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Year 1 – Archived Sept 2021

Welcome to Year 1!

Welcome to our Year 1 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Teacher – Mr Beeson

Support – Mrs Sinclair


What a busy week it has been in year 1 this week! We have worked very hard and are making sure that we produce the best work that we can possibly produce!

We have worked hard writing our newspaper reports about goldilocks in English – keep an eye out for her!

This week we finished our fabric faces unit of DT. First we designed our fabric face thinking about which materials we are going to use and decide on the tools. Then we got to making them! We have used all that we have learnt to create some brilliant faces. We hop you like them!

We are so proud of our fabric faces!

Congratulations to Meghan Smith for winning the head teachers award for her amazing fabric face!


Back to a full week of learning and year 1 have not slowed down at all! Well done to you all for an amazing week of brilliant work 🙂

We have continued our topic on weather and the seasons but we were stuck in the MET Office! We had to solve 6 different clues in order to make a code for the door! We worked so hard and managed to get out of the MET office. I hope we don’t get trapped in any more places 🙂

Congratulations to Emma Engelby for winning the head teachers award for her brilliant work using the past tense 🙂 Also a huge well done to Frankie Stores and Tyler Shinkfield for obtaining their silver awards 🙂


What a strange week it has been in year 1, we had an extra day off but it still felt like we worked a full week! Our work as always has been brilliant and we are so proud of ourselves!

In English, We have moved onto the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. We started by sequencing the story and summarizing it. Then we analyzed the characters and made our own wanted poster for Goldilocks!

In Maths, We have been working on fact families using higher numbers. We struggled a bit last week but this week has been easy peasy!

In our afternoon lessons, we have been working hard on our seasons and weather topics! In Science, we have learnt all about animals and how they adapt in winter. We now know that bears hibernate, arctic foxes change their colour, birds migrate to a warmer place and moles store their food.

In Geography, we have been making our own rain! We wanted to learn about rain fall so we investigated clouds using shaving foam and food colouring to simulate the rain. We learnt that we get rain when the cloud becomes too heavy, then it bursts!

In DT, we are continuing our work on fabric faces. We have been exploring and evaluating different joining techniques such as safety pins, glue and sellotape! We then threaded different objects to test our skills!

Congratulations to Jake for winning the head teachers award for always working extremely hard. Congratulations to Jake, Toby and Sophie for winning their silver awards and Matthew for winning his bronze award! Keep it up guys!


What a lovely week we have had in year 1 this week. The children have all worked so hard and are making their school extremely proud!

In maths, we have been working on doing fact families. we started by looking at addition and subtraction facts and then joined them together to find fact families! Our work has been brilliant!

In English, we have been writing our first person narratives about the story of the weather monster. We have described setting, used adjectives and used and to join our sentences. Our writing has been incredible!

In Science, we have been working on seasonal changes. This week we looked at how the trees and their leaves are affected in different seasons. We produced some lovely drawings about these to help us with our learning. In Geography, we have been investigating different pieces of equipment that are used to measure the weather such as thermometers and anemometer’s. We also made our own wind socks to help us with our direction work.

In PE, we have bene working on our balance skills. we played the cat game where we had to get out of the vets and escape by climbing through hula hoops without touching them.


A very Merry Christmas to all of year 1! It has been a lovely half term and I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you! I hope you all have a brilliant Christmas and get lots of rest! I will see you on the 4th January for another busy half term 🙂

Congratulations to Matthew Todd for winning the head teachers award for his brilliant fact family work. Congratulations to Charlotte Rounsfell and Cohen Goundry for achieving their silver medal for getting 25 merits in their merit books. Keep it up guys!


Hi everyone, our amazing snowmen crafts for christmas are available to buy for 2.00 🙂 They are really cute and have been made independently by the children.

Year 1’s brilliant Christmas Crafts 🙂


What a magical week at Fatfield academy! Our elves have worked so hard to create a wonder winter wonderland! We met santa, went inside mrs Claus kitchen and saw the elves in their workshop!

In class, we have been doing DT all week. We started by exploring different moving picture books. We then created sliding pictures, lever mechanisms and wheel mechanisms. Finally we put all these skills together to create a fully moving picture. We worked extremely hard and created some fantastic pieces of work.

Christmas is coming and we have been in the festive spirit. We made our amazing christmas cards and sung away in a manger for our parents. Keep an eye out for our video on the blog and enjoy our brilliant singing.


This week year 1 have been visited by a visitor from the North Pole! We have named him sleigh candycane and we don’t know if he is naughty or nice yet! Today he put us all on rec cards though!!

We have finished our English work on Traction man, we created a story map of Traction Man’s romper suit adventure and then wrote a narrative of the story. We are gutted to finish learning about Traction Man but we can’t wait to start our next book.

In Maths, we have started our place value topic. We have been counting up to 20 and partitioning numbers into tens and ones! We even moved past 20 and went to numbers up to 99!

Jayden was really proud of his counting work this week!

In our afternoon lessons, we continued learning about the UK. We started by learning about the capital cities of the UK and have moved onto identifying human and physical features of the UK. We love learning about new topics!

