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EYFS – Archived Sept 2021

Welcome to EYFS!

Welcome to our EYFS page. Here you will find important information about our Class  routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Nursery staff:

Miss S Grotz – Teacher

Mrs J Elliott – Teaching Assistant

Our Reception staff:

Mrs P Kirby – EYFS Leader/Teacher

Mrs T Johnston – Teaching Assistant


What a wonderful first week back! We are very proud of our amazing children and how well they are settling into school life. This week we have focused on settling in and getting to know our friends, staff and classroom.

We have really enjoyed looking at each others’ bags, considering why the items make us happy or healthy. We have thought about happy and sad faces and what they look like. We then thought about what makes us happy and sad.

Head Teacher Award:

Nursery: Matilda for super tidying up in the classroom

Reception: Martha for really helping her friends settle into school.

Well done for a fantastic week boys and girls. We are looking forward to getting to know you more.

Reminders : Please bring a water bottle into school each day.

Nursery PE day – Wednesday

Reception PE day Thursday


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of the gifts and generosity that you have all shown. I’m absolutely overwhelmed. Thank you so much.

Here is a video to show how much the children have grown in their time in nursery.

This video brought tears of happiness when I was making it. This shows the journey that the children have been on this year. The children have been AMAZING and I’ve enjoyed every minute of having them in my class. It has been a privilege. Have a fun and safe summer. Lots of love, Miss Grotz x


To all our nursery children we wanted to introduce to you your new teacher in Nursery. Miss Bloomfield has made a little video for you to watch. We look forward to seeing you all very soon. Have the best summer boys and girls. EYFS Staff.

2nd July

This week our story was ‘What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside.’ This led us onto thinking about what creatures we would find at the seaside. In the story Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len try to steal the mermaids hair. Luckily, the sea creatures all pull together to help and they don’t succeed. Lots of children have been interested in mermaids and we created some fantastic colourful mermen and mermaids. We have also considered what a day at the seaside would have been like in the past. Children were great at comparing and contrasting old and new photos and all agreed it looks so much more fun these days.

This week EYFS also took part in the Big Sing streamed live from the Sunderland Empire. I am sure you must have heard some of the amazing songs we learnt for this concert including Highs and Lows and the Lambton Worm. We had a great time just a shame we could not have been there in person.

Friday saw a burst of colour arrive through our doors as we celebrated Wear Your Rainbow Day. A huge congratulations to all who donated as we raised a £162.92 for cash for Kids.

Head Teacher Awards –

Nursery – Owen for always working so hard

Reception – Caleb for always being a super star

Reminder – Sports Day is Thursday 8th July children to come in their PE kits.

25th June

This week we look at ‘The Singing Mermaid’ by Julia Donaldson. We thought about different ways that we could rescue her from the circus. One idea was to get her friends the seagulls to carry some rope so that she could sit on it like a sing and they could take her back to the sea.

We looked at some of the work of Henri Matisse and this inspired us to have a go at making some of our own under the sea pictures.

Head Teacher Awards:

Nursery: Jake for his phonics work this week

Reception: Arthur for his doubling work in maths


School photographs will take place on Monday 28th and Nursery and reception will both have PE on Tuesday this week.

18th June

This week we have been looking at the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish.’ Even though he was beautiful, he wasn’t very nice to his friends. He wouldn’t play and didn’t share. But then no one wanted to play with him so he sought advice from the Wise Octopus who advised him to share his sparkly scales. When he did, the other fish were nice to him and they were all beautiful together.

We have had fun with lots of fish and under the sea activities this week. Take a look:

We also had a visit from Laura from the Sunderland Music Hub. She is helping us learn some songs about Sunderland so that we can join in with the Big Sing this year.

Head Teacher Awards:

Nursery: Noah for his fab work in phonics this week

Reception: Heidi for her story about the rainbow fish.

28th May

This week was History week in school and our famous historical figure was Grace Darling. We started by thinking about what famous means. We had lots of artefacts that gave us clues about a mystery figure. Clues were a wooden oar, old fashioned lantern, light house, seagull, shells and sand etc. Children enjoyed thinking about the items and what they are. Children thought of excellent ideas such as ‘I think she lives at the seaside. I think she has a boat. Maybe she lived in a lighthouse.’ We thought about the boat Grace used to rescue people and compared this to life boats today. We thought we are lucky to have such strong, safe life boats to rescue people. There is a Grace darling museum at Bambourgh if anyone would like a trip out over half term.

