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Welcome to our OPAL blog.

We wanted to share with you some of the fantastic things that we get up to at playtimes. Additionally, we also thought that this would be a good place to share information about events and how you can help. We are always looking for new resources and loose parts so if you can help by donating any items then we would really appreciate it.

Each week – in our Celebration Assembly – some children are chosen to receive a Play Award. This can be for many things including; positive play, imagination, creativity, helpfulness, kindness to peers or being a fantastic role model.

Week Beginning 10.02.20

This weeks Play Awards go to:

Tyler has had positive behaviour outside this week and engaged within activities outside with great enthusiasm. He has been helping Mrs Sinclair with the digging pit everyday and remembering to wear his wellies.

Connor makes some amazing designs and has been helping to tidy up more this week which I am really pleased about. Well done to you both.

This week has been another week of fab creations. One of our play leaders took charge of the camera this week and took lots of photographs of the children playing outside. Unfortunately due to the high winds this week our forest has been closed but hopefully after the half term the weather will be much nicer.

In our play assembly this week we discussed the risks and benefits to using the digging equipment. We discussed how we should use these pieces of equipment safely so that we can get the best results. Some of the children were able to identify that using these tools will hep with hand-eye co-ordination, risk management and muscle development. As you can see from the pictures above, the children enjoyed using them, especially when the mud was wet and gooey as it made it easier to dig holes.

Mark took the opportunity to take lots of selfies with his friends and staff

After half term we will be doing a competition to collect more loose parts so watch this space for more information.


We ask that children keep wellies in school so that they can continue to access all areas regardless of weather and ground conditions. It is very important that shoes are changed outside and not worn within the school to ensure that we keep the school clean and tidy. PE shoes are NOT to be worn as football/outdoor shoes as they are not always appropriate. We do have a small stock of wellies but not as many as we would like.

Week Beginning 03.02.20

This weeks Play Award’s go to Maddison for her fantastic imaginative play in the mud kitchen and Bailey for being really helpful.

This week we had a very special visitor in school. Ingrid from the OPAL team came to see how we were getting on. She was so impressed with what she saw and recognises how much we have changed playtimes for the better. She spent some time discussing with the children about what areas they choose to access and what resources were available etc. She gave us lots of ideas so that we can continue moving forward.

This is absolutely fantastic, well done”


This week also saw a delivery of pallets in school. We tried to move them to the construction idea but the children had other ideas. They thought that they could make some great dens and forts where they were so that’s what they did. Poor Mrs McAlpine accidentally ‘invaded’ their territory and was caught in their trap. Luckily, they realised that she wasn’t a threat and let her go. Take a look at some of the fantastic building work:

Watching the children in this area was inspirational. There has been so much creativity, team work, problem solving and communication between each other. They can’t wait to rebuild again next week and we can’t wait to hear all about it and see what they come up with.

The mud kitchen was also quite popular this week. We had all sorts of fabulous foods being created. Other children were also helping out by digging in the mud pit to supply the mud.

This week has been AMAZING to witness! In fact it has been so amazing that it was hard to keep the number of photographs to a small amount so we uploaded them all instead.

Week Beginning 27.01.20

This week Zack and Jake received our Play Award for their fantastic see-saw that they created using the large pieces of construction. They enjoyed talking about their creating and telling me how they had made it extra safe by adding blocks underneath to stop them bumping on the floor. Their design also inspired others to also create a see-saw.

This week we were able to collect a few more materials for our large construction area and here are some of the creations:

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