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Welcome to EYFS!

Welcome to our EYFS page. Here you will find important information about our Class  routines, curriculum and general information. We will also keep you updated about the amazing activities we have been getting up to at school. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Nursery staff:

Mrs A Cresswell – Teacher

Mrs T Johnston – Teaching Assistant

Our Reception staff:

Mrs P Kirby – EYFS Leader/Teacher

Miss S Grotz – Teaching Assistant

14th June 2019

Following on from Peter Pan, this week we focused on the theme of pirates. We studied Captain Hook and discovered detailed facts about him. We also looked at pirates in general. We had lots of fun creating our own pirate nicknames and talking like pirates, using their words. As well as this, we looked specifically at a pirate ship. Having created one in our classroom, we talked about the different features and learned the names of its various parts. As well as our pirate ship, we have been creative by making pirate hats, Peter Pan hats, messages in a bottle and plenty more! I wonder which character we will focus on next week…

Nursery still need parent volunteers for our trip so if you are available, please speak to a member of staff.

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Oscar, for facing his fear of heights on the climbing frame!

Reception’s Core Value (Respectful): George!

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear: Imogen, for a fantastic improvement in maths and phonics!

7th June 2019

Linked to our Topic of London we read the story of Peter Pan. It was lovely to see children identifying the setting of this story and many famous landmarks with confidence. This has created lots of interest in fairies and pirates so we set to creating our own fairy garden and pirate ship. We were curious to know what Neverland looked like so carried out our own research. We loved some of the interesting names such as skull creek and mermaid lagoon. This led us onto creating our own maps of Neverland as well as some treasure maps. 

We have planned our last school Visit to Sunderland Winter Gardens on Thursday 4th July. We will be taking part in a toy workshop and hopefully enjoying a picnic in the park. We are looking for volunteers to support us. If you are available and would like to come please speak to a member of staff. 

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Maddison for fabulous reading.

Reception’s Core Value: Caleb

Nursery’s Bradley Bear: Cohen, for a fantastic piece of writing!

24th May 2019

As we approach the end of an enjoyable and challenging half term, we decided it would be great to organise a teddy bear’s picnic! We started the week by sharing our own teddy bears. We introduced their name and explained why they are so special. Thinking about our picnic, we thought about the types of food ourselves and our bears would enjoy. We set to work making bread, ham sandwiches, jam sandwiches and crispy cakes! Yum yum! We also considered other elements of the picnic we needed to plan, such as decorations and invitations. 

This week it was also our last Yoga session. We concentrated and relaxed throughout, while also learning some fabulous poses. Relating to Spring, we learnt the following poses: butterfly, caterpillar, plant, and chick. 

For Nursery children heading into Reception in September, please could a form of PE kit (any top, shorts and trainers) be provided each Wednesday. As we prepare for the transition, we will be encouraging children to demonstrate their independence a little more by getting changed for PE.

We hope you have a wonderful break with your children. We’ll see you on Monday 3rd June as we enter the final half term of the academic year! Exciting! 

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear:

Reception’s Head Teacher Award:

Reception’s Core Value:

13th May 2019

This week we have continued our journey around London but focused on an historic event – The Great Fire of London. Children were fascinated to find out where the fire started and how and why it spread so quickly. Children were shocked to find out that there were no fire fighters in those days so everyone needed to join in to help. We considered some of the very basic equipment they used in 1666 and compared them to equipment today. We decided it must have been very hard work in those days. We created some excellent collage pictures of wooden houses on fire. Lots of great historical discussion has take place this week as we discovered life in olden days London was not always fun. 

Nursery’s Bradley Bear: Theo for excellent behavior at all times!

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Tilly for trying so hard with her writing this week.

Reception’s Core Value: (Responsible) Elizabeth

10th May 2019

This week we have continued thinking about Paddington Bear. Can you believe Miss Pickup and him have been on an adventure of their own in London last weekend?! We were excited to hear their news and the landmarks they had seen. We also considered where Paddington originally came from, Peru. We plotted that on a map and discussed how different it is to London. Thinking as well about how Paddington might have felt visiting an unfamiliar country. We were very interested to learn about the flag of Peru, their delicacies and lots more! As Paddington is a bear, we thought about old and new teddy bears. We looked closely at the similarities and differences.