21st May

This week we have been investigating Space. We read the story ‘Whatever Next’ and talked about the items Baby Bear used to go to space. We decided that a cardboard box is not the best idea because it will get soggy.

We then look at the solar system, astronauts and constellations. We loved learning about how craters were made on the moon and practiced making our own with moon sand and rocks. We also loved using the torches in our space area.

Head Teacher Awards:

Nursery – Chester for his Fab maths work this week

Reception – Jenson for his fab sentence work

14th May

What an exciting week! After reading, ‘Aliens Love Dinopants’ we had some most peculiar alien visitors who crashed landed in our school. They asked us to help them create space ships to travel home and design them some new underpants using colours we mixed from primary colours. Perhaps our favourite task was to create a song to explain what life was like on Earth. Each key group enjoyed performing it for their friends and we certainly had a few giggles. Today was the day they returned to their planet. Children thought about what they might need on their long journey home, a photo of us, food, under pants and a drink. We hope our alien friends make it home!

Saying goodbye to our alien friends.

Reception Head Teacher Award – Charla-Belle for amazing effort in phonics

Nursery Head Teacher Award – Alice for trying really hard with her numbers.

May 7th

Our story this week was ‘Dinosaur Roar’. In this story there were lots of opposites to describe the dinosaurs e.g. dinosaur short dinosaur long. We used this as inspiration to think about other opposite words e.g. happy, sad. To end our work on dinosaurs we have considered why the dinosaurs may have died and learnt a new word ‘extinct’. There was so much discussion about the different theories but lots of children were fascinated by the idea of a asteroid, what they are and where they come from. This is taking our learning forward to consider space next week.

Reception worked so hard to write in sentences this week to describe dinosaurs using opposite words.

Nursery Head Teacher award goes to Lottie for being a great friend to her peers.

Reception’s Head Teacher Award goes to Teddy for amazing effort in phonics and writing.

April 30th

Our story this was was ‘Dinosaurs love underpants.’ In our story we were told that the cavemen and dinosaurs fought over the underpants and dinosaurs became extinct. However, as we learned more about dinosaurs, we discovered that this couldn’t be true as dinosaurs and cavemen didn’t exist at the same time. We had lots of fun designing our own dinosaurs in underpants.

Reception used our story to write their own sentences in literacy after sequencing the pictures. They worked really well and Mrs Kirby was really impressed.

Nursery have also been writing this week and lots of golden smiley faces were given out. Using our book, we had to look at the the underpants with the logos on and work out what shops the dinosaurs had been too. We then used our phonics and mark making skills to add writing.

Pupil of the week awards go to:

Nursery: Alice N for being a superstar in everything

Reception: Teddy- rising to the challenge

April 23rd

This week we continued our work around volcanoes and dinosaurs. We wondered why we don’t see dinosaurs anymore so we learned all about the word ‘extinct.’

We have been working really hard in our outside area. We have moved the planters and added some scented plants, blubs and seeds. Mr Scott put up the bird houses and found us a hedgehog house. Our water area is now at the other side of the yard and the children have loved playing in it. The mud kitchen is currently also undergoing a transformation so watch this space.

Pupil of the week awards go to:

Nursery – Benjamin for being more confident in group work.

Reception –

April 16th

Welcome back everyone! This week we began our new topic “I lava you. We have started the week looking at volcanoes and we even made our own. To make our volcanoes erupt we used vinegar and bicarb. It was great and fizzed up everywhere, shooting out the top. We then tried it again using a bottle of coke and some mentoes. Both methods worked well and we enjoyed watching them. We had lots of discussion about it.

Take a look at some of the other activities that we have been getting up to this week in our gallery below.

Pupil of the week awards go to:

Nursery – Harrison for settling into Nursery really well and trying hard with the challenges set.

Reception – Arthur – For fab work in all subjects

March 26th

This week we have had lots of Easter fun! We enjoyed making Easter chocolate nests and it was even better eating them! Yummy! We also received a very special invitation this week from the lovely children in Year 6. They invited us to an Easter Eggstravaganza in the school forest. The worked really hard to put on a show for us and played some fun games. There was a naughty fox that tried to eat the rabbits so we had to protect them and shout ‘Carrots’ really loud so that they could stay safe. Luckily it worked and the rabbits were safe from the fox. The Easter bunny also visited while we were in the forest and he brought along some of his friends, Rhubarb, Dotty and Mr Prickles.

