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EYFS – Archive 14/09/20

Welcome to EYFS!

Welcome to our EYFS page. Here you will find important information about our Class  routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Nursery staff:

Miss S Grotz – Teacher

Mrs J Elliott – Teaching Assistant

Our Reception staff:

Mrs P Kirby – EYFS Leader/Teacher

Mrs T Johnston – Teaching Assistant

Friday 11th September

A huge welcome to all of the new Nursery and Reception children. It has been lovely to welcome you all into our school so that you can begin your Fatfield adventure.

This week has mainly been about allowing the children to settle into the setting and build new friendships as this is very important for their development. It has been lovely to see them enjoying our new classroom whilst making new friends.

We have been learning all about the rules and routines around our classroom and school. In groups we discussed the rules that we should have displayed within our classroom to keep everyone safe and happy. The children then took selfies of themselves to show that they agreed to the rules. This seems to be really paying off as our ‘Good to be Green’ charts were full of green smiley faces and that is what we like to see. Lots of treats were given out to the children this week. Well done everyone.

Also this week we have been looking at the ‘Hopes and Dreams’ of the children. They will have also brought a ribbon home for their grown-ups to complete too. Most of the children said that they wanted to make lots of new friends, learn how to write their name and learn to count to a big number.

We now have staggered starting and finishing times within EYFS to ease the congestion within our courtyard. The times from Monday are as follows:


Start: 9:00am

Finish: 3:00pm


Start: 8:45am

Finish: 3:10pm

Can you please make sure that all items of clothing and water bottles etc are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Friday 4th September – Reception

Welcome back to some children. Miss Scriven has told me wonderful things about you and I cannot wait to come and see you all on Monday.

Friday 17th July _ Reception

That was the strangest last day of the school year ever! I am so happy I got to be your teacher but also sad that our time together was cut so short. Luckily, we all get to be together again in September when we can have our graduation and take part in our whole school art project.

Thank you for all of our lovely, thoughtful gifts they are really appreciated. All that remains to say is that you are all amazing, enjoy your time off school with your families and we will see you all again soon.

Much love Mrs Kirby x

Friday 17th July – Nursery

Hello Nursery!

I can’t believe it is the last day of the school year. This was my first year of teaching in Nursery at Fatfield and you have all made it very special. I loved every day I got to teach you all and watch you learn and grow. I am so sad our time together was cut short but I feel very lucky to have been your teacher!

Thank you also Nursery and parents for the lovely gifts I have received. As well as the gift for my baby, who is due to arrive early September. Hopefully, I will be able to come and see you all in the new school year and bring my baby boy to meet you all!

Good luck to you all next year, whether you are moving up into Reception or continuing in Nursery. I will look forward to seeing how much you have all grown when I return to work! I hope you all have a lovely six weeks holidays with your families.

Lots of love, Mrs Cresswell x

Friday 10th July – 

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying your work on pirates. Danny took his learning to a whole new level becoming a real life pirate. How much fun does this look? 

Reception I am so pleased we are coming back together again in September. This also means we will be able to have a graduation. This is the best news!

Monday 6th July – Nursery

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all been enjoying yourselves whether you are back to school or learning from home. It was great to see some of you from a distance, when I popped into school last week. It was also lovely to receive a photograph of Jude last week on his 4th birthday, Happy Birthday Jude, I hope you had a great day! Remember to stay in touch, it is lovely to hear from you. 

It is time for another Bingo Board this week and I can’t believe it will be the last before the Summer Holidays start in just two weeks! This week, the theme is following on from pirates with Under the Sea. Please find the bingo board and any additional resources below.

Have a great week,

Mrs Cresswell 🙂

Friday 3rd July – Nursery and Reception

Children in school this week focused on the story ‘What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside’. This led us to learn more about the mini-beast the ladybird. We learnt about the life cycle of the ladybird and its body parts. We decorated stones and biscuits to look like ladybirds. Mr Scott captured a very strange photograph of our classroom. We decided it was Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len from the story. We thought they might be trying to steal things again and then realised our treat box was missing. We created some amazing Wanted Posters and luckily our treat box was returned.

Children at home, I hope you are well. Another Bingo Board is due soon. Try your best to keep working a little while longer. We all miss you, our class is not the same without all of us. Not long now before you will all be together again!

Mrs Kirby

Monday 6th July – Reception

Another bingo board to get on with.