Please remember that toys/items from home and food/snacks (that are not in a packed lunch), should not be brought into school. 

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear: Aidan, for fantastic reading!

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Arthur, for an amazing effort in phonics!

Reception’s Core Value (Considerate): Annabelle!



26th April 2019

Welcome to the Summer term! We hope you had a really enjoyable break with your children. We have loved hearing all about each other’s Easter news! We heard about our friend the Ladybird’s news too, as we read, ‘What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday.’ In the story the Ladybird visits a city, this led us onto thinking about what a city is and how it is different from a town.  

This week we have jumped right into our new topic: ‘Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner?’ We have questioned and thought about what we would like to learn about this half term, relating to our new topic. 

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Charlie, for making good choices!

Reception’s Core Value (Respectful): Jack

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear: Finley, for fabulous number recognition and improvement in Phonics!

29th March 2019

After reading ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ last week, we started the week with a visit from the ladybird herself! She told us that she needed our help to recall the route around the farm so that she could help the police. We created story maps and recreated actions to do so. The ladybird also told us that she had overheard Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh saying how lovely it would be to take our Bradley Bear and rabbit Rhubarb for a little while. After hearing this news, we created maps of our classroom to trick the baddies and wanted posters so that everyone was on the look out! 

We moved onto reading ‘What the Ladybird Heard Next!’ We were so pleased to hear that Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh were caught. The theme of eggs in this story led us onto discussing what animals come our of an egg and what animals don’t. 

We have really enjoyed seeing the sun shine this week! We have spent time in the forest and outdoors observing the seasonal changes! 

Remember – our class visit to Hardwick Hall Park on Thursday 4th April! Please ensure your child has handed in their permission slip. 


15th March 2019

After reading ‘Cave Baby’ last week, we continued the topic of The Stone Age! We compared the lifestyle of a Cavemen to our own, looking closely at clothes, food, shelter and everyday items. We created a scale and considered what items we do or do not find important. This was an interesting debate and led to some surprising answers! Following this, we progressed onto thinking about the process of Evolution. Although quite a complex topic, we were very intrigued by it and had some lovely discussion.

Since we enjoyed learning about mammoths, we ended the week with a very funny story about them, called ‘Hot, hot, hot!’

On Friday, we enjoyed wearing our pyjamas to celebrate Red Nose Day! Thank you so much for your kind donations for Comic Relief, I’m sure they will really help this wonderful charity! 

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: 

Reception’s Core Value (Considerate): 

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear: Jake, for being a Phonics superstar this week!


8th March 2019

This week we have continued our theme of Julia Donaldson stories looking at ‘Cave Baby’. Children have been fascinated to learn about the animals within the story that are no longer alive such as the woolly mammoth and sabre tooth tiger. We learnt a new word to describe these animals, ‘extinct’. This lead us on to consider other animals which are no longer alive and possible reasons why they became extinct. Children used and applied their prior learning of dinosaurs as we considered asteroid, ice age and volcano theories. Lots of discussion was raised about different ways of life within the cave and the differences between our home and cave babies. Children have enjoyed creating their own cave paintings; even making their own paint brushes and mixing their own powder paints. 

On Friday 15th March we will be celebrating Red Nose Day by children coming to school dressed in PJs with a small donation going to Comic Relief. 

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Oscar for fabulous progress in reading.

Reception’s Core Value (Unique): Alfie

Nursery’s Bradley Bear: Danny, for an amazing cave painting!

1st March 2019

Welcome back to the second half of the Spring term! We hope you had a lovely, restful week with your children. We reintroduced our topic with a new story, ‘The Ugly Five’. We thought about the different animals present in the story and how they are renowned as the most ugliest animals in Africa. We considered the habitats of the animals, learning that they live in a place called the Savannah.

In Forest School, Nursery went on a bear hunt!! We read the story and acted out the actions as we went. 

