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Head Boy and Head Girl

Meet Ethan and Libby

Ethan and Libby were elected head boy and head girl by the school but before the school voted they had to get into the top four. They had to prepare a speech for their class, year 5,and  there was lots of candidates. The top 4 were chosen from their class. In front of the whole school, they had to read out their speeches. For a week they had to make posters for around the school. The votes were counted and head boy and head girl were chosen.

Hello. My name is Libby and I am the Head Girl and proud to be. I help out and am glad to represent our school. I am a positive role model and lots of children look up to me. I love to help the school by giving ideas about what we can improve. With the help of the school council and Mrs Dowdle, we are looking forward to working on our action plan.

Hi. My name is Ethan and I am Head Boy. It means so much to me to be the Head Boy and represent this school. I am proud that so many children look up to me and smile. I love to help the school, other people and the environment. If I can make the school an even better place to be then my goal will be complete.

Hello. We are the Mason and Emily, Deputy Head Boy and Girl of the school. Our job is to help the children, comfort them and support them. If the Head Boy and Girl are absent, we take over their position. We are proud to be Deputies and enjoy the experience.