Friday 26th June – Nursery and Reception

Children in school this week have read and enjoyed the story of ‘The Colour Monster.’ In the story the monster was really mixed up with his feelings. The monster changed different colours depending upon his feelings; red for angry, blue for sad, yellow for happy, green for calm and black for scared. We spent along time discussing different feelings and emotions and when we feel these emotions.

We have explored making our own colour monsters this week using food colouring. We drew different faces onto balloons and made a potion using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. We mixed this in a pop bottle and placed the balloon on the top. We were amazed to see the balloon enlarged from the gases created.

We made colour monsters using coffee filter paper. We were amazed to see the colours merge when water was added.

To all our lovely children at home or at school, I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather and having lots of fun outdoors.

Monday 22nd June – Nursery

Hello everyone! I am missing you all lots and I hope you have a fantastic week, whether you are back to school or continuing to learn from home. It looks like we will be back to lovely weather this week so I hope you enjoy lots of time playing outdoors wherever you are.

For those of you learning at home, it’s time for another bingo board! For the next two weeks our theme is Pirates! On our board, you will find lots of fun suggested activities linked to this theme to try out. Below, I have also attached further documents you can download to support some of the activities mentioned in the grid. It would also be great to be continuing to practise counting and number recognition, name writing, singing lots of nursery rhymes and reading stories together.

Have a lovely week everyone,

Mrs Cresswell 🙂

22nd June

Reception – Time for a new Bingo Board everyone.

19th June

Reception – Thank you so much for my wonderful gift. I had some happy tears but also some sad ones. End of year gifts means our time in Reception is nearly over. I feel we have been robbed of our time together and this makes me sad.

Just perfect!

However, this week we have seen the welcome return of some of our children. Everyone had obviously missed their friends so much as huge smiles and squeals of delight could be seen and heard from all (even the staff) We have focused on getting to know our ‘bubble’ these three days as well as learning some of our new rules. We enjoyed being outside experimenting making bubble mixture and blowing some amazing bubbles.

We are happy to be back at school but we are sad that all of our friends are not here. Hopefully very soon we will all be together.

15th June

Miss Harrison is running a great competition that you may like a grown up to help you with. Please see below:-

Monday 15th June

Hello everyone,

I hope you all have a great week, whether you are returning to school on Wednesday or continuing to learn at home. For those continuing with home learning, please refer to last week’s Nursery bingo board for the next week and a new one will be posted on Monday 22nd June. 

Check out the attached booklets below from Change4Life Sunderland that include useful hints and tips for staying active and eating healthily at home. 

Mrs Cresswell 🙂

15th June

Hi everyone, I know we are missing out on lots of the fun end of year activities, one of which being sports day.

There is going to be a virtual sports day to be held on 19th June. Please see this website link –


We would love to see you take part and some photos. Remember I would also love to hear from you on Purple Mash.

Mrs Kirby

Monday 8th June – Nursery

Hello Nursery,

I hope you are doing well. Here is our next bingo board with the theme of ‘Pets’ and all the resources to go alongside it are linked below. Remember you can stay in touch  using our Purple Mash blog as well.

Mrs Cresswell 🙂

Nursery Bingo Grid 5

What am I pets game

Formidable Sid Story

I Spy Counting

Pet Yoga

Where is Puppy Positional Language


8th June

Hi Reception, hope you are all ok? Here is our next bingo board and resources to go alongside it. Just a reminder that this website below is really good. There are three lessons each day, Maths, English and Foundation. (My little girl is doing them and she really likes them)


5th June

Hello Nursery, I hope you all enjoyed half term and spending lots of time outdoors in the lovely weather we have had. The blog will be updated with your next bingo board on Monday but here are some ideas of extra activities you could try at home in the meantime.

Mrs Cresswell 🙂

4th June

As we prepare to re-open school for some children we would like to prepare them a little more about what to expect. School will look and feel quite different and this video might help children understand a little bit more. Please watch this video with your child and discuss any questions they might have.

31st May

Reception – Hello everyone, I hope you have enjoyed the half term holidays (I didn’t really seem like a holiday did it!) It was my big girl Sophia’s 8th birthday, so we had lots of fun celebrating and building Lego, she got lots of Lego and I am now an expert!

This week if you have completed the bingo boards I would like you to make sure you are fully confident with phase 3 phonics. This includes the tricky words and all sounds. Have a go writing some sentences that include the tricky words. I have added some sheets to help you. Next week we will move onto phase 4 phonics.

