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Hello! We are the anti-bulling team and we are here to help and support any child who feels they need to speak to someone if they are upset or worried. We are a group of students who feel very strongly that every child should have the best experience at Fatfield Academy and we have put together a small group of pupils led by Mrs Olver, the Anti-bullying lead for Fatfield Academy.  

As part of this team, we have also put together another group called the ‘listening buddies’ who are available over break time in the student office. We are: Sophie, Millie, Emily, Natasha, Mason, Ben, Esmae and Connor. 


This week we are very excited to announce that we will be officially applying for our bronze award. Our newly designed children’s office is luckily a success. Children have understood that we are there to listen and have visited with any concerns, which we have resolved. 

Written by Millie Y6


This week in anti-bullying, the listening lounge has been open during break. Two members of the anti-bullying team have been in all week so children can feel free to tell them their worries. This is an opportunity for children of all ages, to talk to someone when they’re feeling sad or have something on their mind. We have been redecorating the listening lounge to feel more inviting and comfortable. We have been putting up posters around the school with contact numbers and helplines on if children feel unable to talk to one of our team. We are collecting evidence for the anti-bullying charter mark and are hopefully ready to achieve our Bronze award.

By Sophie Y6

Anti-bulling team blog:

Conference – October 2017

Representatives from our Y5 and Y6 school council attended an anti-bullying workshop in October. The theme was ‘All different, All Equal.’We found about the role of a young carer and we looked at the dangers of uploading video’s onto you-tube and how we can blog in a save manner. We will be following up this work during Anti Bullying week from 13th November.