On Monday we will be celebrating World Book Day! Children are welcome to wear costumes of their favourite storybook characters. We also hope to see parents on the afternoon for our storyteller session! 

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Isla, for settling into Reception beautifully!

Reception’s Core Value (Respectful): Arthur!

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear: Alistair, for fantastic knowledge of shapes and animals this week! 

15th February 2019

With the theme of Valentine’s Day this week, we read Julia Donaldson’s ‘Monkey Puzzle.’ A story all about a baby monkey’s love for his family. We thought about what Valentine’s Day means to us and shared some of the lovely gifts that we received. In relation to the story, we also talked about whether or not we look like our parents. We pointed out what we had that was the same, and what was different. We also had a think about the life cycle of a butterfly. A butterfly looks nothing like how it began!! 

In Forest School, Nursery explored animal habitats and had a try making our own. 

We hope you all have a wonderful break with your children – we will see you back in school on TUESDAY 26TH FEBRUARY!

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: 

Reception’s Core Value (Supportive):

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear: Max, for a fabulous first half term in Nursery!

8th February 2019

This week we moved onto reading ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’. We thought about how the big mad mouse made a shadow and decided to complete our own experiment. We used torches to experiment with creating shadows of our own using animal puppets. We learnt that the puppet was blocking the light and that is why the shadow was formed. Continuing our woodland animal theme, we also thought about what animals are nocturnal. We sorted various animals according to nocturnal or not. 

In Forest School, we explored the forest and each found a character from ‘The Gruffalo.’ We split into groups and took on the role of the different animals. We were able to recall key parts and speech from the story within our acting. 

Also this week, we celebrated Chinese New Year! We discussed how New Year is celebrated in China and learnt about the story of Chinese New Year story. We created various decorations such as Chinese dragons, lanterns and drums. 

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Lily, for fabulous knowledge of number bonds to 10!

Reception’s Core Value (Responsible):

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear: Sophie, for brilliant work in Phonics!

28th January 2019

So who knew that the Gruffalo was 20 years old this week. We set about planning a party for him taking everyone’s suggestions into consideration. We knew that we wanted cards, banners, invitations and party food so set to making them. We made Gruffalo crumble and observed the changes when we melted butter and chocolate. We added orange eyes (apricots), black tongues (raisins), purple prickles (grapes). We decided to have a party in the forest but our guests were shy. We eventually found our guests and sang Happy Birthday to the Gruffalo. some of us really enjoyed our crumble. 

Thank you to all those who attended out parent workshop this week, remember these are running until half term. We hope to see you there.

Head Teacher’s Award: Roman for fantastic writing

Core Value: Lela for much improved attitude

Nursery Bradley Bear: Charlotte S, for fabulous work in all areas and being a great role model to her peers.

25th January 2019

This week we moved onto another one of Julia Donaldson’s stories, ‘The Gruffalo.’ We thought about how many animals there are in the story,  then sorted them into the correct animal group (reptiles, mammals etc.). Julia Donaldson uses lots of great description to describe the Gruffalo, which we can recall very well. This inspired us to create our own monster! We thought carefully about what our monster would look like, what features it would have and would its personality would be like. 

We also spent time being creative as we made the Gruffalo in various different ways! We made him out of cereal boxes, natural resources and clay! We most enjoyed going into Forest School and working lovely together to create Gruffalo faces.

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Eddie, for applying his knowledge of phonics brilliantly!

Reception’s Core Value (Considerate): Cameron!

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear: Tyler, for a fabulous effort in all areas, and for making everyone smile!


14th January 2019

We have continued on our Julia Donaldson journey with the story Stickman. We know the story so well now that children love joining in with the repeated phrases and rhymes.  In the story, Stickman enjoys a game of pooh sticks some children had heard and played this game before. This led us onto thinking about objects that float and sink. We had great fun predicting and testing various objects. Some of us were surprised that some big objects actually float.

We also looked at the animals within the story, talking about the names of baby animals and also animal groupings e.g. mammals, fish, insects, reptiles, birds and amphibians. We looked beyond Stickman animals and began sorting a range of different animals learning many new names and widening our vocabulary.

