Maths, we have been getting our teeth stuck into addition. We have perfected the use of base ten to help us and will soon be moving on to using other methods and trickier numbers! We have been focusing on money in our Catch-up Maths; recognising coins and notes, counting and comparing money.

We were super excited on Tuesday to learn that our new topic text is, ‘Katie in London.’ Before reading deeper into the story, we thought about our reading dog ‘Pip Predicts’ and made some excellent predictions about the text. Following this, we read the story and wrote fabulous newspaper reports about the Trafalgar Square lion that was running wild!!

As our topic is driven by Geography, we started by recapping the countries within the UK and their capital cities. We also considered what else we would also like to learn for the duration of this topic.

Again, our PE day for next week will be FRIDAY.

Huge congratulations to Lily, who won our Headteacher Award this week! Well done Lily for working brilliantly at home!

Enjoy the picture below of some spooky children!

Have a lovely weekend! Miss Brown x

Monday 2nd November 2020

Good morning, Year 2! I hope you have all enjoyed a lovely, restful break. I need you to get your brains back into gear ready for the second half of the Autumn term.

Today though, I would like you to have a look at the video below for our Maths, then complete the activity below.

If you are finding that too tricky, have a go at this activity instead!

I am super excited to tell you that our next topic is all about ‘LONDON’. For English/Geography, I would like you to remind yourselves of what a question is, then think of some amazing questions to do with London, that you would like to know the answer to! Remember, like last half term when we asked questions about castles, ask a really interesting question – that you DON’T know the answer to already! I will be listening to your examples tomorrow so make them good!

Finally…I need your help! I need you to think of a snappy, intriguing title for our London topic. Remember when we thought of the castles title: “DRAGONS AND DUNGEONS’? Try and think of one that is just as exciting! There might be house points up for grabs for the best!

See you tomorrow guys, I can’t wait to catch up with you all! Miss Brown x

Thursday 22nd October

Firstly, a huge well done to you all…we have made it to the end of our first half term in Year 2! You have all worked your socks off and I am super proud of you all! I know the half term hasn’t ended how we planned, but AS PROMISED, our Halloween day will be on Wednesday 4th November! Super exciting! Please see the letter at the bottom of this post from Mrs Pizl.

This week, we have been bringing our Castles topic to an end in Art. Throughout this half term, we have been exploring drawing and the techniques involved. Using the work by Colin Thompson as inspiration, we have created some beautiful, but also creative, castles. Please see the video below to see how much we concentrated!

In English, after working on narratives, we turned our focus onto writing recounts this week. Can you believe that in the early hours of Wednesday morning, a cheeky, green dragon let himself into our classroom!! He stomped around and breathed fire everywhere! We could not believe our eyes – so much so, that we wrote a newspaper report all about it! We have carefully analysed newspaper articles before creating our own! We thought carefully about our headlines, presentation and the other features necessary.

We have moved onto addition and subtraction in Maths this week. We started by exploring fact families, before comparing and checking the calculations of number bonds. One of your homework tasks is based on this so I hope you remember it well! In Catch-up Maths we have been working on position and direction. We have had great fun testing our knowledge of right, left, up and down! This included lots of dizziness!!!

Huge congratulations to Guy who won our Head Teacher’s Award this week! Guy has showed great enthusiasm and dedication to reading his book EVERY day – I’m super impressed, Guy!

This weeks spelling are: cats, dogs, spends, rocks, thanks, balls, boxes, foxes, catches, matches.

Again, if your child has been given a different set of spellings, please practise that set instead.

Please also work hard and a have a go with the Phonics assessment that I have provided. Be sure to read those alien words accurately – as silly as they may sound!!

Our PE day for the first week back will be the Friday – so remember, come to school in your PE kits!