In PE, we have been doing some basketball. We started by learning how to dribble the ball standing still and moved onto different ways of moving while dribbling the ball.

Aaron showed brilliant control of the ball during PE

Congratulations to Coby Scott for winning the head teachers award for his brilliant science work! Keep it up Coby

Homework this week is maths based and it is partitioning numbers into tens and ones. This is all found on Showbie.com 🙂


Here is the link for the school book fair order form and book list. We have been for a look today and saw lots of exciting and engaging books! We hope Santa can bring us some 🙂


Fantastic work this week year 1! You are all working so hard and making Mr Beeson so proud!

In maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes, we started by naming 3D shapes and moved onto identifying and making our own 3D shapes using midget gems and playdough.

Esther enjoyed making pyramids, cubes and cuboids.

In English, we have started learning about Traction Man’s new adventure. He has to wear an all in one green romper suit with matching bonnet. We have been tracking his emotions throughout the story as well as using adverbs to provide more detail in our writing.

In Science, we have continued working on our material topic. This week we tested to see if different materials float. We did this to make a new boat for Traction Man.

Congratulations to Lola Patterson for winning the head teachers award!

This weel our homework moves onto our new school home learning portal – showbie. The children tried it yesterday to see how it was and to explore the website. Attached is a parent guide and a simpler guide that we went through yesterday.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe


Another week down, 4 more to go! The nights are getting colder but our work is getting better and better 🙂

This week has been science week in year 1! We have turned into budding scientists over the course of the week. We are starting to ask inquisitive questions as well as provide scientific reasoning behind our answers. We have been learning about materials this week. We started by identifying common materials and finding them around the classroom. We then discussed what materials are used for and looked at their properties. Today we helped Traction Man make a new diving suit by investigating if a material is waterproof or not. We made predictions and then investigated to see if we were right or wrong.

We have made Mr Beeson so proud in English, We wrote our own recounts about Traction Man’s adventure in the disgusting sink and it was our best writing to date!

We finally got to do some PE. Our focus this half term is on ball skills, we started by rolling the ball around our body in order to control and balance the ball. We then applied this to an invasion game setting.

Congratulations to Aaron Haire for winning the head teachers award this week. He won this for being an eager reader! Keep it up Aaron!


It was pyjama day in school today but our work was still incredible! This week, we have been very busy doing lots of work while Mr Beeson said lots of nice things about us to our parents.

In English, we have been continuing reading Traction Man. We learnt all about his special mission to go into the sink and look for the lost sieve. We thought that we would help him by putting our hands in the sink and seeing what horrors were in there! It was disgusting!

In Maths, we have finished working on addition and subtraction by writing fact families and using number lines to count backwards. We have learnt lots of new methods which we will use in our future learning!

In Geography, we have started to look at the UK. We started by looking for the UK on a map of the world. Then we labelled a map of the UK with the 4 countries (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). Next we will be learning about the capital cities and the flags of the UK.

Finally in PE, we had visitors in again from Change 4 Life. They played lots of awesome games with us like: plant and chop, island and we even did an obstacle course whole class! It was great fun and it was nice to get some exercise.


Welcome back to another half term in year 1! The countdown to Christmas has begun and the harder we work, the nicer Santa will be!

In maths, we have been working on our subtraction skills. We started by finding parts using part whole models and then moved onto finding how many are left by crossing out the correct amount!

In English, we have started our new class text, Traction Man. We started by making predictions about what we think is going to happen in the story and then created our own villains. We then used adjectives to describe our new villains! They sound like really bad (but well described) people!

We finally got to do some PE in year 1! We were visited by two coaches from change for life. They played lots of games with us which kept up energised but happy!

Finley and Jayden have become boxercise masters today!

Well done to Molly Ward for winning the Head teachers award for her amazing phonics work!

Our homework this week is to subtract by drawing dots and then crossing the correct amount out. Our spellings this week are: into, will, this, that and then. The test will be on Friday!


Another week has flown over in Year 1, the days are getting colder but the cold doesnt bother us…anyway 🙂

We have been really busy in English this week, we have made hot chocolate! We followed the instructions carefully and then wrote our own set of instructions to help Mr Bear make some for when he can’t sleep!

In Maths, we have continued our work on number bonds. We worked systematically to find and order number bonds to 10 as well as compare different number bonds using the crocodiles mouth method.

In Science, we have been looking at the human life cycle, we looked at how we change over time and put these in order.

In art, we have finally finished our Paul Klee inspire pieces and they are incredible! We worked really hard to keep our painting in the lines while using a range of colours. Some of which we mixed ourselves.

Congratulations to Toby Lindsay for winning the head teachers award. Toby has worked really hard on forming his letters correctly and he should be really proud of himself.

Our homework this week is all about number bonds, We need to draw the right amount of dots in the box opposite to complete the number bond. Some of us have number bonds to 5 and we need to colour the white boxes and then write the number bond underneath.


Year 1 have had a fantastic week this week, their work has been amazing and they are putting in 100% effort every day!

This week in English, we have been looking at instructional writing. We started by following instructions to make a moving bear toy and then looked at imperative verbs. It gave us an excuse to be bossy!