Children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring our forest this week and created some amazing Stickmen of their own.

Reception’s Head Teacher’s Award : Alfie for much improved attitude to learning.

Reception’s Core Value (Unique): Annabelle!

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear: Imogen for a great improvement in phonics.

11th January 2019

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas break with your children. As you can imagine, the children couldn’t wait to tell us all about their holiday and what they were lucky enough to get off Santa Claus! So as well as listening to their stories, we have also considered our New Year Wishes! We had some lovely ideas of what we could wish for this year. Some children wished to get better at writing and numbers, while others wished for their family to be happy. We even made some wishing wands to help make our wishes come true! Fingers crossed!

This week we have jumped right into our new topic – ‘The Wonderful World of Julia Donaldson.’ We started our topic by reading ‘Stickman.’ Inspired by the story, we have loved exploring the forest and completing forest-based activities. With our topic in mind, the children have asked questions and expressed what they would like to learn about this term. We have some wonderful ideas and can’t wait to explore Julia Donaldson’s Wonderful World of stories!

Reception’s Head Teacher’s Award: Tilly, for an amazing effort in writing!

Reception’s Core Value (Respectful): Bethany!

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear: Mollie, for being such a kind friend!


14th December 2018

This week, we started with a story called ‘Aliens crazy Christmas’,  a funny story about aliens not understanding what Christmas is all about. We talked about our own special traditions around Christmas time. Much to our surprise, we saw the return of our alien friend Som. He told us that he missed us and wanted to learn about Christmas and understand some of our special traditions. Children have thoroughly enjoyed sharing how we celebrate at Christmas time.

We also had our Nursery Christmas Carols and ‘Santa’s Set Backs’ play. I hope you all agree that all children performed brilliantly and we are very proud of them all.

Well its nearly the last week and we are looking forward to our party on Monday 17th December. Please can children bring their party clothes in a bag and will get changed at lunchtime.

Reception’s Head Teacher award : Noah for fabulous effort in all he has done this week.

Core Value (Respectful): Luke!

Nursery’s Bradley Bear: Thea, for an amazing improvement in phonics!

7th December 2018

This week we returned to another story about that silly dinosaur that brews plans involving it’s butt! We read ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas’ and enjoyed this one just as much as the last. The little boy in the story, Danny, was very greedy and sometimes ungrateful even though he had so many exciting toys. This made us think about how important it is to be grateful and appreciative, especially around Christmas! We have all promised to say a big THANK YOU for the lovely things that Santa may bring us! As the theme of Christmas continues, we also talked about our own family traditions. We talked about how on Christmas Eve we curl up in brand new pyjamas and prepare snacks and drinks for Santa and his reindeers. We also thought about what and who we like to spend time with on the big day itself!

We are super excited about the run up to Christmas and so we have been preparing beautiful handmade cards and calendars for our families!

Please remember that we have lots of important dates coming up:

Monday 10th December at 2pm – Nursery Christmas Carols in the hall, coffee and mince pies afterwards (please remember something Christmassy for your child to wear)

Tuesday 11th (pm) & Wednesday 12th (am) – Reception & KS1 Production 

Monday 17th – EYFS Christmas Party!!! Please send your child into school with their uniform on, party clothes will be put on their peg and changed into over/after lunch time. 

Friday 21st – Last day of term!

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Caleb, for recalling brilliant dinosaur facts!

Reception’s Core Value (Proud): Leo!

30th November 2018

We started our week with the story ‘Harry and the dinosaurs make a Christmas Wish’ this led us onto a discussion about our own Christmas wishes. There was lots of lovely discussion about wishes and if they always came true. Some children recalled previous learning wishing they could visit the moon in a rocket, some others really wished they could meet a real alive dinosaur (but maybe not the carnivores!) . We have continued to learn lots more facts about dinosaurs this week and even sorted them into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. This led onto a discussion about humans and other animals as we considered what different animals eat.

There was all the excitement of the Fayre this week – yes the Christmas Fayre to beat all others. We all worked so hard to create some fabulous Christmas decorations and I am sure you will all agree they looked amazing!