I’ll be in touch on Monday 2nd November. I hope you all have a great half term, superstars! Stay safe and be good! Miss Brown x

Friday 16th October 2020

This week we found out that the mysterious suitcase we were left last week belonged to Saint George! Lots of us were VERY close with our guesses! We learnt about the legend that is Saint George and the Dragon, as well as learning some real facts about our Patron Saint. Using this knowledge, we created some brilliant fact files about him.

In English, we have been exploring different sentence types and applying suffix rules for past tense verbs, such as: ‘ed’, ‘d’ or ‘ied.’ As well as this, we have written a transform of the narratives we completed last week. We kept the character of the dragon the same but then we thought creatively about the setting where our story could be set and the alternative fear that the dragon may have.

We have really impressed Miss Brown this week with our counting. We are growing in confidence with counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Our challenge this week was to conquer counting in 3s but this still needs a little practise. At home, we thought it might be a good idea to practise counting in 3s as we walk up or down a staircase!!

Continuing our work on materials in Science this week, we have been exploring the process of recycling in detail. We thought about how we can all make a better effort to recycle, both in school and at home.

Congratulations to Bethany who won our Head Teacher’s Award this week, for excellent behaviour and always listening carefully! Go, Bethany! Huge well done to those of you that are making a super effort to read regularly at home – you are really impressing me with your dedication to read as much as you can!

This weeks spelling are: can’t, didn’t, hasn’t, couldn’t, it’s, I’ll, she’s, he’s, they’ll, wouldn’t.

Again, if your child has been given a different set of spellings, please practise that set instead.

Enjoy your weekend Year 2! I really hope it’s not as rainy as it has been this week!! Stay safe, Miss Brown x

Friday 9th October 2020

Here we are, at the end of another brilliant week in Year 2! This week we conquered our longest piece of writing in English. We worked super hard on a retell of our story ‘George and the Dragon’. Miss Brown thought our writing was absolutely fantastic, we used adjectives, time words and the past tense brilliantly. Funnily enough, our George earned himself a merit for his amazing retell – he retold the story very well and wrote with great flare! After that, we learnt how to use commas in a list in our writing. This was quite tricky and still needs a little bit of practise!

In Maths, we have nearly finished our block on place value. We applied our knowledge of tens and ones by using a place value chart, compared and ordered numbers and solved some super tricky problems! We really enjoyed our Catch-up Maths, which was working on doubling, arrays, sharing and grouping groups.

We completed our first experiment in Science this week too. We compared the suitability of various materials in order to conclude which material would ‘float across a moat!’ Do you get the link to our topic?! We were so intrigued by the idea of sinking and floating that we got into a very in-depth conversation about buoyancy and molecules!!! Wow, we definitely have some future scientists in Year 2!

Also linking to our castles topic, we were presented with a mysterious suitcase with clues that helped us to figure out who the suitcase belonged to! Inside, there was a sword, shield, a banquet and a picture of a dragon – any ideas who it could be grown ups? We had some fabulous discussion and inquiry. We thought it could maybe be a soldier from France, an English knight or a King! We will find out next week who indeed it belonged to!

Phew…what a week! As always, we tried our best and showed Miss Brown 100% effort along the way! A huge well done to Jake who was awarded our Head Teacher’s away for a fantastic effort in all areas!

This weeks spellings are: picnic, sunset, rabbit, goblin, thunder, button, basket, bitten, pocket.

If your child has been given an alternative set of spellings, please just practise those and not the above.

Have a great weekend Year 2! I wonder what next week brings 🙂

Friday 2nd October 2020

We have had a great week this week, getting back into our routine and working super hard! In English, we have been continuing our work on adjectives. We have thought about the dragon from our story and created banks of synonyms to help us find the best adjectives! Following this, we impressed Miss Brown with amazing character descriptions of the dragon.

In Maths, we have been working on place value. We have been representing numbers in different ways and used a part whole model, to show that we really understand tens and ones. In our catch-up Maths, we have moved on from measuring capacity and volume to counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We are getting much better at counting in these multiples!

Within Science, we have continued focusing on materials. We have carefully considered which everyday objects would belong to which material group. Finally, in History we have been considering the past, relating this to our own experiences and showing this on a timeline.