Also, make sure you are fully confident reading and writing all numbers to 20. Can you find one more and one less than all numbers to 20? I have included some sheets to help you.

20th May

Hello everyone! I hope you are all keeping busy. I have seen lots of you when you have popped into school with your grown ups and this has put a big smile on my face. I hope lots of you collected your learning pack from school and that this will keep you busy for a while.

For Maths ideas can I refer you to this excellent website:-


To keep you busy here are some Summer Term Maths sheets and our next lot of phonics.


We have made a video to welcome our new children and to celebrate our current achievements.

18.5.20  Nursery

Hello everyone,                                                                                                            

I am missing you all lots and hope you are all doing well. It has been lovely to read your blog posts and comments on Purple Mash. 

It’s time for a new Bingo Grid. We are keeping with the theme of animals but moving on to look at farm animals. As always these are suggested activities that you could try to keep busy at home. I have also updated Purple Mash with some linked activities and have attached some useful links to documents on Twinkl below. Keep practising your counting and writing whenever possible and enjoy lots of storytime.

Mrs Cresswell 🙂

Nursery Bingo Grid 4

T-T-11090-The-Little-Red-Hen-Story-Powerpoint_ver_1 (1)








Reception – Hello everyone, how are you doing? It is time for a new bingo board!

Please have a look at Phonics Play an online game. It is free to access at the moment. (username: march20, password: home)

Some extra sheets to support this board can be found here:





Hi all! Miss Brown has been working with the ‘Foundation of Light’ discussing how you can keep active at home. We would love you all to take part in the ‘JOY OF MOVING FESTIVAL’. Take a look at the booklet I’ve attached. The aim is to get active in the afternoons by following the timetable and suggested activities/games. Some of the resources you can quickly gather from around your house. Have a go and send me some pics on our PM blog.Joy-of-Moving-Home-School-Festival-Booklet2846-1

A special shout out to Jake who has worked so hard this week learning to recognise coins and make different amounts.

7.5.20 Reception

Hi everyone,

Don’t forget to take part in our rainbow challenge. Our colours are Nursery red and Reception orange. Email your photo to the Fatfield address. I am looking forward to seeing this complete.

I have uploaded some more work onto Purple Mash. Thank you to everyone for all your lovely photographs and work, you are certainly working hard. We would to see any of your outdoor adventures on our OPAL blog. Please upload your photographs here:-

See what staff have been up to on their daily exercise.

I am busy putting together some more home learning packs that will be available for collection. Look out for further details.

Miss you all. Take care Mrs Kirby x

4.5.20 Nursery

Hello everyone,

Here is our new Bingo Board. I have been missing story time in Nursery so thought I would link your activities to some of your favourite stories to read in Nursery and around the theme of animals. It has been lovely to see what some of you have been up to on our Purple Mash Blog so thank you for sharing – (see last Nursery post for details on how to use).

Remember these are only suggested activities to help keep busy at home whilst learning. Keep going with any other activities you have been doing, refer back to previous posts for more ideas and remember lots of imaginative play is just as important!

Bingo Grid
Craft Ideas

There is a lot of links in our new Bingo Grid so using the downloadable version below will mean you can click straight on these links to load them which may be easier. There is also a link to a pencil control activity. If your looking for more ideas, on Twinkl there are also additional activities linked to these stories. 

Nursery Bingo Grid 3

The Hungry Caterpillar Pencil Control

Also have a look at the details of our new whole school Rainbow Challenge.

Missing you all lots, 

Mrs Cresswell 🙂

1.5.20 – Reception

Hello everyone, it is time for a new Bingo Board! Just to remind you about a few great websites:- Oxford Owl has great free ebooks that you can access by creating your own log in. Lots of new phonic based books have been added.


Topmarks is great for maths games.

Oak National Academy has great lessons that children can watch.


Available for iPads and tablets are some great phonic apps. I would really recommend Hairy Phonics1,2,3 and Teach Your Monster to Read.

I really miss everyone so much and wish we were back to school. Thank you to those who have added messages and work to Purple Mash. Jake you are working your socks off, well done!

Please take part in our challenge!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs Kirby x

21.4.20 – Reception

Hello everyone.

Thank you to everyone who has uploaded photos to our shared blog on Purple Mash. I has been lovely to hear what you have all been up to and also see your smiley faces.

For anybody wanting extra things to do other than our Bingo Board –

White Rose, have some great ideas for Maths here:-


I have had a few requests for more reading books. Reminder that you can find lots of free e-books here:-


Parents need to create a free log in. You can search for books by age or colour band. (if you check on the back of children’s books from school, you will know what colour book children are on currently)

I hope this helps. Any questions please free to send them to our blog on Purple Mash.