Pupil of the week awards go to:

Nursery- Robyn for trying really hard with her number formation and maths work.

Reception – Reuben for always having amazing ideas.

March 19th

This week we have been looking at the story Jack and the Beanstalk. We enjoyed representing the story in different ways. Some of the children painted their own beanstalk while others used the characters to retell the story. A huge footprint also appeared in our classroom! The children investigated to see how long it was and to make sure that it wasn’t the same size as any of their friend’s feet. They came to the conclusion that it must belong to the Giant!!!

Pupil of the week awards go to:

Nursery – Frankie T for improved confidence and use of language.

Reception – Jude for good blending of his letters to make words in phonics.

March 12th

Welcome back everyone. This week we have been getting back into routine after many weeks of home learning. This week we also welcomed some new Nursery children and lots of our children have been setting good examples showing them what to do.

Our story this week was the ‘Enormous Turnip.’ We used the fruit and vegetables to make pictures after being inspired by the artist Giuseppe arcimboldo. We had lots of fun chopping and cutting vegetables to see what they looked like inside. We also decided to plant some cress seeds and we are busy waiting for them to grow. Take a look at some of the pictures from this week:

Pupil of the week awards go to:

Nursery – Frankie – for trying really hard and becoming more confident.

Reception – Gracie for trying hard in phonics.

Nursery Pe is on a Thursday and Reception is a Tuesday

Please ensure that only water is put into water bottles.

Reception – 5th January

Hello everyone, I miss you all already. Our plan is to use Showbie and this blog to support home learning. Please check them both.

This week we would have been learning more about addition. Please can you practise adding amounts together and recording this as addition number sentences. We have also been working on numbers that make ten. Please can you use this game to practise.


17th December

This week we have worked on completely our calendars and Christmas cards. We also watched the film ‘The Grinch’. After saying goodbye to Miss Scriven in her leaving assembly we returned to our classroom to find a terrible mess and missing Christmas decorations. We started investigating and also noticed green footprints and our class elf trapped. Mr Scott came to help us and told us he would check the school cameras.

A little later, we saw the Grinch running past our classroom, quickly followed by Mr Scott giving chase. The Grinch wrote us a letter saying he was very sorry and as a reward he would give us a treat on Thursday.

On Thursday we went on a magical ride in our PJs. We collected our tickets and boarded the Polar Express. We had hot chocolate and got our very own sleigh bell.

What a fun filled term in school!

We would like to wish you all the most magical Christmas and we will see you all in January 2021.

11th December

What a truly magical week EYFS have had. We partied the day away and explored a winter wonderland like no other. Thanks to our amazing school staff, our forest was transformed into a Christmas extravaganza with Mrs Claus’s kitchen, the elves workshop and finally meeting the main man himself. We were so excited to tell him our Christmas wishes and receive our presents. It has been so much fun and the excitement levels are definitely raised. Please look out for us in the Sunderland Echo!

We have also been very busy making some Christmas crafts this week. As we are not able to have a Christmas fayre we would like to sell our crafts to you. All children have made a Christmas tree and reindeer dust. The cost of both of these is £1.50. If you would like to purchase these please send the money into school on Monday 14th December in a sealed envelope.

We have also been busy creating wonderful Christmas cards and calendars, look out for them coming home very soon.

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

This year we couldn’t perform our traditional plays :(. However, we thought it would be a good idea for each class to sing a Christmas Carol. We hope you enjoy them.

Pupil of the week awards go to:

Nursery: Halle for being a fantastic role model

Reception: Rosie for always being fabulous in all she does.

4th December

This week ‘Frozen’ took over our classroom. We really enjoyed playing in the areas.

We also decided to try and be like Elsa and make some ice. We filled up balloons and then put them in the freezer. When they came out they had changed. The blue one looked quite impressive. We made predictions about what we thought would happen if we left the ice in the classroom and we watched. We then added out work to the Science Room.

Pupil of the week awards go to:

Nursery – Ben for always trying hard in phonics.

Reception – Jenson for Amazing phonics work


Next week there will be no PE due to the hall being in use for parties etc and lots of Christmas activities taking place.

27th November

A massive thank you to parents and children for their very kind donations for the animal shelters. PC Baker came this morning to collect the donations and he was literally blown away. He has taken our posters and fingers crossed we are lucky in the competition ‘Operation Santa Paws.’