Wow, what a busy week and lots of catching up done! Well done everyone, you have worked so hard!! Have a fantastic weekend, Year 2 🙂

Thursday 24th September 2020

Morning guys! Our final day home schooling before we are back in class tomorrow! 

In Maths, we’re thinking about the comparison signs but this time in relation to numbers or quantities. We have really got the hang of this now so I expect some more super work today!

For our English today, it’s time to get writing our diary entry! Using the plan you made yesterday, let’s start sharing your memory through your writing. Because I’m not there with you to model an example, have a look at the completed diary entries below to give you an understanding of how they should be presented. I don’t expect perfection but give it a good go! Try your best, that’s all I ask. I would love to read some examples on the PM blog! 

Your English job might take a bit longer than a normal task but that’s fine. If you have time in the afternoon, have a look at our next PSHE lesson. Again, thinking positively, how can you become more of a Go-Getter? Let me know! 

Well done to our top (and only) 4 on Sumdog yesterday: 1) Lily, 2) George, 3) Annabelle, 4) Tilly!

Have a great day! I am super excited to see your lovely faces tomorrow!! Miss Brown 🙂

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Morning Year 2! We are halfway through the week now – come on, we’ve got this! I hope you are still keeping up the good work for your grown ups, I haven’t heard from a lot of you in a few days. Remember I would love to see some examples of your work – you can show me on the PM blog or through the school email.

Our Maths today moves on to comparing objects. We looked at the comparison signs (greater than or less than) when we were at school, so you all have a head start with this job! 

For English today, we’re going to think about beginning to write our own diary entry today. Before we start writing it, I would like you to think about planning it. Now, I was going to ask you to write about your weekend but that would be very boring since we are all isolating…so, instead, have a think about a really memorable, exciting day from the summer holidays. Maybe it was a day trip somewhere, a holiday, a birthday. Think about the key events that you remember most about it. Think about your feelings, did they stay the same throughout the memory or did they change? I have attached a template of a plan for you to start writing your ideas. Remember this is just a plan, and we will come to write the final piece tomorrow. 

Our afternoon lesson today is Computing. If you can, I have set you a 2Do (2Do: Dancer) which focuses on our coding module. This time can you set the correct codes to make the flashing lights do different things on the dancefloor? If you get past the first stage of the coding, do keep going as it will get trickier and more challenging for you! Lots of you were coding superstars last week, see who can crack it again this week! 

A huge well done to our top 3 Sumdog Superstars yesterday: 1) George, 2) Tilly, 3) Annabelle! Amazing effort guys!

Have a super day! Catch up with you soon, Miss Brown x

Tuesday 22nd September 2020

Hi guys! 

Our Maths today is focusing on using a place value chart. This will be new to you so please watch the video carefully. 

Following on from our input on diary entries yesterday, we are going to think about using the past tense accurately. This is a key feature of writing a diary entry, as the memories or events have already happened! Have a look at the grid below; see if you can figure out the past or present tense of the verbs given. Remember: the past has happened already, the present is happening now.

For an extra bit of reading, I have attached a short comprehension – ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped a Princess!’ Sounds hilarious, why don’t you have a read and have a go at the questions?

In Science last week, we thought about grouping everyday objects according to the materials they are made of. Today, we are going to think about which objects are changeable because of the material they are made of. So, with that in mind, I have a little experiment for you! On the chart below, there are a selection of household items (if you haven’t got these ones, feel free to experiment with your own selection!) that I would like you to test. I wonder, which of the items can bend, twist, stretch or squeeze? When you have tested them, have a look at the evaluation questions on the next page. Happy experimenting!  

Monday 21st September 2020

Good morning Year 2! I hope it’s been a good weekend and you’re all safe and well! Finally, we’ll be back together on Friday but let’s make the days count before then. 

