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Welcome to Year 1!

Welcome to our Year 1 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.


Year 1 have had a visit from a naughty elf this week and he keeps breaking out of his jail! What a tinker!!

Wow! what a busy week we have had in year 1 this week! We have been rehearsing so much for our Christmas performance and all of our friends are trying so hard! We hope our parents enjoy it.

In English, we have been working on planning our narrative writing for our final big write of the term (YAY!!) and our story is sounding amazing so far. In maths, we have been working on comparing number bonds, matching number bonds, writing number sentences and taking one away from numbers up to 10.

Congratulations to Amelia for winning our Headteachers award for excellent English work and too Scarlett Shinkfield for winning the core value award.

We are looking forward to getting dressed up for our Superhero day next Friday!


Christmas is officially underway in year 1! We have been working really hard on making our Christmas crafts for the Christmas Fair and we really hope our parents love them as much as we have loved making them! Our Christmas play rehearsals have been going so well this week, Mr Beeson and Miss Pickup are so happy!

In English, we have been describing settings and have even put our hands into different settings to use our senses to provide describing words. Mr Beeson asked us to give 16 describing words but we did one better and made 60! In Maths, We have moved onto our number bonds to 10 and have found them tricky but enjoyed the challenge!

Congratulations to Millie Wardrobe for winning the Headteachers award for her excellent use of describing words in class and in her writing! Keep it up Millie.


We have worked extremely hard this week doing our assessments! We have all had to stay very quiet but we did extremely well! Rehearsals for our Christmas Play are underway and we are all sounds incredible! We can not wait for our parents to hear us. In Science, we have investigated some materials to see if they are waterproof. This was all to help our friend Traction Man and Mr Beeson thinks he will need more help soon! We also had a super time with Hoopstarz – We hope Santa brings us a hoola hoop for Christmas. Thank you to Mrs Brown for organising a super event!

Well done to Scarlett Caswell on winning the Head Teachers award for really working on doing her work independently! Keep it up Scarlett! Our core value this week was responsible which was won by Luke Burnip for being a role model in and out of the classroom.


What a topsy turvy week we have had in year 1. First of all, we have started our christmas concert rehearsals which is very exciting and we can not wait for our parents to see it. In English, we have been working on our imperative verbs and using time words in sentences. Comparing and ordering objects has been our focus in maths. We had a great day on Wednesday and learnt a lot about bullying and how what we should do if someone is being bullied. We also made an amazing display!

Well done to Aston Dawson for winning the head teachers award for his amazing handwriting and attitude in his learning. Congratulations to Skye Terry for winning the core value award.



Year 1 have had an incredible week this week! We have been learning about commands and how we write them. Our instructions are our best piece of writing to date! We are very proud. In maths, we have been working on the greater then/less then and equals signs and we have been amazing at it. We will find it so easy in year 2! In Science, we are still working on materials and can identify different materials around the room as well as properties of materials.

Congratulations to Oliver Cruickshanks for winning the head teachers award for his incredible handwriting and effort in class. Well done to Louisa Nunn for winning the core value award this week for being so supportive of her friends!2


After a well deserved rest, We came back better than ever! We have been making predictions about our new class novel Traction Man as well as making our own story characters. In maths, we have focused on comparing objects and our problem solving skills! Materials is the focus of our science work and we identified materials around our classroom.

Congratulations to Emily Johnson for winning our headteachers award. She has helped her peers and improved in all of her work. Congratulations to Scarlett Caswell for winning our core value award.


What an amazing week we have had! In our English we have been working on our describing words and have even used our senses in our writing! We have been working out 1 more and 1 less than a given number in maths and we have all done so weel! We even made Mr Beeson smile!!! In Science, we investigated the senses taste and smell by trying different foods and smelling different liquids. We do not like the smell of coffee.

Congratulations to Freddie Rounsfell for winning the head teachers award for being a good friend and doing fantastic work. Well done to James Todd for winning our core value award, he won this for being considerate to all of his friends! Keep it up guys!


We have been so busy this week! We have been planning in English ready for our narrative writing piece and they are going to be amazing! We can’t wait for our parents to see on Wednesday! In Maths we have been working on our counting skills as well as practicing how to write our numbers correctly. In Science we have started an investigation into the 5 senses and look forward to testing the other 3 senses on Monday.

Congratulations to Jacob Hillam for winning our head teachers award this week for being so nice to his friends and trying really hard in all of his work! Congratulations to Millie Wardrobe for winning our core value award as well. Well done to both of them!

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday for our invitation afternoon.


Another end to a busy week! This week we have been making hot chocolate in class to help Mr Bear get to sleep as well as write instructions on how to make it for all of his friends!. In maths, our aim has been counting in 2’s with some children moving onto counting in 5’s. We have moved onto looking at parts of the body for our science topic and the story of Siddhartha and the Swan in RE.

Congratulations to Jack Wootton for winning the head teachers award for having a fantastic attitude towards his work and to Eva Loughney for winning our core value award! Keep it up guys!


We have had another busy week in year 1. We have been working on describing words -and time words in our English work this week. We have really worked hard and we are enjoying doing our writing! In maths, we have continued with our measure topic by comparing the weight of different fruit and vegetables to help Mr Bear! We even made a portrait of Mr Beeson out of fruit! We put our investigating hats on for Science and looked at what animals eat by investigating fake animal scat, we even got to take some home to our parents!

We have had a very busy and tiring week but we are making progress in all of our work. 


Wow we have had a busy week! In English we have been reading our book ‘Peace At Last’ as well as working on our basic writing skills. We have all worked really hard and we are improving every day! In Maths, we have been working on sorting objects into longest,shortest, tallest and smallest. In Science we have looked at what animals eat and what we call those animals ready for our investigation next week! We have also learnt about the story of the Monkey King for our RE work and we even role played the story.

Well done to Corey for winning our head teachers award for having an amazing attitude towards his work and peers this week. Well done to Georgia for winning our core value award for being a supportive peer in the classroom and at playtime. 

Also a huge well done to Scarlett and Leo for winning the awards last week.

Our Year 1 staff:
Mr J Beeson – Teacher

Mrs G Butler – Teaching Assistant

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