PC Baker with your kind donations

This week our story was Pinocchio and this gave us the perfect opportunity to discuss in detail telling lies. At first children found it easy to distinguish between things that were true and false e.g. the sky is pink, that is a lie. They found it more difficult when there was a lie told that involved getting themselves in trouble e.g. I accidentally knocked over my mams vase. It smashed and broke. When my mam asked who had done it I said it was my baby sister, as I did not want to get into any trouble. Please talk at home about the importance of telling the truth and being honest.

This lead us onto the story of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf.’ We enjoyed acting this story out and discussing why nobody wanted to believe the boy.

Next week it is our Annual Book Fayre. Please find attached letter as things look a little different this year.

Please find attached parent information sheet for Showbie.

Pupil of the week awards go to:

Nursery- Robyn for her fabulous maths work

Toby – For being amazing in maths this week

20th November

This week our story was Dumbo. We looked at how the other elephants were mean to Dumbo because he was different. We discussed how this was mean and how it made Dumbo feel.

We had a circus in our classroom. We loved learning about the different jobs that people do in the circus. We made our own tightropes and performed acts for our friends. We also learned about how circus’ are different now as they don’t use animals in our country.

Pupil of the week awards go to:

Jai – for his inmproved confidence and for creating a fab poster for Opertaion Santa Paws.

Logan – for his fab effort in writing and use of phonics.

13th November

This week we got a message from a man called Peter Baker. He is a police office but is also an animal welfare officer and works alongside the RSPCA. He asked if we could help with ‘Operation Santa Paws.’ We have been working hard to make posters to send to him and we are also hoping to try and win one of the prizes. He asked if we could bring in some items that he can use, such as food, blankets, treats and toys. We have already started to build a little collection but every little helps.

This week we also looked at Armistice Day. We were able to create poppies – red ones and purple ones – and talk about why it is important to remember all the people and animals that died in the war.

Pupil of the week awards go to:

Nursery – Mathew for trying hard in everything that he does.

Reception – Deacon for an improved listening and attitude.


PE for Reception will continue to be on Tuesday but Nursery will now be on a Thursday. Please send your child into school in their PE kit with their school jumper/cardigan on top.

6th November

Welcome back everyone. It was lovely to see some of the hard work that you had been doing at home and the children enjoyed sharing it with their peers.

This week we have been looking at the story ‘Boo to you too!’ which includes the characters from Winnie the Pooh. Poor Piglet was scared of Halloween so his friend wrote to us asking for our help. We have been helping Tigger use the internet safely, Eeyore to make decorations and Kanga to think about party games. On Wednesday, we all came dressed in our Halloween costumes. We also played games, made pumpkin soup, danced and ate some yummy treats. We had a great day and so did Piglet and his friends.

Pupil of the week awards go to:

Caleb for his amazing reading.

Emma for her fantastic effort in maths.


Can you please come into school with your PE kit already on (joggers, trainers, t-shirt and school jumper) on your PE day.

PE for Reception is on Tuesdays

PE for Nursery will be on Tuesday this week but will then change to a Thursday.

Children in need will be on Friday the 13th. Please wear your pyjamas for school and bring a £1 donation.

23rd October

Its Friday! I cannot believe it has been a whole week now. Here is a little bit of work for anybody who needs some.

Mrs Kirby’s Phonic group;-

Can you use all your phonic cards and make as many words as you can? Speedy write each letter using the picture side to help you.

Mrs Johnston’s group:-

Please can you practise your Fred Talk here. Can you write some of these words?


Maths – We are working on knowing our teen numbers. Please could you practise these by watching this video. Then have a go yourself.

Have the best half term everybody and see you all soon.



We are getting really good with our listening ears now. What sounds did you hear? What animal sounds can you make?


Saying numbers in different ways and within songs helps us to remember them in a fun way. Can you think of any different ways to change your voice?

All EYFS parents should have now received a text message from school about the Halloween Day on Wednesday 4th November. We have a fun filled day planned with lots of fun and games so make sure that you come along in your Halloween outfit. Also, if you attend morning nursery, we would like to invite you to stay for the whole day so that you don’t miss out. Just let me know so I can make a note of who may still be going home. Official invite is below.

We can’t wait to see you all back in school after half term. Stay safe and we will see you all very soon.

Miss Grotz and Mrs Elliott

22nd October

Hello everyone, I am missing you. I know lots of you are sad that we are missing our Halloween party on Friday! Do not worry Mrs Pizl has said we have still have a party, so hold onto your costumes!

Mrs Kirby’s Phonic group. Here is our new sound.