Much love,

Mrs Kirby x

Monday 20th April – Nursery

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and enjoyed eating lots of chocolate. Thank you very much for the lovely video you made for the Nursery staff, we absolutely loved seeing your faces again and miss you all very much! We can’t wait until your back at school.

Home Learning

Below I have posted your next ‘bingo grid’. This is a guide of suggested activities that you could be doing when school is closed to help keep busy whilst learning. It would also be great to be continuing to practise counting and number recognition, drawing, name writing, letter formation and reading lots of stories together. Twinkl is still offering a free subscription with lots of great activities to do at home – try searching ‘Nursery Home Learning’ (Twinkl password: UKTWINKLHELPS)

Purple Mash

I have also created each child a Purple Mash account. Go to www.purplemash.com – the username is your child’s first and last name (no spaces) and the password is dog. On Purple Mash, go to the ‘Mini Mash’ section to find lots of activities. I have also created a class blog on Purple Mash so we can keep in touch. You can send messages/pictures of things you have been getting up to at home to show me and your school friends and I can reply to you. All messages that are sent need to be approved by me to make sure we are safe. (Go to the ‘sharing’ section, click ‘shared blogs’ and then ‘Nursery Class Blog).

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Cresswell x

Nursery Bingo Grid 2


Please find some suggested work to be getting on with while school remains closed. Most important is that children are reading, recalling phonics, tricky words, rote counting and recording numbers. The rest is only here as a guide if you need something else!

Phonics Play, Phonics Bloom and Teach Your Monster to Read all have great phonic online games to play.

Topmarks website has great number games.

I have uploaded some work on Purple Mash linked to our new topic Animals. I know you all love using the Paint programme.

I have created a blog on Purple Mash so I can talk to the children, obviously they will need your help to do this.

Please find below Receptions Bingo board. Twinkl website has lots of resources to go alongside these e.g. worksheets.

Miss Quinn has created a YouTube post with her amazing crafts check it out here:

Miss Quinn is famous!!!!!!!!

Please just do whatever you can, no pressure.

Thanks for your support Mrs Kirby x

See the source image

Reception, I am crying such happy tears. I have just seen the video you made for the staff. It is so beautiful and it has really cheered us all up. It was lovely to see everyone, you all look like you have grown! We cannot wait to come back to school. Until then keep being our superstars staying safe at home. Miss you all.

See the source image

Mrs Kirby x


Hello everyone. I hope you are having a lovely Easter holiday. I have already heard from lots of you which is lovely.

Reception, I have been trying to find a way to keep in touch with you all and thought we could have a go at a class blog using Purple Mash. You can send me messages/ pictures of things that you’ve been getting up to at home and I can reply to you.
All messages that are sent needs to be approved by me to make sure we are safe. Please log on to Purple Mash and send me a message telling me what you’ve been up/ a picture of some of your activities. Missing you all very much!

Mrs Kirby x


Hello everyone,        

I hope you are all staying safe and enjoying your time at home as much as possible. Remember to be completing some of the ideas from the Bingo Boards we posted earlier as well as exploring the different websites that have been posted to help keep you busy at home. The Bingo Boards will be updated after the Easter holidays but here are some ideas to keep you busy in the meantime.

Rainbows: I have seen so many lovely rainbows in windows when I have been out on my daily walks. If you haven’t already maybe you could make a rainbow to put in your window or even make another one! You could use paints, tissue paper, colouring pencils or even draw it on the ground outside using chalks. See if you can count all of the rainbows you see next time you’re out on a walk.

Spring Walk and Nature Pictures: Why not use your daily exercise to go on a Spring walk. Become an explorer and look out for the different signs of Spring using the checklist below to help you. You could collect some things on your walk and make a nature picture or some nature faces like the ones below.

Decorate an egg: Sadly, we will be missing our school Easter egg decorating competition. So why not hard boil some eggs and spend some time decorating them at home. You could have an Easter theme or decorate them like your favourite characters.

Playdough: You could work together to follow the recipe in the link below to make some playdough and then use it to make lots of different models!     https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/playdough-recipe

Twinkl: If you haven’t already take a look at the fantastic resources on Twinkl using the log in details posted earlier. Try searching nursery home learning, pencil control activities or cutting skills activities for some great activities. If you don’t have a printer at home you can always use the activities for some inspiration to create your own activities.

