30th November

We started our week with the story ‘Harry and the dinosaurs make a Christmas Wish’ this led us onto a discussion about our own Christmas wishes. There was lots of lovely discussion about wishes and if they always came true. Some children recalled previous learning wishing they could visit the moon in a rocket, some others really wished they could meet a real alive dinosaur (but maybe not the carnivores!) . We have continued to learn lots more facts about dinosaurs this week and even sorted them into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. This led onto a discussion about humans and other animals as we considered what different animals eat. There was all the excitement of the Fayre this week – yes the Christmas Fayres to beat all others. We all worked so hard to create some fabulous Christmas decorations and I am sure you will all agree they looked amazing!

Reception Head Teacher Award – Elizabeth for an amazing thoughtful letter to Santa Claus.

Reception Core Value – Considerate – Finn.


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