Mrs Johnston’s Phonic group. Can you practise b and d, I know you its tricky as they are so alike. Please practise and revise using these videos. Speedy write b and d. How many words can you read and write using b and d?

For Maths, could you watch this video. Can you shout out the numbers shown? Practise counting forwards and backwards from 0-20.


Hi boys and girls, you may have read Mrs Kirby’s comment above but just in case you haven’t I’ll say it here too. We know that you have all been looking forward to our Halloween party and so were we. We had some amazing things planned with lots of cool fun activities over the week. But, don’t worry! We have a plan. We have decided that after half term we will do it all then! Yey! So, keep those Halloween costumes because you will be needing them. We can’t wait.


Reading and writing begins with good listening, the ability to copy and gross motor skills. We love dancing to squiggle while you wiggle and this is what you sometimes see us getting up to in our nursery room.


We have been looking at some simple 2d shapes and we are getting really good at finding them and naming them. Can you spot any of these shapes around your house? We haven’t covered all of the shapes in this song so don’t worry about the ones that you are unfamiliar with.

Remember, any problems feel free to drop me a message on purple mash or email the school and i’ll get back to you asap.

Miss Grotz & Mrs Elliott

21st October

Hello boys and girls, hope you are all ok. We are missing you all in school. It is very quiet without you.

It has been so lovely to hear from some children on Purple Mash and work being handed in already. Remember I can reply to you on Purple Mash. Just incase you need more work to be getting on with here is some here.

Mrs Kirby’s Phonic group please can you revise our sounds here:-


Use your letter cards to make as many new words as you can e.g. sat, tin, man. Can you make up some silly words e.g. min, tam, sim etc Put your thumb up if it is a real word, put your thumb down if it is a nonsense word.

Mrs Johnston’s phonic group, please can you practise your tricky words here. Can you write them out and maybe ask your grown up to play a snap game with them.

For Maths can you practise your numbers using this Blast Off Game –



Hi everyone. We are really missing you all. It has been lovely to hear from some of you on purple mash and I love seeing what you have all been up to. There is a copy of your purple mash login in your home learning pack which is available from the office. Feel free to send pictures of your home learning or a message to let me know how you are getting on through purple mash and I will reply as soon as I can.


We have been looking at lots of animals from all over the world so you should be really good at this. Did you guess right? Can you make the same sound?



Why don’t you have a go at giving the teddy the correct amount of cakes. We have been working on our numbers to 5.

World Book

Why don’t you record your home learning experience in your world book. This way you can share what you have been up to with your friends when you come back to school.

20th October

Hello everyone, just to let you know we have left work packs for you at the school office. These are ready to collect asap. We have also created some bingo boards to keep you busy. Please see below. These will also be in your work packs.

Please see letter regarding EYFS bubble closure

19th October – home learning


Hi boys and girls, I am sad we are not in school today. We had lots of fun Halloween activities planned this week, but do not worry we can still do them very soon.


Mrs Kirby’s phonic group please can you watch this video clip. We would have been learning the ‘p’ sound today. Go through all our phonic cards so far and say them fast. Can you write each letter sound quickly practising our speedy writing.

Mrs Johnston’s Phonic group, please can you watch this video clip. Today you would have been learning the ‘w’ sound. Go through all your phonic cards and practising saying them and writing them speedy. Can you make some words with your cards, segment and blend them. Tricky challenge – can you begin to record some simple sentences e.g. The cat is on the mat. Try to include some of the tricky words from last week.


We have been working on showing numbers in different ways. Can you watch this video and shout out each number shown? Watch it a couple of times. Do you get quicker?

We are working on counting forwards and backwards from 20. Can you do this? Tricky challenge – Can you count to 100.

Record numbers as far as you can. Ask a grown up to correct any numbers that are formed in correctly.


Last week we looked at the Lion King. Can you create your own lion? Have a look at the examples below. We would love to see them if you could bring them into school.

Hope to see you soon. Mrs Kirby x


Hi boys and girls. Unfortunately we can’t be in school today to do all of the fun activities that we had planned. But don’t worry, we will save them for when we are back together in our classroom.

Today’s home learning is based upon the autumn theme.


Did you guess right? Can you sit in the garden and listen to the sounds that you can hear? Were they the same? Can you make any sounds while your outside? You can try and write down what you see/hear, draw a picture or take some pictures. I would love to see what you heard outside on your autumn adventure.


