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Welcome to Year 1!

Welcome to our Year 1 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Teacher – Mr Beeson

Support – Mrs Elliott


It has been a very cold week this week but Year 1 have not let that affect their work! We have been looking at 2D shapes in our maths work this week. We can name them, draw them and identify their properties. We have also started to look at 3D shapes and linking them to real life!

In English, we have done an incredible recount of Traction Man’s adventure in the sink as well as make predictions about what might happen on Traction Man’s next adventure.

We have continued our work in Science by investigating different properties of materials. We compared lots of materials such as sheet metal and plastic animals. We are ready to start testing materials to see if they are waterproof!

Congratulations to Lela Swinhoe for winning the head teachers award. Her writing and maths work has improved so much and she is very proud of herself…We are all proud of her!

A few more of our incredible homework projects!
Look at our incredible homework projects!


Year 1 have done a brilliant job of doing their work while fighting all the nasty bugs that are going around. Mr Beeson and Mrs Elliott are extremely proud of us.

We have been doing our Autumn assessments this week and we have done very well. Tests are not very exciting but we have worked hard.

We have started our science topic on materials, we now know wood, metal, plastic and glass as well as what they are used for. It has been interesting and we can’t wait to start to test the properties of them!

Leo was very proud of his homework project
Jack was really proud of his home work project

Arthur found a toy car during our science lesson, He recognised that it was made from plastic and then drew it.


It has been another busy week for year 1 full of learning and fun! We are continuing on with our superhero topic in English and have been looking at another of Traction Man’s adventures. We put our hands into the messy sink to work on our description skills but we needed to avoid the poisonous dishcloth! It was disgusting but we got some good descriptions out of it.

The sink was full of chewed up food, pasta, bubbles, cutlery and a poisonous dishcloth…We don’t know which was the worst part!

In maths, we have been working on our subtraction skills by finding how many are left using real life examples as well as using number lines to count backwards. Some of us have even found the missing numbers.

We have finally finished our geography work on the UK and Mr Beeson is so proud of how we have engaged with the topic and how much we have learnt! We are experts at the UK now 🙂

Our amazing geography display…so far

Congratulations to Leo Owens for winning the head teachers award for his amazing attitude towards his school work.

Our core value award this week was won by Sophia Cox for being such a supportive friend! Well done


Welcome back to another another half term. This half term our topic is superheroes! We have been started our new text which is Traction Man and we are excited to see what adventures are awaiting him! We have made predictions about Traction man as well as describe his appearance and his personality. We are now moving onto creating and describing our very own villains!E

In Maths, we are continuing with our addition and subtraction work by finding missing parts and using number lines to find the missing number. We have been learning about the UK in Geography. We now know what UK means, what the four countries of the UK are as well as what their flags look like!

Congratulations to Bethany Phillips for winning the Head Teachers award this week for being the queen of adjectives 🙂 Our core value this week was respectful and it was won by Charlie Carr. Well done guys


After a very busy week, Year 1 can’t wait for the weekend! In English, we have been learning about verbs and using imperative (bossy) verbs to boss our friends around. Mr Beeson is still the bossiest but we are catching up!

In Maths, we have started our work on addition. We know that the number gets bigger when we add and we can also swap our numbers around but we still get the same answer! We have used a part-whole model and it is far too easy!

In history, we have continued to look at changes within living memory. We have named old toys as well as compared old and new toys. In art, we have finished our self portraits and Vincent Van Gogh better watch out!

Well done to Robbie for winning the head teachers award for his amazing maths work this week. Congratulations to Catarina for winning the core value award.

We worked as a group in RE to match parts of the eightfold path!
Some of our amazing self-portraits


Year 1 have had a very successful week. We have written amazing writing about Where the Wild Things Are and Mr Beeson is so proud of us! We can’t wait for our grown ups to see it.

In maths, we have worked on using ordinal numbers as well as number lines. It has been tricky but we have worked extremely hard and now it is too easy!

In Science, we are continuing our work on the senses. We have investigated taste and smell and now we have investigated hearing. It is amazing how we all listened to the same sound but thought it was something different. We have started our history work this week ready for our visit to Beamish museum. We have learnt some new words such as past and present as well as used timelines to sequence events.

Well done to Jake Brough for winning the head teachers award for his amazing attitude towards school and to Maddison Stott for winning the core value award because she is such a supportive friend!


After a busy few weeks, we have started to settle into being in Year 1! We have enjoyed exploring our new classroom and around the school and we like being part of big school!

In English, we have continued our work on adjectives and have linked them to characters from our book Where the Wild Things are, We have also improved our adjectives because we are far too clever to use big/small – we like to use enormous and tiny!

In maths We have been looking at comparing numbers by using the terms, more than, less than and equals as well as using the crocodiles mouth <>= We know the crocodile likes to eat the bigger number because he is greedy.

In our afternoon lessons, we have been learning about our local area, buddhism and the human body. We now know that we have 5 senses and we are going to investigate them in our next science lesson.

Well done to Jack for winning the head teachers award for his amazing maths and too Finn for winning our core value award.

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