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School Council Blog – Archived 8/11/2019

The Water Roadshow

Lifeguards came from the RNLI to tell us about water safety. They talked to us about water safety and showed us how to be safe in different areas of the sea. Their names were Elliott and Andy.

They called two of our students to the front and dressed them up in the different lifeguard uniform for the summer. Then they sat down. After that, a few volunteers came to the front and held up the different flags.

By Mason and Sophie

Easter Celebrations

Easter Coffee morning

Last week on Wednesday we had an Easter coffee morning and sold many bingo and raffle tickets. That day we played 3 rounds of bingo and had lots of winners. We raised lots of money for the school’s new kitchen for toddlers, after-school club and to use in lessons.


On Wednesday our talented children from all classes played an assortment of different instruments such as:

The Clarinet, flute, drums, violin, saxophone, harp and guitar. Head boy and head girl drew the raffle and we had 5 winners. Many parents came to watch their amazing children play their chosen instrument.

The Easter egg competition

Children from every class brought fantastic Easter eggs in for everyone to look at. There were from ninja turtles to Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory. Nearly everyone in the school brought an egg in and the parents judged but honestly I don’t know how they would have chosen!

We hope everyone has a fantastic Easter half-term!

Sun FM

Sun FM

This week Tim from Sun FM came into school to interview us. We are going to be on the radio at 3:25 every afternoon next week. We had to pick an object and then give clues to describe it. People will have to phone in and guess what we are describing.

Fruity TuckShop

This week the fruity tuck shop has been officially set up. It was a great hit!

All of the KS2 were lining up for some healthy fruit and cereal bars. It was delicious! We will be having this every day for 30p each item. We had interviews for who would run the fruity tuck shop and here they are:

Simar, Ben, Charlotte, Natasha, Millie, Erin and Lilly.

Computer Suite

Over the holidays the brand new computer suite has been constructed into our school. The year 6 class were the lucky first users of this magnificent computer suite.

Forest School

Miss Pickup has been running Forest School. We had a vote on what activities we could do in the forest. These are the options: vegetable growing kit, storm kettle kit, fire lighting kit, solar light kit, outdoor learning kit (den building), insect study center, raised beds, helpful horticulture, a school bench and seating planters. These are the ones who won: get growing kit, storm kettle kit, fire lighting kit, outdoor learning kit and insect study center. We also have free wood of the builders. Miss Pickup also won some money to contribute to the Forest School. On Wednesdays, we have class assemblies. We chose our favorites in our class assemblies.

By Sean and Ava

Children in Need

For Children in Need everyone came in dressed up in spotty and stripy clothes and some people dressed up as Pudsey bear. People brought in a pound donation to give to children in need and Pudsey bear went around school to every class room and gave everyone a high five and hug.

 Young Leaders

The Year 5s went to Barnwell school to learn what to play with the little ones. They played loads of games and made games themselves. All of the Year 5s loved their time there. Miss Bewick and Miss Trail took the Year 5s to Barnwell school. We went there from 9:15 to 2:30.

Sean and Jenna