Reception Head Teacher Award – Elizabeth for an amazing thoughtful letter to Santa Claus.

Reception Core Value – Considerate – Finn.

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear – Coby, for always being kind, thoughtful and sharing with his friends!

23rd November 2018

We started this week by reading quite a funny story, ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet!’ The story explained how a dinosaur ate lots of things that were bad for him which led us onto a discussion about healthy eating. We looked at different food groups and learnt how they were each good for you but for different reasons. Following this discussion we created a much healthier packed lunch for the dinosaur to eat, which showed a good understanding of what we had previously learned. We also looked more closely at dinosaurs. Even though they have very long names, we can recall a few. After hearing about the dinosaurs diet from our story, we thought about what real dinosaurs might have ate. We learned that dinosaurs were carnivores, herbivores or omnivores – some very tricky vocabulary but the children have showed a great understanding!

On Tuesday we thoroughly enjoyed our Hoopstarz session! We didn’t know that you could do so many things with a hula hoop. You should definitely have a try at home!

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Sophia, for fantastic fluent reading!

Reception’s Core Value (Responsible): Guy!

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear: Isla, for being a lovely, caring friend and trying her best in all areas!

16th November 2018

This week has been a week of excitement but also sadness as we prepared our aliens for their return home to the moon. In order to do this, we thought very hard about what they would need. We made an amazing space ship, big enough to fit all four of our alien friends inside. We added in drawn maps of space which demonstrated our fantastic knowledge of the solar system. Lots of thought went into items such as a teddy to keep them company, food so they would not go hungry and a blanket to keep them cosy and warm. We learnt a great new space song and sang this as we left our friends in the forest. So much collaborative learning took place. We hope our friends are safe and sound back on the moon!
On Wednesday, to mark Anti-Bullying Day, we thought about what bullying is. We considered how to be a good friend and also the people we can trust to help us.

‘Be the Rainbow in Somebodies Cloud’ is the motto we depicted on our whole school display.
We ended the week with some fabulous spotty dotty dress ups and fund raising for Children In Need. We thought about what this charity is and why it is so important.

PHEW! What a busy week!

Receptions Head Teacher Award: Lela for coming to school with a smile everyday.

Core Value: Roman

Nursery’s Bradley Bear: Meghan, for being such a thoughtful and supportive friend!

Saying Goodbye to our alien friends.

9th November 2018

With big thanks to George, our story this week was ‘Aliens Love Dinopants!’ We thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and it led us onto some great discussion. As the aliens in the story crash-landed their UFO in a jungle, we wondered if we could land anywhere in, or even out of the world, where would we choose? Some of us thought it would be brilliant to land in Disneyland, in a desert, or even in a Elsa’s castle! The story led our topic to the direction of dinosaurs! We thought about what happened to them to make them extinct. Some of the children already have great knowledge of dinosaurs and have even taught the adults some new dinosaur names! On Thursday you will never believe what crash-landed into our school! Yep, you guessed it! Just like in our story, an alien called Som crash-landed and brought along a dinosaur egg. We took great care of the dinosaur egg and Som, teaching them about our planet and making sure they were safe. Next week, we will continue to look after our new visitors and hopefully make sure they get back home to their planet safe and sound! What an exciting week!

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Catarina, for interacting with new friends!

Reception’s Core Value (supportive): Jack!

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear goes to Holly, for blowing Miss Brown’s socks off with amazing name writing!!

2nd November 2018

This week we have read ‘Pumpkin Soup’ an Autumnal book based on making pumpkin soup and getting along with our friends. We have had lots of lovely discussion about seasonal changes and what we are noticing in the outside environment. We thought about the changing trees, colours of leaves, shorter, darker days and animals that are beginning to hibernate. We then went on an Autumn walk and using a checklist made careful observations of what we could see. We collected lots of Autumn leaves to make leaf rubbings. The animals in our story really did argue and found it difficult to share. We have thought about what makes a good friend using picture prompts to support. Moving into next week we will make our own pumpkin soup – mmm yummy!

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Charlie, for a much improved attitude in his learning and play.