I miss you all very much and can’t wait to see you all again soon, I bet you will have all grown so much! If you can take pictures of your adventures and the challenges you have completed, I would love to see them when we are back to school. Remember to keep checking the blog for updates too.

Be safe everyone,      

Mrs Cresswell x


It felt so strange not coming into school today. I hope you are all keeping yourself busy and helping your grown ups by being good. Miss you all so much.

Have a go at this website:


Start at phase 2 and work up to phase 3. It is excellent practise for segmenting and blending words. I love Alien Escape!

Make yourself a number-line using pieces of paper. How far can you go? Ask your grown up to take numbers away. Can you spot the numbers stolen?

Mrs Kirby x


Dear Boys and Girls,

I cannot believe it is a week since I last saw you all. I hope you are all having a good time at home with your loved ones, I am missing you lots. I am spending time with my family at home trying my best to teach my big girls. I am so proud of you all and cannot wait till we are all back together again. 

Reception boys and girls – I hope you are trying to do a little bit of your work each day. Remember to practise your reading and your phonics. 

Reading books are available here:


Google – Collins Connect and click on the teacher portal.

Username:- parents@harpercollins.co.uk

password:-Parents20! (and click login) Go to your colour books e.g pink/red etc

Monster phonics website:-



Take care of each other and see you all soon. Mrs Kirby

From Friday onwards, I will be posting activities and ideas to use at home while the schools are closed. The EYFS team have prepared a pack to bring home on Friday with ideas and activities to start with. Some of our Nursery and Reception children are already at home, so I am posting the grid (which will be included in the pack) a little early so they can get started too! 

Online Resources / websites:

Twinkl – password: UKTWINKLHELPS

Phonics Play – username: march20

Password: home

Purple Mash – included in home pack

Charanga – included in home pack

(Click link below to view their bingo board of activities)

reception Bingo Grid

Nursery Bingo Grid

I can’t wait to see all our children again and will miss them all very much during our school closure. I ask that you take care of yourselves and each other during this difficult time.
Be safe everyone and we will see you soon,
Mrs Kirby

Friday 13th March

We started the week by reading the story ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ We have enjoyed working in role as the various characters from this story, trying to disguise our voices and talk like the wolf, Little Red and Grandma. We have used story props to re-tell the story and thought about words to describe the characters, learning some new vocabulary such as cunning, sneaky, mean, brave. We had a challenge of creating a new cloak for Red Riding Hood but it needed to keep her dry. We investigated lots of different red materials to find if they were suitable. We used a spray bottle to act as the rain and tested materials to see if they were waterproof. We learnt what waterproof means and explored other key vocabulary to describe materials. 

Reception’s Head Teacher’s Award: Thomas for amazing effort all week.

Reception’s Core Value: Charlotte

Nursery’s Bradley Bear: 

Friday 6th March

We began this week by reading the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We then linked the story to the job of a builder. In key group, we found out more about what builders do. We looked at photographs of their tools and clothing. We then looked at different materials. We were able to examine a range of materials such as brick, stone, fabric, glass and plastic. We used words to describe them such as hard, soft, rough, smooth, bendy and stiff. We then thought about what material we would use to build our house if we were one of the three little pigs. 

On Wednesday, we enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. We came to school dressed as our favourite book characters and enjoyed lots of fun activities. The day started with a visit to the hall, where we received a special delivery. Each class, collected a mystery box. We had to use the clues inside to figure out which character sent us the box. Our box include lots of interesting clues such as glasses, a sharp tooth, a cake, flowers, a basket, red material and a flowery hat. We used the clues to discover that our box was from the Big Bad Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. On the afternoon, we had a visit from an author Neil Gibbins. He shared with us the story he had wrote ‘Pip wants to Grow’.

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Esther

Reception’s Core Value: Lola

Nursery’s Bradley Bear: Halle 

28th February

Welcome back to the second half of the Spring term. This week, we started by reading the story Mr Wolf’s pancakes. This was a story about a wolf who really needed some help from his friends to make some pancakes. We talked about the ingredients we needed to make pancakes and the kinds of toppings we might put on them. Reception collected tallies to decide which was the most popular topping. Surprise, surprise, chocolate won hands down. We all enjoyed watching and helping make pancakes but we especially enjoyed the eating part! There was some lovely description of the changes we saw occurring as the pancakes changed from a liquid to a solid. We have also thought a lot this week about keeping our bodies healthy. We started by looking at germs and how quickly germs can spread unless we wash our hands. This led onto how we wash our hands properly. To support our understanding we carried out an experiment. We all touched and handled a piece of bread with clean hands and then another with dirty hands. We are looking forward to seeing the results of our experiment soon.