Lola followed her pictorial instructions closely in order to complete her moving bear toy.

In Maths, we have started work on addition and subtraction. We have been using part whole models to find number sentences. We have also been doing work on number bonds which we will continue next week!

Thomas has been exploring how to use a part whole model this week

We have continued to investigate our senses this week. We have been focusing on touch and looking at lots of different textures. We explored our classroom and outdoor area to find different objects and investigated how they felt.

Our scientists investigated their sense of touch by exploring our outside area.

In History, we have been looking at punishments in the past and comparing them to the punishments we have now. We then ordered them from mild to severe with the cane being voted as the most severe punishment.

The historians worked together to rank the punishments from mild to severe.

Congratulations to Charlotte Rounsfell for winning the head teachers award for her brilliant writing!

The homework this week is to either write imperative verbs or match the verb to the picture. The spellings this week are below.


Another week has been and gone in year 1. This half term is flying by!

In English, we have been working on using full stops at the end of our sentences. We now know what we must include in all of our sentences! We have also been working on using the conjunction ‘and’ to join our sentences.

Charlotte, Megan, Cohen and Coby worked together to join sentences using and.

In Maths, We have finished off our place value unit by working on ordinal numbers as well as following and using a number line. We will now be moving onto addition and subtraction which will be too easy for us!

Lola followed ordinal clues to make a tower of cubes.

In Science, we have continued to investigate our senses, this week we focused on our sense of smell. We closed our eyes and investigated if our sense of smell was better when our eyes were closed. We smelt lost of different smells including coffee and vinegar.

Group A were the first to investigate their sense of smell.

Our homework this week is following ordinal numbers and our weekly spellings are – has, his, is, my, push. For those who find 5 a bit too hard to learn, your spellings are – has, his and is.

Congratulations to Sophie Merrison for winning the head teachers award for her amazing attitude towards her work – keep up the amazing work Sophie!


Another week has flown by in year 1! Our work is getting better and better and we are amazed at what we can do!

In English, we have been learning how and when to use capital letters. We then used our new skills to write a diary entry from Mr Bears perspective. Our writing was amazing and Mr Beeson was so proud of us!

Ivy has enjoyed reading books to the toys in our reading tent.

In Maths, we have been doing lots of comparing work. We started by looking and drawing more or less than a number and we have now started to use the crocodiles mouth method to compare objects and numbers.

We turned into investigators during Science. We have been learning about the 5 senses and so investigated our taste buds. We tried different foods and matched them to tastes. Lemon was our least favourite! In History, we have been looking at how classrooms have changed from the past to present. We would not like to be in a classroom in the past…they had no toys!

It is safe to say Fyfe did not enjoy his lemon…

For homework this week – We need to add capital letters to the sentences. If that is a bit tricky, Mr Beeson has give us some CVC words to write the correct letters in e.g cat. We need to remember to hand this in on wednesday (in the pink box) Our spellings this week are: to, we, your, are, by – we will have a short test on friday!


It has been a fantastic week in year 1 this week! We have been busy doing some fantastic work and are really proud of how hard we have worked.

In English, we have started our class text of Peace at Last – we have been naming the characters as well as writing sentences using finger spaces! We should never forget them now!

In maths, we have continued our work on place value by counting forwards and backwards to 10 as well as finding one more and one less than a given number. We have finished this off with some problem solving!

Holly has done some amazing counting to 10 this week!

In our afternoon lessons, we have been looking at life events and sequencing them in order from past to present. We have done this by ages and by dates. In Art, we have researched our new artist Paul Klee as well as look at the primary colours in order to use them on our final piece of work.

During our choosing time, we made a firepit to go in the middle of our outside area!

Congratulations to Finley Lowden for winning Mrs Pizl’s superstar of the week! He has worked extremely hard and is a model pupil on the carpet. Well done Finley!


Welcome to year 1! It has been a very busy week. We have enjoyed exploring our new classroom and spending time with our friends again.

This week we have been doing some writing about the cartoon Bluey – we remembered lots of information about the videos and wrote amazing sentences. Mr Beeson was very impressed.

In maths, we have been learning how to represent numbers using tens frames as well as sorting objects and counting objects in groups!

Sophie did some amazing maths work this week!

In Art, we have been continuing with our Mondrian portraits. We practised drawing horizontal lines and vertical lines with different thickness. We are going to paint them today and we know Mondrian will be jealous.

Well done to all of you for amazing work and being so brave this week! I have been very proud of you!

Our homework this week is to think about different parts of the body and what we can do with them e.g we use our legs to run.

Our weekly spellings are: a, be, do, go and I. There will be a short test on Friday so make sure you practice 🙂

This is the year 1 science homework and weekly spellings.

It gives me great pleasure to present the EYFS class of 2020! Finally we have managed to graduate and we are now officially Year 1!

I would like to say a great big thank you to a wonderful class with amazing families, you will forever hold a special place in my heart. It was a strange old year, but just look at these amazing smiles that make the world a better place. To the Reception Lockdown class of 2020 :-

Love Mrs Kirby x

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