We are getting really good with our counting now and this is our favourite counting song. I bet you can impress your grown up. I was wondering if when your on your autumn walk around your garden, can you collect some autumn resources? This could be leaves, conkers, acorns, pinecones etc (If you don’t have these things, don’t worry, just use anything that you can find). Can you count them? Can you really impress me and write the number (no higher than 10)? Are you really clever and can you sort them into piles by colour or size for example?


Leaf Hedgehog Paper Craft

Using the leaves in your garden, can you create an autumn picture? You could ask your grown up to take a picture or you can glue it together and bring it in. I would love to put them on our autumn display in the classroom.

I can’t wait to see what you have been up to.

Miss Grotz and Mrs Elliott

16th October

This week we have continued our theme of animals looking at the Lion King. We enjoyed looking at the characters and deciding if they were good or bad and how we knew. Our teachers pretended to be one of the characters and we asked questions to try and decide who they were. We looked at where the animals in the Lion King come from and found Africa on a globe. We were fascinated to learn that the North of Africa is desert but the South of Africa is rainforest. We looked at African ways of life and compared it to ours. In PE, we enjoyed performing animal yoga poses.

Do not forget that Friday 23rd October is our Halloween Fun day. If children would like they can come dressed in a Halloween costume. We are also setting a family challenge to design a pumpkin. The winning pumpkins will be judged on Friday.

Pupil of the week awards go to:

Reception – Logan for trying new activities in class and fab number work.

Nursery – Ellie for having an improved attitude and being a fantastic friend to her peers.

Our Newsletters

9th October

This week has been very eventful. We started our new topic ‘Hakuna Matata.’ We will be looking at lots of different animals with disney influences as the children love animals so we thought this was the perfect opportunity to investigate animals further. This week we looked at the book ‘Jungle Book.’

On Monday, we spotted some muddy footprints around our classroom so we had to investigate. We couldn’t decide what type of animal it could be but we ruled out the Big Bad Wolf and an alien.

On Tuesday, all of our treats from our treat boxes had been stolen and replaced with bananas!!!

You won’t believe what happened on Wednesday! Take a look…

There was furniture EVERYWHERE!

On Thursday, Nursery went into the forest. We took on the role of Mowgli and pretended to make fire. We enjoyed roasting our imaginary marshmallows, singing camp fire songs and doing fire dances.

On Friday, we had a delivery of jungle fruits. We had great fun guessing what they were and trying them.

Pupil of the week awards go to:

Reception – Jenna for amazing efforts all week especially in reading.

Nursery – Amber for being an all round superstar.

2nd October

This week we have thoroughly enjoyed our story ‘The Three Little Pigs.’ There have been so many children working in role as the characters from the story and it has been lovely to hear them re-telling story language, changing their voices and adding expression. We used a STEM challenge this week to try and make our own really strong houses. We used cocktail sticks and midget gem sweets to create solid structures. We even had our own version of a wolf (a hairdryer with a wolf mask).

We discussed the types of houses we live in and even learnt some of the really tricky names such as detached, bungalow and terraced.

We made some houses for the pigs adding textures to create the house of straw, sticks and bricks. We used collage to create our own ‘big bad wolf.’

‘I will huff and I will puff and I will blow your house down!’

Pupil of the week awards go to:

Reception – Ella Scott for amazing work all week especially in reading and numbers.

Nursery- Francesca. Francesca found it tricky to use scissors but she spent some time in the creative area and made a beautiful house.

25th September

This week we have been looking at ‘All About Me.’ We have been able to identify different parts of the body and talk about how we are the same and what makes us different. We realised that one of the ways in which we were different was by looking at who lives in our homes. We followed instructions to make lolly stick houses and then drew our families inside. Some of the children used natural materials to make representations of their faces. They looked fab. Take a look at some of the pictures from this week.

Pupil of the week awards go to:

Reception – Charla-Belle for an amazing effort writing her name and learning new phonic sounds.

Nursery- Nina for having more confidence in herself and within the environment.

18th Sept

What a busy week it has been! It has been lovely to see our children enjoying being back at school and especially playing with their friends. This week we have looked at the story ‘The Colour Monster’. This is a story about a monster whos feelings are all mixed up. He is helped by a little girl who sorts out all his feelings. This helped us to think about our own feelings as we talked about happy, sad, fear, calm, and love. We have made our own colour monsters in class exploring colour and texture. We have our own way of talking about our feelings in class as we can move our picture to different feelings.

A super week with lots of children settling into new routines and taking new learning in their stride. A massive well done everyone.