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Finley for amazing phonics

Reception’s Core Value:

Nursery’s Bradley Bear: Ella for being a really good friend

14th February 

This week, we continued with our doctors theme by thinking about how we can stay healthy.  Linked to our theme this week, we read ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’. We talked about how fruit was a healthy snack and the different types of fruit. We then thought about different foods that were good for us. We carried out a sorting activity of foods that we should eat a lot of, foods we should eat sometimes and foods we should eat small amounts of. On Wednesday, we got to make our own healthy snack, a fruit kebab. We prepared the fruit in key group using our senses to describe the different fruits. We then all really enjoyed eating our fruit kebabs and we got try lots of different yummy fruits including strawberries, mango, melon, raspberries and apple. We hope you all have a lovely half-term holidays! We will see you back at school on Tuesday 25th February. 

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Jake for always working to the very best of his ability

Core Value (Proud): Thea 

Nursery’s Bradley Bear: Bethany for being a superstar in phonics and for fantastic reading.

7th February

This week, we had another exciting visit from an Accident and Emergency nurse. He showed us lots of his special equipment and even tested our temperatures, heart rate and pulse. Some of us got to wear bandages and special plasters called steri strips. In Reception we pretend Molly had broken her arm and she got to wear a plaster cast. We enjoyed asking lots of questions to find out more. We are getting much better at asking interesting questions now. 

Linked with our theme this week, we read ‘Funny Bones’. This led us to think about the bones in our bodies naming them and putting skeletons back together again. Luckily, we did a better job than the characters in the story. In Maths, we used the language of measurement to talk about the size of bones. Nursery thought about the longest and shortest bones, making their own out of salt dough. Reception, measured their feet using non-standard and standard measures. When some mystery muddy footprints appeared in the classroom, we had to prove that they did not belong to us. It was that sneaky Mrs Kirby tricking us. 

Receptions Head Teacher Award: Charlotte R for an excellent effort in her reading.

Core Value (Supportive): Sophie for helping her brother settle into Nursery amazingly well.

Nursery’s Bradley Bear: Matthew for being a super star and amazing his teachers.

31st January

This week, we had another exciting visit from the police. This time they brought their police van and we all got to go outside to see it. We all had a turn to sit in the back of the van and wear a special police hat. Before we went back to class, we heard the police van siren. It was very loud!

We have moved on to looking at some different people who help us this week… doctors and nurses. We began the week by talking about what we think doctors and nurses do and exploring what equipment would be inside a doctor’s bag. We have our very own hospital set up in our classroom where we can dress up as hospital staff and use the equipment to treat our very own patients. On Thursday, Reception had a visit from a Pediatric nurse. She showed us lots of different uniforms that hospital staff wear, real x-rays and medical equipment and told us all about her job. 

Reception’s Head Teacher Award – Aaron for improved effort in all areas

Core Value (Respectful) – Ivy

Nursery’s Bradley Bear – Jenna for amazing work in her new phonics group

17th January

This week we have read the book ‘Cops and Robbers’. Mr Scott our caretaker had taken some mysterious photographs of a strange looking character. We described the things we could see in each photograph e.g. a long, large nose. A brown furry scarf etc. We realized that it was Grandma Swag from our Cops and Robbers story. Reception, created some wanted posters describing Grandma Swag as she is still on the loose and wanted by the Police. We were luck to have two visits from Police Officers this week. We all had prepared some questions we wanted answering. We especially enjoyed trying on their Police vests, hat and hand cuffs. It was great to dispel some of children’s myths about Police for example Police Officers can be ladies and the Police do not just catch the bad guys!

We thought about what we would like to be when we grow up. We used Purple Mash, which gave us a our uniform and inserted our photograph.

Receptions Head Teacher Award – Tobias for improved learning attitude.

Core Value – Coby (Responsible)

Nursery’s Bradley Bear – Logan for a good attitude.