Today in Maths, we are continuing our work on place value. This time, looking at tens and ones with addition. Again, please watch the video first so you get a thorough understanding of the activity. The activity and answers are also attached below. 

If that is a bit too tricky for you, don’t worry! Have a go at the activity below instead!

In English this week, we will be thinking about writing diary entries. Have a look at the link below and listen to how we can tell recounts of events and write diary entries from our memory. 


This afternoon, as part of our History lesson, why don’t you use this time to get started with (or continue working on) your homework projects. I appreciate that you may not have used the time over the weekend to start these as you will have been working with your grown ups all of last week, so please use this time now to do so. I have attached the letter again to remind you of your task. Please, please make sure this is a quality piece of work and don’t feel like your project needs to be 3D. A 2D detailed piece of research or a story etc. will be just as brilliant!

One last thing, can I just check who wrote a DT letter over lockdown asking for contributions? I’ve got Lily, but was there anyone else? Please let me know on the PM blog.

Have a great day, guys – work hard! Miss Brown 🙂

Quick update

I just wanted to quickly pop on before the weekend to say how proud I am of your effort this week. It’s put a huge smile on my face to see so much work being handed in on PM and to also see some amazing scores over on Sumdog. Jack and Jake, you have blown my socks off with your amazing accuracy today, so big well done to you two!

Have a super weekend, speak to you all soon! Miss Brown 🙂

Friday 18th September 2020

Happy Friday! One last push before the weekend, you can do it Year 2!

Let’s finish our Maths for the week with some quick arithmetic. Remember, if you need to use any concrete resources or sticks and dots to help you, then go for it!

As we’ve been thinking about characters and adjectives this week, I’d like you to follow the link below and explore characters that little bit more. Please familiarise yourself with this website as I plan to use it a lot more next week. It has amazing resources to benefit from!


Our final lesson of the day is Art. Last week, we explored Colin Thompson’s illustrations in his book ‘Castles’. We thought about how creative and imaginative his drawings were, but we don’t know that much about him, do we? This afternoon, could you complete some artist research on Colin Thompson? You could find facts such as: where he comes from, how old he is, has he published more books? I would love to hear some super interesting facts on PM!

Have a great day Year 2 and an even better weekend! Catch up with you on Monday. Miss Brown x

Thursday 17th September 2020

Morning guys! Wow, it was lovely to see how many of you were working hard yesterday! It’s great to see you really getting stuck into our new topic too. I loved the dragon that Guy made! I have really enjoyed reading the information texts and postcards you have completed on PM too – great job!

A super postcard, Tilly!
Fabulous facts, Lily!
Brilliant effort, Elizabeth!

Now then, let’s get started with todays jobs! I love this brainteaser, see how tricky it is just to say the colour!

For Maths today, we are continuing our work on place value – this time, looking at the part whole model. Please watch the video below before completing the task. I have also attached the answers should you need them.

For English, let’s work on our adjectives in a different context. I would like you to complete the activity below using a different range of adjectives, different to that of a dragon!

Something a bit different for this afternoon…the next lesson in our PSHE: Thinking Positive module, is all about choices. Through the Powerpoint, can you discuss the difference between a good choice and bad choice? Have you ever made a bad choice and regretted it? Why is it important to make good choices?

Have a good day lovelies! After a hard-working day yesterday, I can’t wait to see what you produce today! Miss Brown 🙂

Please find attached a letter from Mrs Pizl 🙂

Wednesday 16th September 2020

Morning Year 2!

Are your brains ready to get going again?

Our Maths today is a continuation of representing numbers to 100. Have a look at the various number lines below, and estimate where you think the given numbers would go. BUT, pay attention to the number at the end of the number line, don’t let that trick you!

Using the bank of adjectives you created yesterday for the dragon, I would like you to have a go putting a character description together about him. I have attached a template below where you can just add your adjectives, however, I would love it if you could experiment with your own sentences after!

For a bit of extra reading today, there’s a George and the Dragon comprehension you could complete. It’s a short extract from the story so focus on reading super speedy and fluent.