Reception’s Core Value (Respectful): Finn!

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear goes to Matthew, for an amazing effort in phonics and maths!

19th October 2018

This week we have read ‘The Darkest Dark’ which was based on another famous astronaut, Chris Hadfield. We learnt about the fact that Chris Hadfield was once scared of the dark but he had to battle those fears in order to achieve his dreams and become an astronaut. This led us onto discussing if we are scared of the dark. The children were very honest and stated whether they were scared, and explained why. We thought about the reasons why and our friends tried to help us conquer our fears. This week we also posed the question, who would you take to space with you? We had lots of lovely answers and reasons, we also had a few funny ones – some children said they would choose one of their pets! Some great discussion all round, we can’t wait to see where our space topic zooms to next half term!

We hope you all have a lovely break with your family and friends!

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear goes to Danny, for an all round fabulous first half term in Nursery!

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Luke, for a fantastic effort in phonics!

Reception’s Core Value: Elizabeth!

12th October 2018

Our book this week has been ‘Goodnight Spaceman’. We have enjoyed discussing what we could see in the illustrations of space applying our new found knowledge of planets, rockets and astronauts. The book had a special letter inside written by a famous astronaut called Tim Peake. We have learnt about Tim’s mission to space and the kind of things he did. His food did not look very tasty but we quite liked the idea of floating around in space. This lead us onto thinking about another famous astronaut, Neil Armstrong. We were fascinated to see the first man take steps onto the moon in the video footage. It was even more interesting to know that his footprint is still on the moon because there is no wind!

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear goes to Frankie, for a super effort in all areas!, for an

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Bethany for a fabulous week of learning.

Reception’s Core Value: Cameron (Responsible)

Mathlete of the week : Lily

5th October 2018

Wow, what a great week! We have zoomed into our new and exciting topic, all about Space! We started by reading the story, ‘Man on the Moon.’ It told us about an astronaut called Bob who worked on the Moon! We really enjoyed this story and were very interested by the different parts of Bob’s job. Our story led us onto thinking about whether aliens are real or not. Lots of children believed that aliens are real as they have watched them on films or read about them in books. Some children could discuss what planets they believed aliens lived on! Only a few children believed that aliens aren’t real and are just pretend. Who knows?!?! This week we have also began looking at our Solar System. We are becoming familiar with the names of some planets and what they look like.

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear goes to Alistair, for growing in confidence this week!

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Maddison, for a fabulous week of learning!

Reception’s Core Value (Unique): Lily!


28th September 2018

This week in EYFS we have further developed our understanding of where we live. We looked at aerial view photographs of our school, we were able to identify roads, trees and even the river running through Fatfield. We talked about Fatfield being in Washington. This inspired many children to create their own maps. We saw pirate maps, journeys to school and much more. Looking at a map of Great Britain, we discussed how we live on an island as we are surrounded by water. This led onto considering our classroom globes with some children trying to find the places they have been on holiday. As many children have been asking questions about space and making rockets in our creative area we are taking our learning ‘Out of this World’ and into space. Children have already began to think about what they would like to learn and find out about in our new topic.
Reception have also enjoyed their first Forest School this week. Children made their own natural bracelets by collecting given materials e.g. a small orange leaf. Great fun was had by all.

Reception’s Head Teacher Award:

Reception’s Core Value:

Mathlete of the week: Maddison

Nursery’s Bradley Bear goes to Lola, for always being on her best behaviour!

21st September 2018

This week in EYFS we have had a focus on houses. We started by discussing the people that live in our house with us. We learnt about everybody’s mams, dads, brothers or sisters! Following this discussion, we described our own house to our friends so that they had an idea of what kind of house we live in. This led us onto thinking about all the different types of houses that there are. We looked at bungalows, flats, mansions and a few more! After some inspiration, on Friday we each thought about what our dream house would look like! We had some fabulous ideas and we feel very inspired to work hard so we can achieve our dreams!

Reception’s Head Teacher Award: Matthew!

Reception’s Core Value (supportive): Caleb!

Nursery’s Bradley the Bear goes to Toby, for settling so well into Nursery!


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