10th January

Welcome back to a brand new year. This week we started our new topic ‘Paw Patrol is on a Roll’. Using lots of the Paw Patrol figures linked to various jobs we are learning about the people that help us. We began with Chase the Police dog and this has led us onto thinking about the police. Something very strange happened in our classroom, a crime scene appeared. When we investigated further we realized that Humpty Dumpty had fallen off the wall and a number of clues were left behind. We had a number of suspects, Little Bo Peep, Three Blind mice, The Queen of Hearts etc. From the clues we used our detectives skills to solve the crime. Little Bo Peep had pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall. We created Wanted posters for Little Bo Peep and used our creative skills to put back together a broken egg. Then a letter arrived from Little Bo Peep telling us that she was very sorry and that it was an accident. Mrs Kirby was so cross with her that she put her in jail. We debated in class I this was the right thing to do and decided that this was not very fair, so we let her out. 

Reception’s Head Teacher Award – Max for amazing phonic skills 

Reception’s Core Value (Supportive) –

Nursery’s Bradley Bear – Max for having a great attitude and sharing his fantastic ideas in key group. 

20th December

pass the parcel

This has been a fun filled week and we celebrated an amazing start in Nursery and Reception with our Christmas party. What fantastic dancing we saw! We have made some fabulous Christmas cards and decorations (but we will not spoil the surprise.) We also went on a magical journey to the North Pole all aboard the Polar Express. We all got a golden ticket, hot chocolate and a special gift from Santa. We wish you all an amazing Christmas and a very happy new year. We will see you all back in the year new 6th January 2020.

13th December

This week, it was all about our amazing performances, a carol service for Nursery and Prickly Hay for Reception. We are very proud of how well all our children coped on stage in their first performances. I am sure you will agree they all sang their hearts out and even joined in with some actions. We have continued our theme of Winter this week thinking about the seasons and what happens in each time of year. Look out for our fabulous calendars showing the seasons of the year. 

Nursery’s Bradley Bear – Toby for an amazing performance in the carol service.

Reception’s Head Teacher Award – Danny for being an amazing helpful friend.

6th December

This week, Christmas has began in EYFS! On Wednesday, we went on a visit with KS1 to see Cinderella at the pantomime and had a fantastic time. We have also been busy rehearing for our Nursery carol service and the Reception and KS1 Christmas production, which both take place next week. We have also been preparing for the Christmas Fair. We all helped to make reindeer food, Christmas play dough and snow globe baubles and they were a great success. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Our classroom has also transformed with a new Christmas role play area and dress up clothes which we have had lots of fun using. In key group, we read another version of ‘One Snowy Night’ this week, in the story Hedgehog received a gift from his friends. This led to us talking about gifts we would like to receive and give others this Christmas.

Nursery’s Bradley Bear – Jude for being a good friend to others

29th November

Winter arrived in EYFS this week with the introduction of a story ‘One Snowy Night.’ In the story lots of animals wanted a home for the night to escape the cold weather. We talked about the changes that happen in winter and the different types of animals that hibernate. This lead us onto thinking about the seasons of the year, what they are, and what happens in each. Children have enjoyed exploring the Artic animals and making igloos for them. We also made our own snow globes, loom out for them in our school fair.

Reception Head Teacher Award – Imogen

Core Value – Molly

Nursery’s Bradley Bear – Gracie for great listening

22nd November

This week in EYFS, we continued to follow our boat theme. We began by exploring what would make a boat sink, applying our knowledge of floating and sinking from last week. We then explored the story of a famous ship, the titanic, we enjoyed looking at all of the old photographs. We were very interested in the story and how it sank after crashing into an iceberg so we began to explore ice. In key group, we were able to feel ice and talked about how it had became frozen and why it had started to melt. We also enjoyed exploring ice in our water area this week and playing on the rowing boat in our role play area.

Nursery and Reception have also started to practice for their carol service and Christmas production this week and are looking forward to sharing these with everyone.

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Matthew

Reception’s core value: Aiden

Nursery’s Bradley Bear: Arthur for a fantastic week in Nursery!

15th November

This week in EYFS, we have followed the theme of lighthouses reading the next adventure of Mr Grinling in the ‘Lighthouse Keeper to the Rescue’. A special parcel arrived with some unusual things inside including a ‘real’ fish, a wet soggy sock and an old fashioned lantern. We enjoyed exploring them and used some great vocabulary to describe them. Mr Grinling needed our help as his old dingy was really hard to row which made him really tired. We firstly explored things that floated and sank. We used a range of junk modelling resources to make our own boat designs. We saw some lovely problem solving and team work as children worked together to overcome difficulties such as holes in the bottom of their boat.