Finally, today would have been our computing session in the suite. If you have access to PM, have a look at the 2Do ‘Jumping Monkey.’ In the dialogue box, have a try at giving the monkey some codes to follow to help him catch the banana!

Keep going Year 2, we’re half way through the week already! You can do this!! Miss Brown x

Tuesday 15th September 2020

Hi guys! Huge well done to those of you who worked super hard yesterday, let’s see if we can keep that up today. Well done to my Sumdog Superstars: Matthew, Lily, Guy, Tilly, Jack and Annabelle! A special well done to Elizabeth who had 100% accuracy – great job Miss Dibb! 

A little brainteaser to get you going…how many triangles can you count?

Today’s Maths is all about representing numbers up to 100. Watch the video below to give you a bit of support and then find the activity below. 

Our English task today is focusing on adjectives. Remember an adjective is a word that describes a noun. For example, instead of just saying ‘the butterfly,’ you could say ‘the BEAUTIFUL, MULTICOLOURED butterfly!’ See how much better that sounds? So thinking about the dragon from our story, can you sort the adjectives I have given you into appearance or personality. You might want to challenge yourself by thinking of your own. Think about making your adjectives as exciting and juicy as possible!!

Continuing our work on materials in Science, I would like you to have a go at classifying (grouping) some everyday objects according to the material they are made from. Have a look at the items on the activity below, can you say if they’re made of plastic, glass, wood etc.? Maybe even explore your own too!  

Remember if you have any questions, head over to our blog! Have a good day, Miss Brown ☀️🌈

Monday 13th September 2020

Good morning Year 2! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, I’m sure you were exhausted after your first full week in Year 2, I know I certainly was! I do hope you are all safe and well too.

Since we can’t be together, I will be posting daily updates on here to keep us on track with our lessons. First of all, can I just remind you that you have access to Sumdog and Purple Mash. Work on your quick mental maths skills on Sumdog and then on PM you will find that I have set you ‘2Dos’ which are related to our new topic.

In Maths today we will be focusing on reading and writing numbers, right up to 100 if you’re up for it! Find below an activity where you will be asked to write a given number as a numeral, written word and show a representation. We are aiming to be spelling the written words correctly, so do check with an adult to help you improve that.

For an extra challenge…use your knowledge of comparing numbers (greater or less than signs), to solve this problem! Who will be the first to show me on PM? Hmm!

For English, I would like you to continue something that we started on Friday. I would like you to remind yourselves of the difference between a question mark and exclamation mark, and where or how we use them. Have a go at the worksheet below – deciding what punctuation a given sentence will need.

You have all been given a new home reader now so please enjoy that with a grown up. For an additional English job, why don’t you have a look at this weeks non-negotiables. Remember these are the spellings that I have picked up from your writing that we need to fix!

For something a bit different…as we have started our castles topic, ‘Dungeons and Dragons’, you could begin by researching the features of a castle. After doing so, compare the features to that of your own home. What is different? Why? Are there any features that are similar or the same?

Like last year, we do have a Class Blog over on PM, where you can keep me up to date and show me all of your brilliant work! Please make sure to post on the ‘NEW Y2 Blog’.

Stay safe and keep up the good work for your grown ups. Speak to you tomorrow lovelies, Miss Brown 🙂

11th September 2020

What a great first week we have had in Year 2! It has been so lovely to see the children and see their smiles get bigger and bigger each day, as they’ve grown in confidence already!

We have kick started the year with our first topic – ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. We can’t wait to see what we will learn and explore during this topic. Already, we have begun reading ‘George and the Dragon.’ We made some creative and imaginative predictions about the story, and some were very accurate!!

In maths, we have started exploring place value, while also recapping weight and mass from last year. All in which made a very busy week indeed!

This week each child has been given a letter about our first homework project. Please ensure they are driven by the children and are completed by the deadline.

Have a lovely weekend, I can’t wait to see what next week brings!