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Local Governing Body

As an Academy within Inspire Multi Academy Trust, we operate within a set Governance Structure.  The following information provides a brief overview of key areas however to find out more about Inspire Multi Academy Trust you can visit the Trust website by clicking on the following link: Inspire Website

Our Governance Structure

Please select one of the images below to review the Governance Structure for the Academy, part of the Inspire family of Academies:

Click here to see our Governance Structure


Membership of the Local Governing Body

Please select the image below to review the membership of the Local Governing Body:

Chair of Governing Body: Karen Hartley

Email: Fatfield.Acadmy@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk

Contact Address: Southcroft, Washington, Sunderland, NE38 8RB

Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests

Please select the link below to view our current register (we update our register each autumn term):

Business Interests – 2015/2016

Business Interests – 2016/2017

Business Interests – 2017/2018

Business Interests – 2018/2019

Business Interests – 2019/2020

Business Interests – 2020/2021

Business Interests – 2021-2022

Governing Body Attendance

Please select the link below to view attendance across the governance structure:

Attendance End of Year 14-15

Attendance End of Year 15-16

Attendance End of Year 16-17

Attendance End of Year 17-18

Attendance End of Year 18-19

Attendance End of Year 19-20

Attendance End of Year 2020-2021