We also took part in ‘Odd Sock’ day and thought about how we are all different and special in our own ways. This led onto a discussion about bullying and what it is.

Children in Need day was a massive success. Thank you to everyone for their generous donations.

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Matthew for an amazing hard working week.

Reception’s core value: supportive:

Nursery’s Bradley Bear: Reuben for great listening and tidying all week

8th November 2019

Welcome to the second half of Autumn Term. We hope you all had an enjoyable half term. 

This week in EYFS, we have continued our lighthouse theme. Our book this week has been ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. We considered what our own favourite foods are which we would like to have in our own lunch. Then, we all made our own sandwiches for the Lighthouse Keepers lunch, Nursery made jam sandwiches and Reception made Lighthouse sandwiches! We then thought about which foods were healthy and unhealthy in the Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch. We categorised foods into healthy and unhealthy and talked about the importance of having a balanced diet.  The seagulls in the story didn’t like mustard in their sandwiches, so we decided to explore a range of sauces and decide what we did and didn’t like. We have also been creating 3D lighthouse models in the junk modelling area. 

Reception’s Core Value: Jake G

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Holly W

Nursery’s Bradley Bear : Charla-Belle for fantastic behaviour all week

18th October 2019

Wow what a busy week we have had in EYFS! We have continued to focus on lighthouses this week. On Tuesday, we visited St Mary’s Lighthouse in Whitley bay and it was a brilliant day! We began with a journey on a double decker bus to get there and we even went through the Tyne Tunnel. We then found out about what life would have been like for a lighthouse keeper and others who worked on a lighthouse. Some of us got to try on the clothes they would have worn. We then climbed the 137 stairs all the way to the top of lighthouse to see the light and the views of the sea below. After enjoying our packed lunches, we then went rock pooling in the rocks around the lighthouse with a bucket and net. We collected different creatures including crabs, hermit crabs, prawns and whelks and found out more about them.

On Wednesday, it was Invitation Afternoon and we enjoyed having our grown ups visit our classroom and look at our fantastic work. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Reception’s Core Value: Danny

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: All of Reception for fantastic behaviour on their school trip

Nursery’s Bradley Bear : Sophie for excellent behaviour on our school trip

11th October 2019

This week we have continued on our theme of ‘What do you see at sea?’. Our book this week has been ‘The Littlest Lighthouse Keeper’. We explored what the job of a lighthouse is and what it might be like to work in one. We all agreed that we thought it would be very hard work. We learnt about a famous person from the past – Grace Darling. We were fascinated to learn about her heroic rescue of nine people out at sea. We are all looking forward to our visit this week to St Mary’s lighthouse when we can see some of our learning come to life. Please ensure children have their welly boots for this visit.

During our forest school sessions this week we have considered the seasonal changes we can observe. We collected Autumnal objects to bring back to the class. This inspired our art work, where we have created Autumn themed printing and paintings.

Reception’s Core Value:

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Esther for always having an amazing attitude in class.

Nursery’s Bradley Bear : Theo for excellent sharing and tidying up.

4th October 2019

This week, we have continued learning around our topic ‘What do you see at sea?’. Our book this week has been ‘Hooray for fish, it took us on a journey with ‘Little Fish’ to discover his underwater friends of all different, shapes, colours and sizes. We have enjoyed discussing and describing the different types of fish and watching the animated version of the book. We have used the descriptive language we have learned to sort fish into different categories. We have also been exploring Autumn as the season begins to change. Nursery enjoyed going on an Autumn walk in the forest were they looked for and collected different signs of Autumn.

Reception’s Core Value (supportive): Cohen

Reception’s Head Teacher’s Award: Emma for being kind and supportive to all of your friends

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear: Ella for sharing and being a caring friend to others

27th September 2019

What an amazing start to the year! It has been great to see everyone settle in so well over the first few weeks in school. This week in EYFS, we have continued learning around our topic ‘What do you see at sea?’. We enjoyed reading ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and ‘Sharing a Shell’ as we introduced a theme of sharing this week. We discussed both stories and how the sea creatures in each learned to share and how this made them feel happier. Following this, we looked at different scenarios and discussed how we could share in the different situations. We have also been busy creating a lot of under the sea themed creative work from starfish to jellyfish, as we have helped to transform our classroom to reflect our new topic. We even have a new underwater cave area.

Reception’s Core Value (respectful): Isla

Reception’s Head Teacher’s Award: Fyfe for an excellent attitude towards school

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear goes to Rosie, for settling in well and excellent tidying up!